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Post in Beauty Confidential

What's in a Name?

If you know anything about makeup you know that some of the best parts of packaging is the name appeal. Some are cute and some tend to be a little x-rated Smiley Tongue. My question to you is : Do names like - Orgasm & Deep Throat bother you? 


As a mother I would be a bit uncomfortable if my daughter came home with a product like this. Smiley Tongue 


What say you?

Re: What's in a Name?

You know, that's really true. No one around me is as into makeup as I am. My mom loves beauty and has a ton of stuff, but she doesn't enjoy trying/researching/talking about products like I do. So I *never* get asked what color/shade I'm wearing. I get compliments on my skin/makeup, but no one asks me the exact blush I'm wearing or something. That might be one of the reasons why I don't care--because I'm the only one that knows that a certain makeup item has that certain name so who cares?

Re: What's in a Name?

Names don't offend me at all.  I actually don't even think blink twice when I see names that are suggestive or sexual.  I feel our culture has taken to shaming women and sexuality.  Suggestive product names are meant to stir the pot and raise some eyebrows.


I'm not a mom yet, but I feel that if I had a daughter that once she was old enough to wear makeup, she'd be old enough to also handle the nature of the skincare/makeup market.  This will probably change when I actually get to that point, so I'm completely speculating.


I was raised in a very strict household and completely uncomfortable with my own body and sexuality because we weren't allowed to talk about it.  My mom would use euphemisms such as "down there" and "that time of the month" as if being a young woman, experiencing natural woman things, was an embarrassing thing.  It's not.  At 33 I STILL cannot talk to my mom frankly about basic stuff...she cringes at standard anatomy terms and the like.

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