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Which brands do you love for which products?

Over the years of my cosmetics obsession, I've come to associate certain brands with certain really awesome types of products. If I'm looking for a face powder, I'll go to a certain brand. If I want face wash, I'll go to another brand, and so on.

I was wondering if yall wanted to copy my format and we could all share which brands we love for which products:

Brand: Laura Mercier

Type of Product: setting powders

Why: Man... these are ridiculous. What are they doing to make these soooo effective?!


Brand: MAC
Type of Product: lipstick

Why: You can't beat their colour range and price... it's just a fact.

Brand: Clinique
Type of Product: face cleansing and moisturizing
Why: They have a huge variety of products and they're really affordable, compared to other non-drugstore brands. I've found a lot of HG face stuff from them.

Brand: Miss Jessie's
Type of Product: curly hair care
Why: They've got a lo-fuss range of products for hair that is perfect for me.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

@aviscardi- This one:





Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Oh yes midnight mambo from the tropical taboo collection. Surprisingly it didn't sell out fast. the only reason i didn't get it is because i got feel my pulse from rihannas collection .... and i'm not too crazy about it, its kinda sheer. and I saw swatches of the MM and it looked sheer. I might even sell my backup of FMP.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Giorgio Armani

Type of Product: Foundations, Correctors

Why: I try everything and very rarely repurchase products. Not so with Armani Foundations and Master Corrector in #1. I've been smitten with LSF for over 10 years now, and have used the Master Corrector since it was released. Must-have, HG products for me.


Brand: Chanel
Type of Product: Eyeliner

Why: For some reason, my eyeliner just loves to disappear on me, and Chanel Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof Liners prevent that from happening and keep my sensitive eyes happy and not irritated in the least!


Brand: Tom Ford
Type of Product: Brushes
Why: Every Tom Ford brush I own puts my MAC brushes to shame. Exceptional quality, so soft, and makeup applies flawlessly.


Brand: Kerstin Florian
Type of Product: Skincare
Why: I'd say skincare was the area where I tend to switch it up the most. I'm never satisfied, and always looking to try the next best thing on my wishlist. I've used Kerstin Florian almost exclusively for a year. Sure, I've tried other products, but I seem to keep going back to her cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.


Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: bareMinerals

Type of product: ready eyeshadows, brushes, mineral blush, mineral foundation

Why: Being very oily I got into BM. With their starter kit you get a lot of brushes so I've just built it from there. I like the mineral blush and foundation for those days where I am extra oily or even dry, sincce my liquid BB cream accentuates dryness. If you haven't tried the ready eyeshadows get out there and swatch!! I like them better than UD! I like the vision and the scenic route duos.


Brand: Guerlain

Tye of product: mascara, setting powder

Why: I really enjoy their maxi lash, it doesn't help so much with volume but it really makes me look like I have a ton of lashes. And meteorites!


Brand: Urban Decay

Type of product: eyeliners, eyeshadow

Why: pretty self-explanatory!


Brand: Tarte

Type of product: bb cream, blushes

Why: The tarte 12 hour bb primer is my HG foundation/bb cream. I really started liking the look of liquid over mineral foundation, and this is lightweight, great texture, and doesn't breakdown as my oil comes throughout the day... amazing. Looks terrible on dry skin, though. If I go a little too crazy with the retinols/acne treatments I cannot wear this on the normal parts of my skin. It won't even look dry after I moisturize but the bb cream majorly accentuates it. The only downfall. The exposed blush is quite nice also!


Brand: Nars

Type of product: lipsticks, lipstick pencils, blush

Why: You know what? I hateee MAC lipsticks, I don't get the hype. But I loooove Nars lipsticks and lipstick crayons/pencils. Especially the matte colors. They last forever (Red Lizard, Schiap, Catfight, etc). Totally worth the price tag. And who doesn't love their blush. My favorites are madly and deep throat.


Brand: Clinique

Type of product: toner, chubby stick intense

Why: I've always liked their toner, might be too harsh for some but for me it's great. I love the chubby sticks because they're intense but can be sheered out since sometimes lipstick is a little too much for me.


Brand: Origins

Type of product: masks

Why: I love Origins masks. Especially the charcoal (keeps my oil in check) and overnight drink up intensive (sooo luxurious feeling and smells like mango).


