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Which brands do you love for which products?

Over the years of my cosmetics obsession, I've come to associate certain brands with certain really awesome types of products. If I'm looking for a face powder, I'll go to a certain brand. If I want face wash, I'll go to another brand, and so on.

I was wondering if yall wanted to copy my format and we could all share which brands we love for which products:

Brand: Laura Mercier

Type of Product: setting powders

Why: Man... these are ridiculous. What are they doing to make these soooo effective?!


Brand: MAC
Type of Product: lipstick

Why: You can't beat their colour range and price... it's just a fact.

Brand: Clinique
Type of Product: face cleansing and moisturizing
Why: They have a huge variety of products and they're really affordable, compared to other non-drugstore brands. I've found a lot of HG face stuff from them.

Brand: Miss Jessie's
Type of Product: curly hair care
Why: They've got a lo-fuss range of products for hair that is perfect for me.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: M.A.C.

Product: Lipstick

Why: Variety, Pigmentation, Lasting and staying power, price


Brand: Bourjois

Product: Eyeshadow, Bronzer, Blush

Why: Great variety, Colors are vibrant, Feel soft and luxurious on my skin, Staying power, and great smell!, The same quality and same manufacturer of Chanel but less price $$!!!


Brand: BareMinerals:

Product: Brushes, Mascara (I am in LOVE with their new Lash Domination!!), eyeshadow,

Why: Lightweight, "luminous" looking effect, distinct from other brands, good quality brushes


Brand: Dior

Product: Eyeshadow, Capture Totale

Why: Love the color selection in their eyeshadow palettes and I find them good for stage, Capture Totale collection is awesome and doesn't bother my sensitive skin



Product: Chanel 22, inimitable Mascara, Eyeshadow

Why: Low their pigmentation of eyeshadow and how they shimmer but they are glitter, Inimitable mascara works to curl and separate my heavy lashes, Channel 22 is my signature perfume.


First Aid Beauty:

Product: Ultra Repair Cream, Dual Repair Cream

Why:  Rich products and suited for sensitive skin.  I use this for everyday, for after-showers, and even when I get cooking burns! Holy grail!



Product: "Nano" liner

Why: great price, stays put, I've tried over twenty brand of black eyeliner in my day and this one suits me just as well as chanel, dior, etc, etc. 


I could go one forever, but need to stop sometime Smiley Wink

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Oh neat, I didn't realize Bourjois was by Chanel!

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Eyeliner: Urban Decay, hands down.

Eyeshadow: Tie between Urban Decay and MAC!

Mascara: Maybelline!

Lip Products: Dior

Blush & Bronzer: Tie between NARS and Benefit!

Highlighter: Tie between Laura Mercier and Benefit!

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?


Face cleansing and moisturizing:Murad

Blush:Nars or MAC

MascaraSmiley Very Happyior or Lancôme

Lipstick:Nars, Kat Von D or MAC

Eyeliner:Urban Decay

Eyeshadow:MAC, NARS, Urban Decay

Hair Conditioner:Avon or Aussie



Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Guerlain

Type of Product: Setting Powder

Why: There's a reason that Meteorites are a cult favorite. The quality cannot be duped.


Brand: Shiseido

Type of Product: Skincare

Why: My face just adores it, and my hereditary undereye circles are better than ever.


Brand: Chanel

Type of Product: Nail polish

Why: They do nails flawlessly. Chanel shimmer.


Brand: MAC/Sephora

Type of Product: Tools

Why: Quality


Brand: Dior

Type of Product: Lash primer

Why: My lashes are so healthy and wonderful


Brand: NARS

Type of Product: Primers

Why: Longevity


Brand: Bobbi Brown

Type of Product: Foundation

Why: My HG shades- finally something for a ghost like me


Brand: Urban Decay and MUFE

Type of Product: Eyeliner

Why: Colors, longevity, and waterproof


Brand: Dior, Chanel, Le Metier de Beaute

Type of Product: Lipsticks

Why: Pigmentation, consistency


Brand: Laura Mercier

Type of Product: Cream eyeshadows

Why: Wonderful range in the caviar sticks, last all day

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Dior Lash Serum primer -- talk about a God send! Smiley Happy

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Kat Von D
Type of Product: any makeup
Why: all of her products are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way, no matter if it's a lipstick or eye shadow.


Brand: Marc Jacobs
Type of Product: perfume
Why: up til now, that's been the only product available from the MJ line! But even if I'm not entirely crazy about the scent of his perfumes, I am so drawn to the beautiful bottles, I want to get them all anyway!


Brand: Ole Henriksen
Type of Product: skincare
Why: I've only used a few items from the OH line, but I really love them. Simply put, they're just great quality and I feel a difference in my skin when I use them.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Nars
Type of Product: Tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow, lip gloss
Why: Really sheer coverage SPF TM, larger than life lip glosses - moisturizing but pigmented. Recently got into their eyeshadows with the and God Created the Woman palette and now can't wait for the fall gifting eye palettes (anyone know if these are coming to Sephora?)


Brand: Shiseido
Type of Product: Sunscreen and eye cream
Why: Sunscreen doesn't run into my eyes when excercising (the blue face one)


Brand: MAC
Type of Product: Brush cleaner
Why: Only one I've found that cleans my foundation brush


Brand: Hourglass
Type of Product: Setting powder and brushes
Why: Ambient light looks amazing and brushes are so soft (so much better than my old standby MAC)


Brand: Urban Decay 
Type of Product: Eyeliner and eyeshadow
Why: Naked palettes and Christmas eyeliner sets good value


Brand: YSL

Type of Product: Lip everything

Why: new stain has fantastic staying power and pigment and golden glosses make me feel fancy with the 24k gold flecks Smiley Wink

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Lancome
Type of Product: mascaras!
Why: They are all AMAZING. They make your lashes look & feel amazing. They never smudge or run or anything and at the end of the day the mascara is easy to get off! That's one of my biggest pet peeves with eye makeup, so it makes lancome mascaras even better!


Brand: smashbox
Type of Product: blush / powders
Why: I love smashbox powders-- I've had blushes and bronzers that I always use and recently got a sample of the halo powder and was completely impressed with it! 

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