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What's in a Name?

If you know anything about makeup you know that some of the best parts of packaging is the name appeal. Some are cute and some tend to be a little x-rated Smiley Tongue. My question to you is : Do names like - Orgasm & Deep Throat bother you? 


As a mother I would be a bit uncomfortable if my daughter came home with a product like this. Smiley Tongue 


What say you?

Re: What's in a Name?

Yeah, BL had it in a holiday duo set, but then launched the color on its own....I WISH the formula was more opaque!!! It's the only thing stopping me from buying it!

Re: What's in a Name?

I don't buy products just because of the name either. I buy for quality and colors that I really love .


@triciaann12- I have Trout Pout on my toe nails right now!Smiley Tongue

Re: What's in a Name?

I agree with you that some of the names are a bit much. It seems like some companies are using sex when they really don't need to (because their products are really nice quality- ex. NARS).  

Re: What's in a Name?

It's complicated! While the names themselves don't bother me at all (I don't get offended by much, and there is nothing, at base, dirty or shameful about the word "orgasm" etc.), the message that it might send does sometimes bother me. Cosmetics are marketed to make women feel beautiful, and when there are overt sexual references, I think it's a fine line in terms of the message it sends to the younger crowd...rather than being seen as empowering, it might leave the impression that sex / being sexy / buying this product is necessary to be beautiful, or attractive to others, and create pressure to be that way. I don't know, it's been a long day and I'm probably not explaining myself well. Smiley Tongue


My short answer is no, I don't personally find the names offensive. I have mentioned this many times in previous threads (if you've been around long enough, I apologize for repeating myself), but my grandmother always used to ask me what blush I was wearing (back when I wore nothing but Orgasm). I tried to avoid the question ("NARS...?"), but she persisted because she wanted to buy it for herself. When I told her what it was called, she didn't even blink -- and when I was slightly embarrassed (because she is my grandmother, after all), she was like "...what's so embarrassing about that?" Smiley Happy

Re: What's in a Name?

I don't object to the names, some of them are quite funny in an odd sort of way. I don't get much opportunity to talk about makeup except on here and you all are as much makeup fanatics as I am, so it's fine.


Do many people ask you what color you're wearing? I hardly ever get asked, mostly because I wear pretty subtle makeup, I guess. Last time someone asked me about my lipcolor, I dug it out of my purse and it didn't have a name, just a number.

Re: What's in a Name?

I was thinking about that last week going through my makeup.  I wear Nars and I have Sex, Deep Throat and Torrid as blushes.  Then there is Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Sin, Easy Lover, Triple X and Pillow Talk.  I wouldn't not buy them because of the color names (they are very good products that I love), I can't say I understand the naming of these cosmetics...  It kinda makes me think but I wouldn't not purchase because of it.


Re: What's in a Name?

I am not offended at all by the naming choices of some of the brands out there. I usually get a chuckle out of something at the NARS display every time I am in Sephora. Product names and packaging all tie into the company's marketing strategy and clearly their strategies work because we are all talking about them! Smiley Happy i guarantee at least one person who hasn't tried any products from The Balm or Nars read this thread and went and checked them out online Smiley Happy


In terms of product names affecting how young girls think and feel about sex, i really feel that there are so many other influences out there that are worse than risque names on a makeup packages (i.e. TV, movies, internet, classmates). I do think young girls are highly impressionable but I think they will be affected by their friends and how celebrities dress and act. I really don't feel the names of cosmetics are going to be what causes low self esteem or a skewed idea about sexuality.


If I was a mother of a young teenage girl I think I would be concerned that my daughter spent $30 on a Nars blush, no matter the name --even if it was called something innocent like "snuggly puppies"! Smiley Wink 


Re: What's in a Name?

I would buy a blush with the name puppy! Que cute.

Re: What's in a Name?

This thread reminds me of Target being in the news recently over naming a plus size shirt "Manatee grey" whereas the same shirt in non plus size was another color, less offending.  Target instantly pulled the shirt off the racks, but the damage was done!

Re: What's in a Name?

I saw this! OMG this is hilarious. What woman wants to have manatee anything?!

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