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Which brands do you love for which products?

Over the years of my cosmetics obsession, I've come to associate certain brands with certain really awesome types of products. If I'm looking for a face powder, I'll go to a certain brand. If I want face wash, I'll go to another brand, and so on.

I was wondering if yall wanted to copy my format and we could all share which brands we love for which products:

Brand: Laura Mercier

Type of Product: setting powders

Why: Man... these are ridiculous. What are they doing to make these soooo effective?!


Brand: MAC
Type of Product: lipstick

Why: You can't beat their colour range and price... it's just a fact.

Brand: Clinique
Type of Product: face cleansing and moisturizing
Why: They have a huge variety of products and they're really affordable, compared to other non-drugstore brands. I've found a lot of HG face stuff from them.

Brand: Miss Jessie's
Type of Product: curly hair care
Why: They've got a lo-fuss range of products for hair that is perfect for me.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Guerlain

Type: Bronzers and Meteorites

Why: Once you go Guerlain bronzers, you'll most likely not look elsewhere Smiley Happy. Same with Meteorites.


Brand: Illamasqua

Type: blushes, blushes, blushes

Why: Cream blush, powder blush, you can't go wrong with any of the line's cheek products!


Brand: NARS

Type: Setting powder and blushes

Why: The infamous Orgasm. Best setting powder (pressed light reflecting powder)


Brand: Chanel

Type: Highlighters

Why: I'm always drawn to the limited edition highlighters -- so finely-milled, so long lasting.


Brand: Missha

Type: Asian (aka the real Smiley Wink) BB creams

Why: Perfect Cover BB cream has replaced my need for foundations. Period.


Brand: Dior

Type: Eyeshadows

Why: Hands down, my favorite brand of powder eyeshadows. Aside from a couple palette duds, the rest have been phenomenal.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Yaaa Illamasqua blushes are intense.


I played around with their powder and cream blushes for a bit. You barely have to dab your brush in their for it to come out suuuper pigmented. I've never seen a blush like that!

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

That's probably the reason why certain shades are always sold out online Smiley Happy. They're that awesome!

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Tarte: cheek colors.  Truly last all day without fading or becoming blotchy, great shade range.


NYX: lip glosses.  Excellent price, great shade range, never ball up, not sticky, yummy cherry scent to them.


Clinique: skin care.  Broad range for all skin types, good value, simple basic skin care (3-step), easy to use packaging.


Real Techniques: makeup brushes.  Cruelty-free, well-designed/ergonomic handles, excellent pricing.

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Mac - lipsticks , eyeshadows

ud - eyeshadow, fdns , liners . Lip liners

nars - bronzer, blush, concealer 

the balm - eyeshadow 

laura mercier - powders 

mufe - fdns 

lorac - eyeshadow 

buxom - big and healthy lipstick , lip glosses 

bareminerals - ready eyeshadow , ready blush , moxie gloss, matte minerals 

 Tarte - blushes 

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

@aviscardi- Did you see the new purple lipstick that MAC has?

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?


Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Yes yes yes! I tried this out in Paris about a month ago and it's gorgeouuus.


It's also really subtle. It's from their line ( I can't remember what it's called) that's a gross between a gloss, a lipchap, and a lipstick. Have you tried it yet?

Re: Which brands do you love for which products?

Brand: Kate Somerville

Type: Skincare

Why: I use everything of Kate's, and it's all so effective!


Brand: Boscia

Type: Moisturizer

Why: I have never felt such lightweight moisturizers that make my skin feel great!


Brand: Urban Decay

Type: Eyeliner

Why: Do you even have to ask?!

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