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Why all the complaints?

Am I the only one who's getting a little peeved/defensive on behalf of the mod and Sephora? Maybe I'm missing all these amazing deals others are used to, in which case please enlighten me. This is not directed toward any specific person or post, just something I noticed over the past months. I'm totally fine with disagreement/discussion as long as we don't sink to personal insult or threats. Here are the issues, from what I can see:


Lack of information or misinformation

- I understand and agree it is absolutely silly for Sephora to hem and haw and refuse to give a straight answer for some of the events/promos until the day of in the name of competitive reasons. C'mon, we already know about some of them, and some customers who would love to take advantage of those things will have to miss them due to the last minute nature.

- But I don't understand the blame on the mods. I've had my fair share of bad ones (losing 800+ pts and have my account broken for 3+ month?) as well as good ones (shipping me the promo by itself when I forgot to add it to my order once). Most of the times when mods give us generic answers, that's because they were unable to find out the exact details or are not allowed to tell them due to Sephora's marketing, but that doesn't mean the mods are bad. Saying the mods don't respond or mods suckdoesn't solve the problem and it's misplaced blame. I mean if I'm a mod and my only two options were to not respond, or respond with a "I don't know and can't find out/tell you." and get a oh-my-gawd-I-hate-you back.....


Discontentment over good promos:

- I do understand the frustration of not getting what was promised for VIB/Rouge level, and I do understand the annoyance of getting emails late, or promo/perks that are manhandled so the mascara is dried etc. The email batch changes so there are times I got the email when the promo is out of stock or the event is over, and there are times when I get them first. 

- I don't understand the complaints about lack of promos or how soon they run out. Yes, the sample selections are not to your/my taste sometimes and I don't mean the chats we have about eagerly anticipating the next promo. People keep talking about the GWP at dept stores and sales/events at Ulta as if they are entitled and Sephora owe them. When I talk to ladies at brands counter in dept stores, they told me they have the 6-8 deluxe GWP twice a year, which is about the same as Sephora (VIB clutch this spring and now, as well as a 8 piece set for normal BI). What about the summer full/half size promos? this yr was full size of Origins eye cream, the yr before that was buy 3 skincare and get 1 full size free, and the 15 days of thrill. It's not fantastically better than other stores, but not worse either compare to and ulta. As for complaints about promos running out within a couple of days, isn't that the same for most places? I've seen a couple good promos from that runs out within half a day, and sometimes if I go instore a week after I get the GWP email they do run out. Yes, some of the things Sephora offers are worse than previous years, but others are much better than previous years (hello??? the MJ bag of goodies? Stila backstage fashion show?). Overall I think it evens out. Sephora's no better and no worse than other similar companies out there, a little bit better because of the great return policy and occasional great events (Meet MJ in person, Expert chat with brands on BT etc etc).


Anyways, I'm just a little tired of seeing bunch of complaints/negative stuff on the public board (if it's constructive criticism then post in the CS or feedback or PM the mod) and the flood of vague "let's feel happy and love each other" and the cycle repeat. Can we just go back to talk about makeup and skincare? o.o


Or maybe I'm just ranting cuz I've been here too long, like those old ppl with "get off my lawn!!!" and "back in *my* days...". #MidLifeCrisis

Re: Why all the complaints?

I definitely do not understand the blaming of the mods and as someone who has voiced a complaint recently in the rouge threads in regards to the most recent event, I just want to say that my main issue was with the complete lack of uniformity and not with any of the Sephora mods on the board here or workers in the store. 


I still shopped at Sephora that very day and will continue to do so until...I don't know, I run out of money (hopefully never xD) or until Sephora is no longer here (also hopefully never!). 


I love the mods on the BT boards and they've always been super friendly to me and to everyone else so I don't understand the hate they're getting either. Also, it's not as if they have any control over Sephora, they're a mod on the boards but they're not the cooperate heads or anything!


Honestly, I feel as if people take constructive criticism too far. I mean it in both ways, on the receiving and giving end. If it's genuine con crit where we simply want Sephora to improve, great but if it's purposely hateful and rude, then definitely not! 


There have been a few comments by certain people that are very negative and as a result, I've been checking the boards less and less too. Somehow, I feel like that's a byproduct of the fact that the boards are getting a lot more popular? Smiley Sad Or perhaps people just have a lot to voice lately...

Re: Why all the complaints?

It would be nice if BT is getting popular, but I feel like there's more chat and less Q&A. Chats are not bad, but sometimes questions sit for days unanswered. I've gotten into the habit of skimming through the list of threads every few days answering/bumping unanswered questions.

Re: Why all the complaints?

That's what I try to do too. It used to be more recommendations and Q and A's but they made some changes to the board that seem to change that. I don't see all the beauty related questions unless I go through each of the board sections one by one.

Re: Why all the complaints?

Oh! I didn't know you can bump unanswered questions! Is it like a button or do you comment in the thread to move it up a bit? 


I also feel like lately, there's been a lot of deja vu questions where I can swear I've seen that topic before and answered or posted my opinion only to click and realize it's not the same topic I replied to. Trips me over sometimes, lol.



Re: Why all the complaints?

If you leave a comment in a thread it gets pushed up to the top of the front page again and it's right there for people to see and hopefully answer!

Re: Why all the complaints?

Ah, okay! Yeah, I figured that's what bumping it up meant but yeah, I'll definitely be sure to do that now instead of ignoring it if I can't answer it. Sometimes I think, oh, someone else will answer and then I never check back.

