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What's hiding in your makeup bag???

I just finished going through my HUGE makeup bag and I discovered a lot about myself...  I found things that I haven't worn in years and now I'm thinking of taking them out and sporting them during the next two work weeks!  I first started looking because I bought 7 NARS blushes and was filling up my Sephora shopping cart looking for colors to go with them.  Then I just decided to look through the stuff that I already had to see if anything matched up with them.  Wow!  What a Pandora's Box I opened.  I had stuff that I haven't seen in some cases 10-15 years.  I found my very first Chanel lipstick (do we all remember the Vamp rage?  I still have mine and it still looks incredible).  I found 2 black lipsticks that I've rocked out on occasion (with my blood red Dior Addict Ultra gloss... and I found that Illamasqua makes the best Matte Black but MUFE's lasts longer).  I found 2 pink Dior lip glosses that probably haven't been worn in 6+ years but look amazing on (there was a thread dedicated to pink lipsticks and glosses but I didn't think I owned any)!  Those will be worn this week, LOL!) and I found 6 additional NARS lip glosses, some never taken out of the original box.  I also found out that Dior Show waterproof really is waterproof.  I've washed my hands with soap after swatching some lipsticks and the mascara to make sure it wasn't dried out (I bought the Dior Show 7 months ago so it's still good, I think).  I didn't realize that I had so much Dior and Lancôme hiding right beneath my coffee table (that's where I keep all my make up.  The bathroom is too small and the steam ruins them.  The living room coffee table is where I do my make up and I like to store my makeup in a cool, dry place).


All that made me think, what's lurking in your make up bag that you haven't seen for a while but still love the same as when you purchased it?  What are you holding on to because you love it but you haven't had a reason or occasion to wear it or you just love to look at them (I tend to do that too!)?  Is there anything you would love to wear but you're waiting for the craze to come back?  What's in your makeup bag?

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

Good point ! My makeup bag is way too big and stuff does get lost. I have several (5) blushes from Cargo I forgot I even had. I have been known to buy dupes of thing I didnt realize/forgot I already had. Note to self small makeup bag is definately the way to go to same myself from buying duplicate products.

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

I recently purchased a brush belt so my spacious makeup bag is FINALLY brush free. Right now I have the following in it:


Dior lash primer (I love this stuff and go through it super fast)

Dior Blackout Mascara

Make Up For Ever HD concealer

Kat Von D Autograph pencil in Puro Amor

NARS Orgasm blush


And about 4 or 5 rouge lip balms.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

Pretty much all that is in my make-up bag is lip productsSmiley Happy I carry a small bag with me in my purse, but for some reason, all that ends up being in there is lip glosses, lipsticks and multipurpose lip balms! I also just found a weird looking brown tinged lipstick I've had for ages and it was OLD!! In the trash it went! Hopefully, I can expand my travel make-up bag to include bb creams, mini mascaras and not so many lip products!

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

I'm with prettyinpa; my makeup bag contains things I use (and a few that I do not use as much, but I just cleaned it out recently). My stash at home, though...there is so much that isn't getting use (because it can't!). I think I have 100+ blushes, probably close to 70 lipsticks (or more?), etc. I have way too much. I bought most of it because I really liked it (or started to collect it!), but with these quantities, I just can't give it all the attention it deserves. I have way too many red lipsticks, too -- for as often as I wear it, I should have one or two, but I have about ten. I will never use them all! I do tend to hold onto powder products -- while I toss lip glosses and lipsticks, blush will stay good for years if stored properly. I have long-discontinued NARS and Chanel shades I would never throw away!


In my real makeup bag that I carry with me, I have NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder, 2 NARS concealers (the stick concealer and Radiant Creamy Concealer), a NARS lipstick (Dressed to Kill), a Bobbi Brown lipstick (Nude Rose), 3 eyeliners (two L'Oréal, one Burberry), Too Faced Lashgasm, a NARS blush (Plaisir), Armani Maestro Concealer, Labello lip balm, Burberry Lip Cover (Blush), Dainty Doll blush in My Girl, 2 eyeshadow brushes, a concealer brush (for under eye area) and a blush brush.


PS: I totally remember the Vamp craze -- I had the nail polish, and I actually still have the lip liner, which I used all over and sheered out with gloss (I never owned the lipstick, sadly).

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

My makeup bag is actually pretty small because it only contains my products that I want to carry on trips. My beauty closet, on the other hand, contains enough stuff to stock a small Sephora. Smiley Happy


So in the bag:

Brushes: Foundation, blush, shadow, liner and spoolie


Makeup: Smashbox BB cream, Givenchy Mister Mat Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, UD NAKED 2 palette, MAC Fluidline in Rich Ground, Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara, NARS Multiple in South Beach, random lip stains, I think there's a Revlon one in there and Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Rose. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Sunscreen for touch ups.

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

I actually have the True Blood palette and it doesn't look right on me either...  It just sits there in the box, lol!

Re: What's hiding in your makeup bag???

I am hanging onto my Tarte for trublood glamour me cheek stain. I like how the blush looks on the tv show but when I tried the cheek stain on I looked horrid not to mention I have really pale skin so It looked awful on me. I was hoping to snag the trublood eyeshadow palette but it went way too fast and probably for the best because a lot of the colors looked like they would wash me out more and as much as I love the show I wouldn't spend any more money investing in a fan bssed palette while knowing at the same time that I would never wear it.

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