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Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

I bought a new little makeup bag, and it inspired me to create one whole look with items that I really like and that way, if I'm pressed for time or dont feel like worrying about what goes good with what, I can just reach for this bag and have a complete look. Smiley Very Happy Share your makeup bag/recently most used items here!



Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Do you wear moisturizer under your foundation? When your skin is dry, it craves moisture, and it will literally suck the moisture out of your foundation to get what it needs which leaves most people with patchy looking foundation and dry flakes.


I usually have normal skin so I just wear sunscreen in the AM, but when my skin is dry I *have* to put on some kind of moisturizer.

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Here's my target pot.

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Cute. I think I saw those actually. I have a problem addiction to Target :/ You may need a couple of those, that one is over flowing. 

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

It may look like that in the picture, but trust me, if I moved all the brushes to one side, there's at least half a pot of space in there waiting to be used! I just like things spread out Smiley Very Happy It has a nice large opening so it can fit a TON of brushes! I like my brushes in pots because its just so much easier to get to, I know some people keep them in drawers but I like them standing up and not laying down.

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Yes I wear moisturizer and still have flaky skin. I've been trying different things to hydrate it but so far no good.


Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Wow. I was just browsing some of these pictures and I just realized... everyone posted a collection type photo and I just thought it was more of a "what's in my bag". I'll have to re-post my most used items and not just my purse make up bag. 

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

@sephoramusthave -- ooh now you have me wanting to go pick up one of these Flower foundations!  I hear good things about the BB cream too but haven't tried it yet.  So funny that you got the same compact that Fabz's very cute!

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

@ Sephoramusthave, yep I wear moisturizer both during the day and before bed. Even though I have combination skin I still have a tendency to get a little dry. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

Fun question! I always love reading the responses to these Smiley Happy


In my bag, I have...way more than I thought, yikes:


Things I use daily or on most days:

NARS concealer in Chantilly (staple!)

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder

Sephora kabuki brush

Random Eyeliner (lately whatever I can find, currently Clinique)

Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara

Labello Lip Balm

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Nude Rose

Dainty Doll blush in My Girl (sheer pink, perfect for throwing on)

Mini smashbox brush that I use for blush


Things I do not use daily, but still feel the need to keep in the bag:

Burberry Eyeshadows (currently Pale Barley and Mulberry)

Burberry Eyeliner, Midnight Ash (my favorite! It's a stub now, though, hence the random black eyeliner)

Burberry Eyeliner, Golden Brown (for under eye area)

Burberry Lip Velvets (currently Bright Poppy and Pink Amber)

Two eyeshadow brushes

Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer (for eyes -- it's the best stuff)

MAC blending brush

Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil, Blonde


I actually have no idea why these are in here / have not used in ages:

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Densifieur

Three pairs of tweezers (tf? so that's where they all went...)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color, Valencia Orange

Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner (the old chubby one; I must have grabbed this randomly one day)

Essie Nail Polish in Come Here, which I think I bought on a whim and have not used

Approximately 834285 hair elastics

A rosary (I'm not really religious; it was given to me and now it apparently lives in my makeup bag...).


This post has inspired me to remove the last items (save 3 hair elastics) from my makeup bag, and now my bag is lighter. A+.


Smiley Happy

Re: Whats in your everyday makeup bag?

My makeup bag I keep in my purse has quite a few items, some of which I always use, and others are in case I'm on a deserted island without makeup one day.


i have 2 BE mineral powder pressed compacts

3 types of mascara,

black and brown eyeliner,

10 deluxe sample lip glosses in various pinks,

a Sephora eyeshadow box, it is small and has nine shadows, plus a pull out drawer with a blush and lip glosses.

a small set of brushes for above shadow box

a deluxe sample of benefit dandelion blush


various sample perfumes,

sample high beam


bobby pins and hair ponys, not sure how so many get in there...


upon having gone through the  bag, I've now lightened the load some, but still would never be found makeup-less if one day I end up on a deserted island.  

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