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Post in Beauty Confidential

What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I was just thinking about the main reasons I wear makeup-to cover my undereye circles and occasional pimples. And I thought I should post this asking you gals the masin reason you wear makeup. Is it to cover, make you feel better, or do you just like using it, or do you have a different reason? Smiley Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

To cover undereye circles and blemishes. I like having a polished look.

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

in grade 8 all of the girls in my class and i started to wear god awful dark eyeliner and mascara to try and make us look less tom boyish and more girly? i don't even know how to explain it. thankfully i moved on from that phase but decided i liked looking sparkly and pretty so i upgraded my makeup and got better at it. i'd buy different things depending on what i needed, the bad acne phase forced me to get foundation, cover up and powder. i still use some of it on the stubborn scars and rare break out. 


i went from:

> shoppers drug mart brands

> slowly transitioned to mac when i could afford it 

> discovered sephora at a shopping trip with family over the border in grade 11 (canada didn't have sephora yet). became obsessed and got a visa the minute i turned 18 solely so i could order online from sephora

> slowly but surely upgraded most of my tools + makeup 

> sephora came to sherway gardens (45 minute drive from me)

> sephora came to fairview park (10 minute drive from me) this weekend aka mac will be gone by the end of the month. i've already spent $200 and its only been open for 4 days. 


because i have such a wide variety of makeup now and have learned what a huge difference it makes to how people percieve you (i mean this in a business way, not a vanity way), its become such a huge part of my morning routine.

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Because I saw a picture of what I look like with no make-up on and it burned into my brain and I refuse to scare people.

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Oh, novemberjuliet! I doubt you wouls scare people without makeup! LOL!

For me it's a hobby. It let's me be artistic and creative without the time commitment of my previous artwork, which was mixed media collage!

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Beauty is art and therefore, makeup is love. Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Rosacea and skin cancer. Getting SPF on my face that's not irritating chemicals and not white is what got me started with more than eye makeup and lip color; now I need to cover up flaming red cheeks and broken capillaries from rosacea, too.

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I wear it to even out my skintone and cover some slight acne marks I have. 

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I love color.  The more the better.  I think it's a great way to express yourself, in addition to how you dress and what you accessorize with, such as purses.  I wear the makeup for myself, because I love to experiment.  I'm lucky enough to get away with just wearing tinted moisturizer, but I also wear makeup to give myself a boost of self-confidence when I need it and to feel sexy.  It's gratifying to know that my husband loves me more without makeup, but he also loves knowing that I wear the makeup for myself and not him (although sometimes I will wear certain products, like red lipstick, especially for him).  He just doesn't like the cost!

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

After reading waterbaby's post, I realized that I should have added another reason I wear makeup is because I love color, too, and doing my eye makeup is kind of like a form of art for me, ha ha.  My very favorite part of doing my makeup is applying eye makeup.  I love to wear on a daily basis at least 4 colors of shadow, a mixture of two colorful eyeliners and lots of mascara.  I think it's fun to mix different shadow colors and liners.  I've had a lot of people say to me, "I love your eyeshadow, it looks like a rainbow" ha ha. Smiley Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I wear make up because I love to! I  think it is so much fun! I too love colors and love painting as you can tell by the art I helped design on my back. And this way I get to make shapes and add the depthness not to mention color to my face.  When I was young I did wear it to look older, I did did have to get into the clubs and just had to "look" the part also. 

Also I was so pale when I was a little younger and my mom had to take me to the doc she wouldn't  let me put on any makeup b/c then I wouldn't look sick!  LOL  She'd say they  thought she was nuts to already. And at least without the makeup on they could tell I was pale with circles too! LOL!! Now I wear makeup because it is still so fun AND makes me look  younger  too _YAY!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Just for the fun of it. It brings colors into my world and therefore, it makes me happySmiley Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I’m an artist so I’ve always liked colors and paint. I started wearing make-up to look older. I remember having my teeth cleaned and the dental hygienist asking me when I was graduating? She meant high school and I was graduating collage that year. Now I’m wearing make-up to look younger and not washed out. Wearing make-up helps me feel good. No matter how down I feel in the morning a little make-up will always cheer me up. J

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

There's not really a main reason.  I've loved it ever since I was little.  Back then it was more about the pretty colors and trying to put on Russian red lipstick (my mother could wear it but I still look silly in it to this day).  It was an outlet of creativity and adventure.  It was also a way to bond with family and friends. 


