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Post in Beauty Confidential

What's your date makeup?

I used to go more natural (MAC Patina eyeshadow, mascara, some eyeliner, and blush. Rarely lip products because I always get that gross white line on my bottom lip). That makeup got me compliments on my "rosy cheeks," and one guy even asked if my cheeks were naturally that rosy. (Answer: B****, please, it's as natural as Joan Rivers' face).


Now, I like to wear a lot more makeup. I usually do a neutral eyeshadow (nothing in the crease; darn hooded lids), black gel liner, some gray eyeshadow smudged under my eye (usually a bit lower since I like to make my eyes look rounder and larger), white liner on the waterline, lots of mascara, false lashes, a pink blush, contouring, and some sort of lip product (it depends on what I'm wearing; I hate matchy-matchy makeup, so if I'm wearing red, I'll go for a lighter lip color).


So what's your go-to date makeup? Has it changed at all over the years?


Re: What's your date makeup?

That's a very healthy way of looking at it.


And I agree about the neutral not being natural lol


I'm torn between the narrow societal patriarchal standards to attract a man and freely expressing myself. 


Thus my compromise to ensnare them, and then release my bold color side. I'm like the Venus Flytrap of BT. 

Re: What's your date makeup?

Now that's a plan I can get behind - trap 'em and blindside 'em. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: What's your date makeup?

ha ha, I love it!!!!

Re: What's your date makeup?

Re: What's your date makeup?

Omg, I should make this my avatar Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's your date makeup?

That doesn't sound prudish to me at all!  And I agree about the natural thing…most men say they like natural makeup but many of them will critique a girl's appearance anyway.  


I also think you should make "there's nothing "natural" about neutral makeup, it's just a more commonly accepted color palette."  your official quote!  So true….it's just as much makeup/work to put on…just more accepted, as you said.

Re: What's your date makeup?


Re: What's your date makeup?

You're so right about natural vs neutral makeup--I used the wrong word when I said I went "more natural." I guess after hearing YouTubers saying "today, I'm doing a natural look" have swayed me into not really thinking about the differences between natural and neutral. So let's all pretend I said "neutral" Smiley Wink

Re: What's your date makeup?

I'm similar to ladymeag, my makeup depends on my mood and where we are going.  I also like to rotate looks/products.



If you are dating someone new, I wouldn't do the completely natural look because when you get more comfortable and wanna break out the bold stuff some guys are like "whhhaaaat?".  Establish early on that winged liner and red lips come with the package lol.

Re: What's your date makeup?

Smart HelloCoffee! If he doesnt like the magenta or red lips, he won't be able to deal with me.

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