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Post in Beauty Confidential

What's in a Name?

If you know anything about makeup you know that some of the best parts of packaging is the name appeal. Some are cute and some tend to be a little x-rated Smiley Tongue. My question to you is : Do names like - Orgasm & Deep Throat bother you? 


As a mother I would be a bit uncomfortable if my daughter came home with a product like this. Smiley Tongue 


What say you?

Re: What's in a Name?

I like a name that's distinctive and short so it's easy to remember. my favorite day time moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth oil-free sheer defense lotion SPF30 -- the most generic name ever (is there any generic word it missed?).


The names do bother me a bit cuz I'm a prude, can you imagine if someone in a coffee shop saw you and say "omg, I love that color on you! What are you wearing?" I do tend to go for luxe looking or cute packagings, which fortunately do not have X-rated names, so, I guess it doesn't bother me cuz I've never considered using them regardless of name, and I don't really care what other people wear. o.O


Re: What's in a Name?


 I can see how that could make for an awkward coffee shop atmosphere! I like the Zoya nail polishes that have the names of...names. I would feel a lot better about asking an associate for "Josie" rather than "nipple" or something crude like that. Maybe becoming a mother has just made me crusty Smiley Tongue

Re: What's in a Name?

I don't think so, if they bought it for the novelty of the name, yes.  If they bought it because the product looks amazing on them, no. Smiley Tongue

Re: What's in a Name?

my sister wasn't all too thrilled when her eleven yr old daughter was begging her for the urban decay "booty-call" Smiley Happy

personally, i care about the makeup more than the name...

but I do think its brilliant marketing of nars for the orgasm collection...i bet plenty of people out there are drawn by the name.

Re: What's in a Name?

I've never bought a product just because of the name, and I'm not bothered by names like orgasm and deep throat. I think its all due to how you were raised--if your parents/guardians taught you that sex is something to be ashamed of, and that your body is some sort of sin...then yes, those people will most certainly be bothered by those kinds of names. But if you were taught that sex is a normal/healthy part of life, and that you should love your body instead of be ashamed of it...then the names shouldn't bother you as much.


I'm not a mother, so maybe my thoughts would change later on, but I don't see anything wrong with those names just because sex sells and it will always sell. I wouldn't throw those names around my 84 year old grandmother just because she comes from a different time and would most certainly be offended. Plus, I see more and more companies using sex to sell products---either in the name, or the picture in the packaging. It started with NARS I think...but then other brands like benefit and thebalm got into it too. TheBalm especially has very um...."oooo lala" kind of packaging.


Re: What's in a Name?

I hadn't even thought about theBalm's packaging when considering this post. I would still feel uncomfortable with younger girls with this type of packaging but I do realize the objective is novelty. They are fun and sassy. 

Re: What's in a Name?

Hey, at least theBalm sticks to 1940's/1950's pin-ups and not pin-ups from the 1960's or later! It keeps more fun and "safe" for younger generations.

Re: What's in a Name?

I dont think sex is bad at all but I think there is a time and a place for it. I dont think I would be comfortable with a 8 year old seeing  some of the images on thebalm packaging and wanting to emulate their poses. 

Re: What's in a Name?

Well, I disagree with the part where it seems like you are implying that if you don't think it's shameful, then you should be ok with the names (if that's not what you are implying, disregard this post). I don't think cursing is shameful, but I don't do it in public. Just because people dislike such blatant sex names doesn't mean they think sex shameful/unhealthy. With English being my 2nd language and working around plenty of guys, there were times when I first came that the guys were talking "guy stuff" in a whipser and I innocently asked them in a normal voice "what's xxx?" and the whole room just got really uncomfortable/awkward. I agree with the there is a time and place for everything, and such name on cosmetic is kind of unnecessary. I mean, even if you think sex is normal/healthy (which is what I think most adults think), would you just casually drop words like O and DT in a business meeting? (assuming you don't work at NARS, lol) what would you do if a kid asks you "aunty/mama, what's d**p th***t?". I wouldn't bat an eye at naked models in an art class, but I will call the police and punch whomever runs up to me completely naked in the middle of a street or kindergarten.


Anyways, just because it's not black doesn't mean it's white. This is one of those things with generous amount of grey areas, and I think I'd be able to make a better argument if I'm not functioning on 3hrs of sleep, so I will stop here before my thoughts go off to outer space.

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