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Post in Beauty Confidential

What's your favorite beauty secret?

I could add a few:

A drop of citrus extract in lipgloss for natural plumping

Aloe vera gel for swollen or puffy skin

Always have 2 mascaras, both lengthening serums, turns out amazing

Put a few glops of mayonaise(for smoothness) vinegar or beer(for shine) or oil(for dandruff) in your shampoo

Using bronzer on your arms when you look a bit puffy in a tank top...


Any others? 

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Oh my, there's a bunch-


Keep your eye cream in the fridge, when you put it on it depuffs your under eye area. Toner from the frige also feels great!

Keep perfume in a dark and cool place to make it last longer.

You can save money on makeup brush cleaner by mixing baby shampoo in warm water and cleaning your brushes with this every 2 weeks. Dry your brushes flat with the bristles hanging off the counter so they won't dry crooked. 

Toss your makeup when it expires, you don't want to cause a breakout or eye infection by using dirty germy products. You can tell expiration dates by looking on the container or packaging for the little jar symbol with the number 3M, 6M, etc. The number is how many months the product is good for after you open it.

Not really beauty, but if you buy your shoes in the afternoon, your feet are biggest then, so you are less likely to get ones that are too small and pinch.


Haha, I could write a book!  Great question!



Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

I also add that if u need blush using a lip gloss color in a pinch could work...I've also done this if I need eyeshadow but make sure the colors right....or it's just gross.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

I've used lipstick as blush the few times that I've forgotten my blush and the look was surprising natural and pretty.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

What a great post! I have a handful of great little tricks that I've picked up over the years.


-Don't have an exfoliator? Massage a handful of sugar onto your legs and arms for smoother legs in seconds.

-Deep conditioning treatments with warm olive oil. Simply apply a quarter sized amount into your tresses for 10 minutes to an hour (the longer you leave it on the more supple and shinny your hair will be).

-Applying your concealer and foundation AFTER you do your eye makeup. That way you won't have to worry about messy shadow fallout.

-Those of you with acrylic nails know how horrible your natural nails look upon taking them off. The best way to instantly remove those icky peeling flakes is by applying a tiny bit of oil onto each nail. The instant hydration will give them an instant improvement. Even basic vegetable oil from the kitchen works!

-Cleaning your makeup products often and tossing the ones that have been with you for a long time. If a product's color or texture changes it's time to toss it!

-Giving your makeup brushes a deep cleaning once a week and giving them a light cleaning with brush cleaner during the week.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

using a dryer sheet to destatic your hair or your skirt from your legs.  This saved me SO many times.  Also, if you're exofoliating your skin in the shower, do it BEFORE you use a body wash and shave your legs!  Learned this the hard way.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

I use scotch tape to remove dry flaking skin from my face (never around my eyes) when I'm too busy to exfoliate before applying my makeup.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Speaking of scotch tape.. I use the tape for that "invisible barrier" line when doing super dark and dramatic eye shadows with a cat eye liner. 


I also sometimes use paint brushes (new ones of course!) as good eyeliner or brow brushes for powders or cream products.


Vinegar to soften the hair, Blow drying my hair on cool after spritzing with hairspray to keep the lift and volume, and when REALLY in a jam, I've used my lipstick as a blush too. Not the best for combination or oily skin types but when you need it, it works! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

What a great thread!


I'm loving all the beauty secrets already written:


  • Aloe Vera (fresh) for sun burns, open wounds (picked pimples), burns
  • Olive Oil or mayonnaise as a deep conditioner for your hair
  • Coconut Oil for hydration and to prevent and help with stretch marks
  • Rose tea daily for a brighter complexion
  • I sometimes use a liquid or cream liner for mascara if I don't have one on hand and apply with an angled liner brush.
  • Bronzer to create cleavage and to make your arms appear more toned
  • Almond Oil if you don't have eye cream or to remove eye makeup (works wonders)
  • To create waves within minutes, apply hairspray to your hair when it's down, twist hair and put it up high on the crown of your head in a bun.  Spray with hairspray and leave for 5 minutes. Take bun down and voila! The perfect curls achieved in minutes. 
  • One that I just found out about yesterday is how to prevent lipstick from staining your coffee cup. The trick is to lick the rim of your cup where your lips will touch and it will not leave a trace. This will also avoid waiters looking at you funny because they have to wash your lipstick off their cups. Smiley Wink
  • Need a quick exfoliation for your lips, but no products? Take a toothbrush and brush your lips for a couple of seconds, apply lip balm and you're ready to look fabulous in any lipstick or lip gloss.






Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

I am loving all the tips! My favorite trick is to plump my lips by "lining upwards".  (starting on the center of your bottom lip and corner of your upper lip and lining upwards.) Your hand will naturally curve and maximize your lips without looking fake.  When you line your lips in a downward motion, your hand will naturally go in a straight line, which cuts the lip line and minimizes your lips.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Loving all of these tips Heart.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Excellent post...had to go grab a paper and pen, right quick!!


I got a few...


-No mascara?? Rub a very small amount of vaseline onto your pointer finger and thumb, then rub onto your lashes. Take  your eyelash curler, and you've got naturally dark lashes that will hold a curl, all day. Can get greasy, so be easy with the vaseline.


-No blush?? Gently pinch the apples of your cheeks.


-I like to buy multi-color, or quad color blushes, especially when one of the colors, is very light or shimmery. This way I can use it as a blush, the light color as a highlighter/luminizer, and any of the other colors as eyeshadow. This is awesome, when ur limited to the amount of space you have in your bag, or time you have.


-For dark underarms, from a sucky deoderant or whatever the case, apply zoxzema for about 15 minutes, nightly.


-For minor to moderate nail fungus, cut down nail as much as possible. With medicine dropper, place 3-4 drops of clorox onto nail, YES CLOROX, morning and night, til gone. For severe fungus, cut down nail as much as possible, and soak nails in listerine for 15-20 minutes a night, til gone.


VW888 <3

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

What a great topic!  Here are a few of my own beauty secrets:


1)       I know that Argan oil is all the rage now, but for years I’ve used good old fashioned jojoba oil, which I purchase at my local organic food store.  I use it for my hair, nails, and as a moisturizer on my damp skin after getting out the shower.


2)      Whenever going to the beach or a tropical locale, I always pack some pure aloe vera gel which does wonders for my skin after getting out of the sun.


3)      Some of my products come in bottles with pumps that dispense a lot more product that I need.  My solution?  I use those little containers from Sephora in which I received my foundation samples to dispense excess liquids or gels such as concealers. 


4)      The Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a great makeup brush cleaner!


5)      When I was in a car accident several years ago I ended up with a scar on my face.  The doctor suggested splitting open  Vitamin D capsules and massaging the oil over my scar which she promised would fade in time.  She was right.  Not only is there no evidence of a scar but I use the oil inside the Vitamin D capsules whenever I burn my skin while baking.



Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Aloe Vera to treat acne for dry, sensitive skin types.  Make sure that it is as close to 100% as possible however, it really does work well.  I use it due to the fact acne medicines irritate my face and I have seen major improvements with Aloe.


Apple cider vinegar as a toner.  Just make sure you dilute it, please.

What's your favorite beauty secret?

of course drink a TON of water!

The best tip that was given to me recently is to stop "over moisturizing" in the winter. Instead stick to your normal skincare routine and start sleeping with a humidifier.

Raw potato slices work better than cucumber slices (high potassium content) for dark under-eye circles.

Also, refrigerate metal spoons and then use them to alleviate puffy, swollen eyes before applying your eye cream.  If you want those bags to stay away all day use slightly cooled brewed tea bags (has to have caffeine) on your eyes for 5 minutes.

Soak your toothbrush in 70% alcohol once a week to rid bacteria.

Apply an "oily" moisturizer to your pulse points right when you get out of the shower and your fragrance will last on your skin much longer.

Dehydrated lips appear much thinner and wrinkly.  Exfoliate them every night and follow it up with a good natural lip balm.

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

1- When I feel a cold sore coming up( oh I hate when they do)  I mix a teaspoon of bleach with 1/4 cup of water and put it in a little spray bottle and spray it every 2 hours for the first day and if I can apply ice to it. I found it works better than any otc drugstore remedy or even prescriptions. It is a pain but if you catch it early it won't blister all up and look nasty and is gone in a few days instead of a week.


2- Keep an emergency make up kit in your bag ( not recommended for the car in the summer) with the basics: Mascara, small eye quad, a lip treatment ( mine is DIOR LIP GLOW)  , some HALO powder and blotting papers ( I like Boscia green tea) . I even use the lip glow on my cheeks in a pinch. 

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

1 - Grape Kool Aid - It removes the brassiness from hair dyed blonde.  It tones down the orangey color without turning your hair purple.  It also works on grey/silver hair.

2 – Aquaphor – I use this on everything from my cuticle, elbows & heels, as well as a quick lip gloss, a bit of powder blush mixed with it for a “cream” blush for a day at the beach.  I use it all year round & always have a small tube in my purse. 

Re: What's your favorite beauty secret?

Instant oatmeal can make a great exfoliating mask. Just make a paste with water, apply to face, and let dry. Slough off to scrub away pesky blackheads!

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