Maybe a part of it is still the colors.  And since colors are fun, where else can you find a great arrangement of them?  To me, it's one way to destress (exercising would be my #1 for that) and get into a groove.  Sometimes all it takes is a shade of lipgloss to make my day feel better.  Since I'm doing it for myself, it's not a competition either. 


Some of my old fun past times seem to be stuck in a box at the present (for creativity).  Whereas make up seems to have not as many restrictions.  If it did, most of the new campaigns for summer and fall would all look the same.

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

This is a great topic, bee! 

The main reason I wear makeup is because I love it so much.  Ever since I was a little girl of about 4 years old I can remember playing with my mother's makeup and I never grew out of it, ha ha.  I wear it because it's fun to apply and experiment with different looks, plus I wear it for me because it gives me more self-confidence about myself.  I look better with makeup on (even if it's just a little) and I feel better about myself because of it.  I do got out to Wal-Mart every once and a while with no makeup, but I can tell a big difference in the way I carry myself when I'm wearing makeup and when I'm not.  Like I said, it gives me more self-confidence (which I really need) so I think I do it mostly for me.  Even the fun part of putting it on is for me.  So I guess you could say that it is the one thing that I do to treat myself. Smiley Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I wear makeup because.....


well I do love makeup and the creativeness you can achieve, to cover my dark undereye circles, to make me look a little older (I'm a little tired of hearing how young I look), and because I believe that makeup can help a person's good qualities shine and hide any imperfections. 

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I agree with prettyinpa -- I do it mostly to look professional, but I'd wear it for myself, too. I also just think I look better with makeup, even if it's just a bit of eyeliner and blush. I have the natural complexion of copy paper, so blush makes me look alive. My mother even used to put blush on me when I was little (and she's really not like me at all in terms of makeup obsessions), like before we would go to church...I've just always been really pale. It also fulfills some kind of artistic tendency in myself! I've always loved color, from being obsessed with the 96-count box of Crayola crayons to paint swatches to makeup.


: )

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I would get bored if I looked the same everyday. Even for work, I always try to do something different although I have to be more conservative!

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

prettyipa, good answer! That's so true-to look professional, and also if you're looking washed-out{i know especially for us fair-skinned gals!} And, princess04, I'm so proud of you to say that! It's so great that you do it for yourself! You go girl!

Isn't it awesome how we're on here suposedly talking about makeup{which is mostly true}, but then we alos encourage and make one another feel so good and have so much fun?

Thanks sephora and all the beauty-talkers on here for making this possible!


Bee Smiley Happy

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

I wear make up because it is the one thing I do for me Smiley Happy  I don't do it to try and impress anyone or look good for anyone...I do it because ever since I can remember I've loved the world of make up. I love the colors..the looks...i actually enjoy my morning routine of applying my make up.  I guess the best way to sum it up is...I wear make up because I find it FUN and an awesome way to express my mood of the day !

Re: What's the main reason you wear makeup?

Great question, Bee!


Two reasons: When I am in a business situation, I am expected to dress professionally which means that I am wearing a polished neutral look. So it means, spots and undereye circles covered, tasteful brown shadow/mascara/liner, neutral lip. I occasionally get away with minimal makeup if I'm not meeting clients, but for the most part, I dress for success.


Sometimes when I am home, I just feel in a "wild and crazy" mood, so I'll get out my makeup and do a way more exotic look than I would ever wear out in public. Or if I am feeling blah, I might put on TM, blush and mascara just so I don't look washed out. 

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