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Post in Beauty Confidential

What would you change?

If you could go back in time and talk to your 15 year old or 20 year old self, what beauty advice would you give?


I know the first thing I would say is wash your face every night, no matter how tired you are!  I can't believe, looking back now, how many years I spent wearing make up and did not clean off my face at the end of the day.  Horrible!


What would you all yourself?

Re: What would you change?

I'm 23, but my beauty routine has evolved a LOT since I was 15. The three things I'd tell 15 year old me: Stop picking, use a moisturizer, and you're doing great on the minimal makeup, but blush will make you love your skin tone.

Re: What would you change?

Wow if I could tell my 15 year old self a note of advice it would be this which is maybe a bit more deep than whats intended on this post LOL: 


"Don't be so concerned with what everyone else thinks. You'll look back at your brown lipliner and frosty white lipstick and laugh but at the time you had fun and liked it so good for you! What makes YOU happy is most important so don't concern yourself with trying to make everyone else happy- if people can't accept you because of how you dress or style your hair, that's not the kind of people you should associate with! But you still may want to attempt to style your hair in the future.." 


Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What would you change?

Lol, love this advice. And it's so true, it's something we all probably  could have benefited from hearing when we were younger.

Re: What would you change?

That is grat advice.  It is something I need to remember even now.

Re: What would you change?

I would definitely say to my 15 year old self and even my 20 year old self  "STAY OFF THAT SUNBED" if I would have known then what I know now that would of been a very beneficial piece of advice. I take excellent care of my skin now but I had no idea how much money or time it  takes to reverse sun damage it's so not worth it.

Re: What would you change?

I would've told myself to wash my face every night as well. And, to blend, blend, blend eyeshadows! lol

Re: What would you change?

I am proud to say that I treated my skin quite well at that age.  I have always struggled with acne or uneven skin tone, so my skin was an obsession.  It is what started my addiction to all things beauty related- skin care and make up.  With that said, I should have developed the habit of drinking a lot of water instead of coffee.  My 33 year old self is having a hard time adding water to my diet Smiley Happy

Re: What would you change?

I agree about the water.  Such a simple way to improve many parts of the body, but it still seems so much like a chore!

Re: What would you change?

Me too!!! I liked makeup even at a very,very young age, but when I had bad acne from 8th grade-soph yr of hs and less through my fresh yr of college skin care became an obsession and has become the product addiction I have now.  And I'm thankful for that!!!!

Re: What would you change?

Oh goodness if only..... I would have stresed upon myself that I NEED to use SPF all the time, to moisturize and STOP PICKING!!!!!!! Oh and easy on the tanning.... but I probably wouldnt have listened to myself anyways, I sure didnt listem to my mom when she tole me. Well all my bad decisions have shaped me into who I am and made me understand how important certain things are for your skin.


Re: What would you change?

Definitely drink MORE water Smiley Happy

Re: What would you change?

Wow, what a fantastic topic.


The sad thing is that my skin is so much better and more manageable now than when I was a teenager, but probably mostly for hormonal reasons. I wash it better and more regularly, exfoliate more, and use much more suitable moisturizers for my skintype, but I still don't drink enough water and still pick too often.


I would tell my teenage self to drink more water and pick less often. And I would also tell it to stop using high-glycerin face creams.

Re: What would you change?

Omg i would change my hair care, when i was young i died, bleached, over colored, and never ever took care of my hair the way i should, i wish i could go back because and never touch it, now the ends of my hair need to still be dyed because of what i've been doing since i was younger (my hair grows very very slow) 


also probably washing my face everynight, and try and not eat and drink so much sugary stuff, they cause horrible breakouts at least on my face


also probably to take way better care of my teeth, you only have one set as an adult, i used to use whitening products that took off all the enamel on my teeth, now there super sensative and weak, so i wish i could go back and reverse that

Re: What would you change?

Honey, do something about those eyebrows!

I have pretty full brows naturally, which is great, but still, they needed *some* maintenance!  I didn't do anything to them, which left them sort of bushy and odd looking. I at least could have used some brow wax and filled them in a little! 


Re: What would you change?

I would say that "no your skin is really not that dark", I have a weird complex in which I think I'm much more tan than I am, which results in the use of foundations/tinted moisturizers that are too dark. Now I know better and tend to purchase a little lighter than I think, plus it's easier to darken my face with a bit of bronzer to match the rest of my body, than lighten.


I would also tell myself to have more fun with makeup. I tended to play it very safe and natural, but I think I should have played around more.

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