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Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

Ok ok, so all the talk of Dior got me obsessed. I'm thinking of getting one (just one, mind you, I don't want to live on Ramen for the whole holiday season). I like matte, light and/or warm colors in general, but I would like a well-rounded collection, so I was wondering which of these would you recommend:
- Dior Golden Flower

- Dior Rosy Tan

- Dior Incognito (choice eliminated, ignore this one)

The colors differ so greatly depending on lighting/swatches, but none of them are super dark.


Currently I have these eye palettes:

- Tarte True Blood (mostly use left and top side)
- UD Deluxe Shadow Box (got 2 of these, so no more bold colors for me, lol)
- UD Glinda (love the peach and the duo)


My favorite eyeshadow color is Covergirl Sunrise.


And that's that. Which of the 3 Dior mentioned would you recommend to round out the collection?



Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

Hi, beautytester!  My eye goes directly to the second color.  The first palette and the third palette appear to coordinate better with most of the colors you already have.  The first palette would give you a dark color to add to all those light colors you have, along with some medium shades.  The third palette is mostly light colors, which you appear to have plenty of already.  I like the second palette because it has dark and medium colors as well as bright colors.  I think this palette will add a spark to the colors you already have.

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

hmm, incognito is out then. Yay 1 down and 1 more to eliminate, lol. I prefer light color for eyeshadows cuz I find dark shadows messy and would rather go for liners instead. It's so hard to tell things from swatches cuz they look so different under different lighting. I'm so tempted to order both, compare and return one, but I'm over my return phase and don't really want to order a perfectly good product just to return it.....

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

I just got the Rosy Tan palette and it is georgeous!  I dont think you could go wrong with this one!


I did research on Rosy Tan and incognto when I was trying to decide which palette to get next (I have Grege as well, but I might return it after seeing how amazing the Rosy Tan palette is, Grege doesnt didnt give me that "wow" factor that a $60 palette should).  A lot of people said that all of the colors in incognito are really light and dont have much color pay off, so thats why i didnt end up going with that one.


This is the first i've heard of the new Golden Flower palette, but seeing some pics of it just now on the interweb, i might just have to get it! 

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

You are right, if i'ts $60, then I better like using every single color in there and be in love with most of them. Hmm, I guess Incognito is out then, and since I got Naked Basics it's not like I NEED need more matte.


Golden flower is coming out this winter. I stumbled upon Rosy Nude while looking at Rosy Tan and really liked that, but it's only available on Amazon for ~$80. It's expensive enough already, I'm not paying a single cent more than $60, lol.

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

The Rosy Tan is very high on my Christmas wish list!  Love it!

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

All of them look really nice so I can see why it's a tough choice. I personally love the Rosy Tan to go with your other shadows. I think it would coordinate yet expand the depth of your color families. I hope this helps.

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

@beautytester - I don't know if this will help.  I looked for swatches since both palettes look similar.  If I were making this purchase (based on these swatches), I would go for the Rosy Tan palette because the contrast between the lights and darks aren't so drastic and because the lights aren't nonexistent.  I think the Rosy Tan palette has a nice balance among the lights, mediums, and darks.  (I hope these pictures don't come out too big; it's hard to tell when uploading!)


Dior Golden Flower

Dior Rosy Tan

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

I love these Rosy Tan swatches. I think there's a lot more you could do with this palette.

Re: Which Dior eyeshadow palette would you recommend?

It uploaded fine. Thanks for the swatches! I think Golden Flower look more warm toned than Rosy Tan, which is why I want it, but for all I know that could've been the lighting. You are right about having a medium shade. Hmmm, guess I'll swatch this instore next time and decide. 

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