Re: Why all the complaints?

THIIIIIS. Seriously. It really makes me grumpy to see constant whining all over the place lately. I agree, it is frustrating not to have all the information all the time and sure, I'd love to have every event happening five minutes from my house and know that everyone else has it the same and the whole world is sunshine and rainbows and free products all the time. But we live in the real world, which is full of unfair situations. Something lame will happen to all of us at some point, probably lots and lots of points in our lives. 


I just have a hard time wanting to be here when it's so negative and especially to keep up the promo board. It used to be something that made me happy, it sort of gave a sense of community that we could work together to keep each other informed for everyone to benefit. Lately it kind of feels like a pack of vultures descending on an animal. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Rikkie! I have posted this before, and given you up teen hearts, but please know over and over again that I personally appreciate you and all the work you do to keep a tidy listing of all the perks I can get my greedy mitts on! I know there's been some negativity thrown your way, like you are commanding us to order stuff just to keep it out of the hands of others (my eyes are rolling so much in my head right now I must look possessed to my hubby!) 


When I discovered this board I immediately fell in love with all the different ways to interact with people, be it asking for advice, giving my opinion on products, or simply answering the questions of the day. Maybe people are just bored and want to start drama to keep themselves entertained, but they are easily ignored. Those who have been on the inter webs long enough know the old rule: don't feed the trolls!

Re: Why all the complaints?

Hahaha, I love free stuff as much as anyone (possibly more!), I just like knowing we've all got each other's backs here. Rouge/Flash shipping makes it easier to get multiples of some perks I just get sad seeing people upset they couldn't get something and other people with six of that thing. It's a free country and people can do what they want, but I hate to contribute to that inequality I guess. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

I love you Rikkie, and you know I agree with you 100%





Re: Why all the complaints?

I love you too! LOVEFEST PARTY TIME OMG! Smiley Wink

Re: Why all the complaints?

I want you to know that I am in my kitchen making macaroni and cheese (aged cheddar of course) right now, and as of this moment I am making it in your honor. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Oooh - can we all come over to share?  :-)

Re: Why all the complaints?

LOL i think i'm going to have to make a whole lot more MacaRikkie and Cheese if i'm going to host a BT party!!!!  Smiley Happy

Re: Why all the complaints?

!!!!! Best dish EVAR! 


I am picturing an obnoxious commercial for this product set to La Macarena.


MacaRikkie MacaRikkie MacaRikkie MacaRikkie 


HEY MacaRikkie *clap* 

Re: Why all the complaints?

Well, it's easy to take good things for granted. Sometimes people forget that it's user maintained and not Sephora's fault if some of the older perks don't work. I mean c'mon, if you go to any of the other coupon/promo sites out there, there are codes that work and codes that don't and people still appreciates it.


Vultures aside, there's one thing I can assure you, rikkie. If you stop maintaining the promo list then there's gonna be a mutiny. I mean, with missie's list not working, I'm sure many ladies are already feeling like the world is ending (they'd better fix this before the holiday discounts/black friday! *waves fists* =P)

Re: Why all the complaints?

It looks like the point perk thing is being looked in to, I am reasonably sure it was just broken by someone playing with the site's code and they don't even know they broke anything. I have a hard time believing it was a conspiracy to take away everything we love. Smiley Tongue 


I guess I should do an update to the promo board, huh? I don't want to be responsible for the world ending, hahaha. 

Re: Why all the complaints?

I understand that people have complaints, guess what I have them too! What I don't understand is people being outright rude a childish, seriously guys over what? Some makeup that you want for free? Just take a second to mull over what you're complaining about Smiley Happy your life isn't over and I swear to you they'll have another promo sooner or later!

I love makeup as much as the next girl on here and I also love BT, the mods, and all you lovely ladies come on girls! Let's act a little more mature please <3

Love you all!

Re: Why all the complaints?

Yeah, I'm a skincare addict and there was this 8 piece deluxe skincare set that was out of stock within a couple hours and I was so sulky, but then the products I was interested in ended up in the Sephora Traveling Box! I ended up still getting the skincare stuff I wanted as well as some excellent mini lipsticks. You lose some, you gain some. The vib set promo this time is actually a great value but I didn't want anything in it (shocking, I know), so I figure I'll let others have a go instead. =)

Re: Why all the complaints?

I Completely agree! It's not all perfect but neither is anything else! 

I'm tired of seeing so many people complaining, and being completely rude about some things. 

I'd rather BeautyTalk start focusing more on actual Makeup and Skincare!

If there is a big issue message a MOD!!!


Re: Why all the complaints?

I'm not bothered by legitimate complaints.  If someone has a bad experience, tries to solve it through CS or a manager, and then gets no resolution, I totally understand them yelling loud and clear about their dissatisfaction.  I do this when necessary on FB or other social media and it gets results every time.


Now the "gimme gimme" complaints though are another story.  I said in another post that those bring to mind a small child stomping and whining.  I haven't changed my mind.  The PMs I received from people saying, "Yes!  I agree!" indicate many others have had enough of those as well.


I was completely turned by one of the "let's feel happy and love each other" posts recently because there were some passive aggressive comments to another member that came across as very sweet to anyone who didn't know what had happened.  I don't completely know both sides of the story so I'm refraining from judgement but it really irked me just the same.

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