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What's your makeup routine?

I usually just wear my boi-ing concelaer on my imperfections and under my eyes, mascara, and usually the Balm's hot mama blush. I really only regularily wear these three things, yet, I probably have 20 makeup items total.

Mostly things I didn't like and couldn't return- wrong shades, too much shimmer, turned me orange or too old now.

So, ya, I have a pretty simple makeup routine, and will occasionly throw my mac fluid line liner in there.

So, how do you gals compare? I will be shocked if anyone wears less than 3 things like me Smiley Happy

Re: What's your makeup routine?

I am old enough that I feel I need to treat my skin to a good anti aging routine, so those go on first. I consider that to be makeup since without it, I think my skin would look pretty spotty and definitely more fine lines!


Next, sunscreen, then if I am going to wear more makeup, foundation primer, then TM or foundation depending on how much coverage I need that day. Then shadow primer, shadow, liner or not, depending on which mascara I'm using. Then mascara, a little bit of highlighter in the eye corners to wake them up, blush or bronzer, depending on how pale I look that day. Lip balm or lipstick, again depending on how much other makeup I'm wearing.


Minimalist day: Treatment + sunscreen


Full on day: 11-12 products.

Re: What's your makeup routine?

On a typical day, concealer and powder.

Re: What's your makeup routine?

@Kaybee-yopu shocked me-only 2 things! Smiley Tongue

Re: What's your makeup routine?

Ohh, I wish I could say it was only three things. If you forced me to only pick three things, it would be sunscreen, eye liner and blush. But, truth be told, my routine looks like this (post cleansing):


1. Eye cream

2. Moisturizer

(Dry hair! This takes at least 15 minutes, so these things have time to set)

3. Sunblock

(Get dressed and allow sunblock to absorb)

4. Foundation

5. Eye concealer (if time -- if running late, I do this later)

6. Eyeliner

7. Mascara

8. Blush / Highlighter

9. Lip balm / gloss / lipstick (NOT all three!)

** Optional: Eyeshadow (I don't wear it every day)


Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's your makeup routine?

So here is my daily routine:


Shower/wash face. Moisturizer with SPF 15. Depuffing eye cream. Eye primer. Concealer. Powder foundation. Brow powder. Eyelid base. Eyeshadows (this varies daily). Eyeliner. Mascara. Bronzer. Blush. Lip products (Lipstick and gloss usually). 


Wow... writing this made me feel very high maintenance. :-(


Oh well. I love makeup and doing my makeup. When I'm really rushed (or lazy haha) I do cut out a lot of this out to simply my life. haha.

Re: What's your makeup routine?

I'm almost embarrassed to list my makeup routine because it sounds like so much when I actually begin to list it, but here goes:

- Apply sunscreen

- Apply foundation primer

- Curl eyelashes
- Apply eyelash primer

- Apply eyeshadow primer
- Apply foundation
- Apply setting powder
- Apply blush
- Apply bronzer (only when needed)
- Apply brow powder
- Apply usually 4 colors of eyeshadow
- Apply eyeliner
- Apply mascara
- Apply eyebrow gel
- Line lips
- Apply lip primer (not always though)
- Apply lip color

And I think that's it for my normal routine.  Of course, at night I use anti-aging products before bedtime, but I'm not even going there since it wasn't part of the question, ha ha! Smiley Happy

Re: What's your makeup routine?

Hm...good Q. I'm a skincare junkie and actually dont own a lot of makeup. What I typically use is my Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation and Rosebud Salve lipbalm or a lipstick ( right now I'm using Dior Addict). I try to wear my Urban Decay eyeshadows everyday but I usually dont. And its almost summer which means I'll wear even less makeup then ( I'm in the water all day)

Re: What's your makeup routine?

While my routine changes a little during the summer, this is pretty much what i do :

- clinique city block sheer

- ysl matt touch primer


- green concealer

- eyeshadow (some days)

- ysl teint resist foundation/tinted moisturizer.

- boing concealer

- clinique quickliner for brows

- brow highlight

- anastasia brow gel

- dior waterproof eyeliner

- bobbi brown no smudge mascara

- posie tint

- bella bamba blush (the blush grips the tint so it lasts longer)

- mac loose powder

- high beam

- lipstick/gloss

Re: What's your makeup routine?

I wish I could only use a couple products/items but lets be honest it takes an army and then some to make me look like I do... with that being said this is my "normal" everyday routine:


-I wash my face with my Clarisonic with Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser

-Josie Maran Argan 100% Pure Argan Oil under and around my eyes ONLY!

-Neutrogena Dry Touch 100+ SPF Sunscreen all over face, neck, chest etc

-Dr. Brandt Pores No More all over face (This stuff rocks and I love the way it feels on my skin)

-Foundation (NARS Sheer Glow Foundation)


-Eyebrows (Bare Escentuals Brow Powder in Auburn... AMAZING product)

-Setting Powder (Make Up Forever HD setting powder)

-Eye Shadow (normally I use at least 2 different colors, but can use up to 4) 

-Eye Liner


-Lip Gloss (sometimes lipstick, but thats rarely) 


Re: What's your makeup routine?

