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Post in Beauty Confidential

What "flaw" do you love?

Even though we are all gorgeous, we also have flaws. That's what makes us unique! There are some flaws that I have, such as an eternally ruddy complexion, that I really hate. But sometimes I think it's good to realize how beautiful our flaws are. That being said, what "flaw" do you love about yourself, beauty and non-beauty?


My favorite beauty "flaw" is that on my right eye, I have one eyelash that droops down. No matter what I do to it, it won't straighten up or come out. But I've come to love it, because I think it gives my look a touch of character. 


My favorite non-beauty "flaw" about myself is that I am awkward. I used to embarrass myself to the point that I avoided talking to anyone, but a few months ago my best friend told me that I had to go see this movie called "Frozen," (lol) because, as she put it, "You ARE the one girl in it." After I saw the movie and fell in love with Anna, I realized that awkward can be cute. Smiley Happy 


I'd love to hear what you think!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Wow, so many people posted about freckles being a beauty flaw. Freckles are beautiful, like stars in the sky! I might be impartial because I am a ginger though, haha. Smiley Happy


My beauty flaw, which can't really be fixed with make-up, are my teeth. Having a great, perfect smile is so desirable that it can even prevent you from some jobs, especially those in beauty. I grew up with a pretty big overbite, big front teeth, overlapping teeth, a gap between my front teeth, and to top it all off, two giant whitespots on my front teeth. I went to sooo many orthodontists to get quotes on prices, but they were all too expensive for my family to afford. As my parents told me, it gave me character, and as long as my teeth worked they were perfect. I hated going to school because I got made fun of a lot and didn't look like everyone else. As I grew up the gap between my teeth closed and my whitespots faded. I can totally afford braces now but I choose not to because after living with these teeth for 11 years, I have gained so much confidence and learned to love my imperfections. <3


As for non-beauty flaw, I'd have to say I have a really hard time keeping a secret. I've gotten better about it over the years, but I'm still horrible at keeping my mouth shut! I'm also really shy, like painfully shy. I think I went to two parties last year, both for my friend's graduation. I'd rather stay home and read!


Re: What "flaw" do you love?

I was thinking the same thing about freckles!!! I have freckles over my whole face and body, and I never even thought about them as "flaws," so I was surprised as to how many people thought of them that way!  I have the same tooth problem, and can I just say that you just encouraged me SO much??! I never thought about accepting my teeth the way they are. 


You made my day!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

My favorite 'flaws' are my fuller eyebrows and high forehead. I used to think I looked like a pair of furry caterpillars buried under a big, shiny, receding hairline, disproportionately large forehead with big fat birthmarks splotched around the corners. Now I really appreciate both, especially since my fuller brows make shaping them much easier. And my forehead is totally in proportion to the rest of my face, especially since I know my cheeks/cheekbones are on the fuller and more prominent side. Smiley Happy It makes me unique.


My favorite non-beauty flaw is that I'm an extreme perfectionist. This is a good and a bad thing; sometimes I'm so anxious about 'getting something right' that I become paralyzed, and that's when it's a bad thing. But it's also a good thing because I am eager to put my best foot forward all the time, in every realm of my life. Especially when it comes to dinner parties. I go all out! I am also really loud in real life to the extent that I have a hard time speaking in a whisper, but I think that makes me seem more gregarious and fun.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

I LOVE your eyebrows. Total brow envy every time I look at 'em Smiley Wink

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Me, too! I spend at least 1 minute practically every day of my life drawing eyebrows on my face. Yours are perfect rolling outta bed in huge morning. Jealous!

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

We all have flaws, but I think thats what makes us all so very special!  Like Randee, I have a ton of freckles too & I used to hate them, but now I love it!  My family used to tease me for being so fair (I'm filipino) and having freckles.  I also hated my teeth.  I was tormented as a kid for having a huge gap in my teeth & they were huge, but I eventually I grew into them & now I love my smile Smiley Happy  


xo, Mia

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

My MIL is also very, very fair.  I would say she is a smidgeon darker than I am.  She has freckles too.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

My favorite flaw was my skin color. Since I'm mixed growing up was extremely difficult. I was too light for one group and too dark for another. For a long time I thought my skin color was not beautiful. Not anymore, I have golden skin and I love it but I realized that I had to love myself first to love what I looked like.

My non beauty flaw: My iPod has a Disney list where I can listen to my favorite Disney songs. When I'm alone in my car I do rock out to Let it Go.

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Half of my Pandora account is dedicated to Disney radio stations XD

Re: What "flaw" do you love?

Well-said, and good for you! 

Let It Go is a great song, too.

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