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Which CLEARSONIC BRUSH is the best for minimizing pores?

Hi guys! I am about to use up my first brush.  I like the one I have right now, but it doesn't really help minimzing my pores, especially on my nose Smiley Sad So any recommendations on brushes?  Thank you!!

Re: Which CLEARSONIC BRUSH is the best for minimizing pores?

I would recommend NOT using the brush. Your pore size is what it is, you can't really change it (as far as I know), but products that contain salisylic acid will help minimize the appearance of larger pores because it supposedly absords the oil right out of them. Generally, I'd say, stay away from "physical" exfoliants like brushes and scrubs and try chemical ones instead. Maybe the philosophy pads? I like them so far, though I wouldnt recommend them if you are on the younger side (teens early twenties) and dont need something that harsh. 

Re: Which CLEARSONIC BRUSH is the best for minimizing pores?

In terms of a brush that will minimize your pores, there's really no solution for you if that's the method you're trying to use.


The brush heads themselves in the Clarisonic line aren't what minimizes the size of your pores, it's the actual deep cleansing they help provide that allows for the quicker and easier release of trapped dirt, oil, and bacteria from your pores themselves that minimize the look of them.


Pore size itself is really based upon genetics, and though there are products out there that can provide temporary fixes and coverups, skin care and cosmetics aren't going to change up the actual size, but focus more on diminishing or changing the appearance of the size.


The cleansing the Clarisonic provides helps keep your skin cleaner and more refreshed, so there's less debris trapped in pores, and when there is less debris, your pores aren't as emphasized, leaving them to appear or look to be smaller because suddenly you're not seeing them clogged up and brought to the forefront.


Choose the brush heads based on your skin type, whether it's normal, or you need the delicate orsensitive brush head, or acne prone. Clarisonic does make a Deep Pore brush, which is good for oily skin or someone with enlarged pores, but again, note that the brush head itself isn't going to be "shrinking" your pores or making them actually smaller, the brush heads just help in providing a deeper cleanse so your pores are minimized.

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