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What's in a Name?

If you know anything about makeup you know that some of the best parts of packaging is the name appeal. Some are cute and some tend to be a little x-rated Smiley Tongue. My question to you is : Do names like - Orgasm & Deep Throat bother you? 


As a mother I would be a bit uncomfortable if my daughter came home with a product like this. Smiley Tongue 


What say you?

Re: What's in a Name?

I like a name that's distinctive and short so it's easy to remember. my favorite day time moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth oil-free sheer defense lotion SPF30 -- the most generic name ever (is there any generic word it missed?).


The names do bother me a bit cuz I'm a prude, can you imagine if someone in a coffee shop saw you and say "omg, I love that color on you! What are you wearing?" I do tend to go for luxe looking or cute packagings, which fortunately do not have X-rated names, so, I guess it doesn't bother me cuz I've never considered using them regardless of name, and I don't really care what other people wear. o.O

Re: What's in a Name?


 I can see how that could make for an awkward coffee shop atmosphere! I like the Zoya nail polishes that have the names of...names. I would feel a lot better about asking an associate for "Josie" rather than "nipple" or something crude like that. Maybe becoming a mother has just made me crusty Smiley Tongue

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