My everyday routine goes like this:


wash face, tone and moisturize with Clinique 3 step

apply Origins A Perfect World Serum for face

apply Clinique All About Eyes serum, let it sink in

apply Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream

Supergoop sunblock on face

Shiseido sunscreen for eyes

apply Laura Mercier primer

Clinique Moisture Surge or LM tinted moisturizer


That's usually as far as it goes when it's hot out or a "no makeup" day for me.  The most makeup I'll wear is tinted moisturizer to give me a little bit of color.  If I'm wearing makeup, then it continues:



Laura Mercier brightener

DiorSkin Nude concealer

LM brightening powder

LM translucent loose setting powder

NARS orgasm blush or UD afterglow cheek tint



UD liner

mascara primer


lipstick and lip gloss


What can I say?  I like taking care of my skin and playing with makeup! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's your makeup routine?

Visine eye drops

[brush teeth, wash face]

Blinc mascara


eye cream

[get dressed]

primer w/SPF

eye primer

eye shadow (1-3 colors)



dark circle concealer

full coverage foundation used like a concealer (with major rosacea, I have a large area to cover)


light dusting of mineral powder foundation in place of setting powder

clear brow gel

tinted lip balm, sheer lipstick or lip gloss

sunscreen on neck and chest, TMw/SPF or mineral makeup w/zinc oxide on chest rosacea


It's a lot of layers, but I get a more natural result than I do when piling on a ton of one or two things.


If I'm running short of time, I skip dark circle concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and blush. If I'm REALLY short on time, I'll skip the full coverage foundation and use a little more of the mineral powder foundation.


Oh, to be young again, when I could walk out the door with only clear brow gel, mascara, and lip balm on...

Re: What's your makeup routine?

OK this is embarrassing:



saline soution eye drops

wash face with IS Clinical Cleansing Complex and Clarisonic

use witch hazel as toner/astringent

IS Clinical active serum

IS Clinical Hydracool Syrum

Clarisonic Opal eye serum

SPF 55 Sunscreen mixed with Jane Irendale Mineral foundation

Conceal if needed with Benefit Erase paste

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen under eyes

Benefit Lemonaide on lids

eye shadow of the day

eye liner of the day

sephora clear brow gel

blush of the day

dior lip addict lip glow

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray



wash face with IS Clinical Cleansing Complex and Clarisonic

use witch hazel as toner/astringent

Obagi blender & refissa

Obagi Clenziderm Moisturizer

Clarisonic Opal eye serum


Dior Lip Maximizer


Twice a week a I use a exfoliating scrub  and mask branded by my dermatologist

Re: What's your makeup routine?

Every Day:

Tarte Clean Slate Primer all over face

Benefit's LemonAid around eyes

Josie Maran Bronzing Powder all over face

Concealer to hide any imperfections

Josie Maran Argan Color Stick on cheeks/nose

Buxom Lash

Rosebud Salve

Re: What's your makeup routine?

Mine is kind of long...but it turns out to be pretty natural-looking(: Here we go! haha:


Moisturizer (BE for dry skin)

Face primer (MUFE hd)

Tinted moisturizer (Korres or Laura Mercier)

Setting powder (mineral veil)

Bronzer (tarte matte bronzer to contour)

highlighter (ud cream glow)

blush (coralista)

eye primer


gold or skin color eyeshadow

tightline with brown eyeliner

mascara (BE waterproof)

lip color (Buxom lipstick or stila lip pump)

brow gel-somtimes


Smiley Happy


Re: What's your makeup routine?

Clarins Eye revive beauty flash

Moisturizer (LaRoche-Posay with SPF 15)

(do my hair)

Smashbox photo Op under eye brightener


Face primer

Powder foundation (Korres wild rose)


Eyesahows (I normally use 3)  (add a step if I'm using a dark color, or loose pigments: I put powder under my eye, than swipe it off after my shadows are applied)

(Optional: eyeliner/ eye glitter liner)

Dior lash plumping serum


Finishing powder




And all that in less than 15 minutes, well 20 if I count the 5 minutes it takes me to do my hair!!!

Re: What's your makeup routine?

I don't wear makeup everyday. But if I do I wear:


- UD Buck e/s heavily in crease, Naked e/s on brow

- BUXOM Buxom Lash Mascara, 1 coat top lashes

- Stila Convertible color in Camellia on apples of cheeks focused back

- Lush Bubblegum scrub

- EOS Summerfruit Lip Balm

- Korres lip Butter in Jasmine


Smiley Happy this isnt including facial cleansing and perfume. This routine gives me a youthful glowy/natural/fresh look for school. I'm only about to graduate middle school!

Re: What's your makeup routine?

I use a lot more than three makeup items. My typical routine:


face primer

eye shadow primer

concealer under eyes and on red zits

blush or bronzer

powder foundation (I hate liquid foundations)


(fix hair while mascara dries)

eye shadow (a highlight shade and a lid shade)

eye liner

lip gloss


Re: What's your makeup routine?


wash face with spectro

apply ole henriksen truth serum 

apply ole henriksen total repair moisturizer 


(brush teeth/eat breakfast here to let that set)


mac coverup (if needed)

mac studio fix pressed powder 

nars bronzer irresistiblement 

eyeshadow -  usually either urban decay sellout + something from my two faced pallette, or the "classic" look from two faced pallette

dior maximizer

two faced lash injection mascara

mac beyond real false lashes mascara

makeup forever photo finishing spray


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