Brand: Maybelline

Type of product: mascara

Why: So I've been foraying into drugstore products, mostly the ones I see are popular on YT since I generally only buy high end make-up. Can I tell you, Maybelline the falsies is amazing. I read a review of it somewhere that said it has something in it that waterproof mascaras use (but not the component that makes them waterproof... maybe a supporter) but this mascara is awesome. Tanya Burr raves about it. I don't like wearing waterproof but I also don't want mascara smudges on my eye lid. This is awesome and it separates and volumizes so well. I think I might be trading in my maxi lash.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Makeup forever 

Type of Products: any skin products, foundation, primer etc. 

Why: they are the best full coverage foundation that i have found, i also think that there green primer and all there other primers are great. 


Brand: Murad 

Type of products: Skincare

Why: i've struggled with redness my whole life and now i'm using there redness system and its great, i've really seen a huge improvement in general with my skin with redness and sensitivity. 


Brand: MAC 

Type: Lip products

Why: i also agree with most of the girls, the range and staying power of macs lipstick is incredible. 






Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

That's cool. I usually go to Make Up Forever whenever I want something in a completely insane colour.


Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Boscia

Type of Product: Skincare

Why: Great for sensitive skin. Paraben free. Haven't been disappointed with any of their products thus far.


Brand: Tarte
Type of Product: Blush
Why: So beautiful and they last all day long. 


Brand: Inglot
Type of Product: Eyeshadow, Foundation, Loose Powder
Why: Inexpensive, awesome variety of shadow colors, freedom system is great (I love being able to create my own palette), paraben free. 


Brand: Kat Von D
Type of Product: Concealer and lipcolor

Why: I don't use a whole lot of concealer, but of all the tried, this is the one that has stayed put the most for me. Her liquid lipstick is amazing I just wish there was a wider range of colors! I have a huge problem with color transferring, and this stays in place (although drying so can't wear it everyday).


Brand: YSL
Type of Product: Lipstick
Why: So luxurious and creamy. FAVORITE packaging ever!


Brand: Milani
Type of Product: Lipstick
Why: They smell like candy! I especially love their matte formula because it's not as drying as some other brands.


Brand: Urban Decay
Type of Product: Eyeshadow/Setting Spray
Why: The variety and pigmentation/creaminess of their shadows is like no other. Haven't been buying as many though, since they are so expensive.



Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

@aviscardi- Ok I just wanted to make sure you saw it because I remembered you were looking for purple lipsticks and I didn't want this to be the one that got away if you hadn't seen it yet.Smiley Happy

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

  • Eyeshadows: Urban Decay!  It is also probably my number one favorite brand as well.
  • Mascaras: Maybelline.  
  • Blushes: Tarte and Benefit.  However, I need more Benefit to my collection lol.
  • Bronzers: NARS and Tarte
  • Lipsticks: Kat Von D, NARS, and Avon
  • Lipglosses: Buxom, Avon, and MAC
  • Nail Polishes: OPI, Zoya, China Glaze, Avon, Orly, Fingerpaints

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: L'Occitane

Product: Lotions, Skin and Body Care

Why: I use their Ultra Rich Body Crème, and it is to DIE FOR. I also use their skincare lines and moisturizers. It's a bit on the expensive side, but I'm addicted!


Brand: Clinique

Product: Foundation

Why: I use their Redness Solutions foundation line, as a have problems with rosacea-like redness and bumps. I can either wear it like a full coverage foundation on bad skin days, or use it as a concealer and just wear powder on good skin days. Plus, the tiny little bottle has lasted me a year!


Brand: Urban Decay

Product: Eye Shadow

Why: I say this specifically for the NAKED palette. It's just freaking amazing!


Brand: Clear

Product: Hair care

Why: Their shampoo and conditioner is the only one I'll use. It leaves my fine hairs silky, shiny, and soft, without weighing it down like other brands do.


Brand: Neutrogena

Product: sunscreen and makeup remover

Why: Magazines have been shouting at us to wear sunscreen to protect from wrinkles for ages, and I always ignored them. But one day I read that 90% of facial wrinkles are caused by sun damage, I decided that a few extra minutes everyday was worth it. So I started using Neutrogena's sport face oil free sunscreen with SPF 70+. I also find it works great as a foundation primer.

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