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What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

I've realized lately that the prices I associate with different beauty products has gone up considerably. I'm sure it doesn't help being in an environment (BT Smiley Happy) where people are throwing $80 at an eyeshadow palette or $40 on a lipstick like that's the standard going rate and if you ever want to wear lipstick in life, it's going to run you $40+. 


I know this isn't everyone's reality, and as someone who used to only wear one make-up item - mascara ($30 Chanel mascara, no less) - I pass absolutely no judgment on what anyone wants to spend on any item!


But I'm curious... Knowing that whatever price you've come to associate with an item, it reflects what you, and only you, expect to pay for that item - what rough price point you associate with different beauty items? 



Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

This was actually a really good exercise:  thinking about what I expect to pay for (presumably quality) products that I use, and then seeing how it compares to what I actually do spend for those items.


Cleanser: around $30. (Very good to keep in mind when I'm tempted to pull the trigger on tiny travel-sized pots of Omorovicza's cleansing balm, while I can get a full-size of my favourite Boscia cleansers for about the same price.)


Exfoliator: $25-$30.  (Biased expectation -- I'm very unwilling to go beyond this price-point, since I don't use manual exfoliators with any regularity.)


Moisturizer:  around $50.  (This is my ideal/expectation, but I have yet to find a product at that low of a price-point that plays well with my skin.)


Chemical peel:  $50-$60.  (Fairly well-aligned with reality -- I think this price-point is very fair for an effective treatment.)


Facial oil:  around $50.  (I know cost doesn't necessarily always reflect quality, but I've never found a well-formulated oil at a lower price-point than this.)


Lip balm:  around $20.  (This is entirely BT's doing -- I jumped on the Bite Agave Lip Mask train and never looked back.)


Lipstick:  $15-$30.  (Lower price for simply great formula, higher price for fantastic formula and fantastic packaging.)


Tinted moisturizer/face makeup:  $35 (Lowered due to all the great choices out there ranging from drugstore to high-end.)


Shampoo, Conditioner:  $25+ (Entirely influenced by my experience with the Philip B. Royal Oud line -- it was my first venture into high-end haircare, and it set the bar a little too high.)


Body Cream/Lotion/Oil: around $30. (For a easy-absorbing, silicone-free formula with a gorgeous scent?  Absolutely.)


Body Wash: around $25.  (Sulfate free and moisturizing?  Yes, please!)


Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

I have found this to be the case in a great deal of things: makeup, wardrobe, and even groceries. Once you start spending for higher quality things, your expected/approved price threshold goes up. I'm always shocked by how much the price that I'm willing to pay, and even what I consider to be a "good deal," has changed since I first began buying my own things. Part of me is afraid to put all the numbers down in one place. But I also count myself lucky that my personal preferences help to reign in my spending -- l still like to go sans-makeup most of the time, I can't handle heavy products on my skin so my skincare lasts quite a long time, and I wear primarily black and all of my clothes have to be comfortable and effortless or I won't wear them... The only thing that still really gets me is my need for expensive, quality food and items which cater to my dietary restrictions. My food budget always has priority. Smiley Very Happy

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

I know the feeling! I mean, when I was 10, I was so happy with 10 dollars ~.~

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

I hear you. I love to cook, so good ingredients are a priority Smiley Very Happy

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

Forgot to add to my post below about drugstore products. There are tons of drugstore products that I like, and keep buying, and those are great deals compared to mid-range and high-end products. Maybelline concealer, Revlon Butter lipsticks, Neutrogena lip crayons and lipglosses, Aveeno lotion and tinted moisturizer, Lacura creams -- they are fabulous and are available at great prices.


Revlon parfumerie nail polish (got it on sale for $2), and Milani nail polish for $3 -- I like those just as much as the higher end ones.

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

Hmm! Let's see...


Cleanser: $10 - Good ol' Cetaphil works just fine for me!
Exfoliator: My Clarisonic Mia is the only exfoliation my face needs, but I do like Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub for Face and Body! ($35)
Moisturizer: $35 - I'm using Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer, and my skin doesn't seem to hate it!
Lip Balm: Free - I hop on the free Fresh lip balm offers every chance I get!
Lipstick: $5-35 - MAC is bae, but I did bite the bullet and buy a NARS Audacious lippie, which I ADORE. I'm in trouble!

Lip Liner: $20 - MAC and UD seem to always win this battle for me.
Shampoo/Conditioner: $15 - SheaMoisture is everything my curly girl dreams are made of!
Body Cream/Lotion/Oil: $15 - One word: Aveeno.
Body Wash: $10 - Drugstore all the way!
Toner: $10 - My skin adores Lush's Tea Tree Water.
Sunscreen: $10 - Neutrogena does it.
Mask: $5 - Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask is, funnily enough, the one my skin loves the most.
Blush: $30 - NARS NARS NARS!
Setting/Finishing Powders: $20 - MUFE or bust.
Eyeshadow Palette: up to $55 - Have yet to bite the bullet for anything more expensive than the UD Nakeds!
Brushes: up to $50 - I can appreciate a good brush, but Real Techniques has stolen my heart with their amazing (and cheap!) brushes.
Foundation: $45 - I'm all about NARS Sheer Glow, but I might go for the Hourglass Immaculate next.
Hair Styling Products: up to $40 - My hair seems to like It's a Ten products.
Concealer: $35 MUFE's concealer lasts me forever.
Face Primer: $15 - I only buy primers in their travel size, and they seem to last me forever.
Eyeshadow Singles: $20 - I only own UD's singles.
Mascara: Free - Got samples for days, yo.
Eyeliner: $10-20 - I refuse to kick by UD habit, but Sephora Collection has some sweet liners too.
Eye Cream: $30 - Really digging Origins!
Deep Conditioner: $15 - Shoutout to Mixed Chicks for saving my hair.

Eye Primer: $20 - Hello Too Faced!

Highlighter: $30 - I'm loyal to Watt's Up
Powder: $50 - Laura Mercier has my heart.
Brow: $25 - I live for Anastasia Beverly Hills's Brow Gel and Brow Pencil.

Bronzer: $30 - See: Eye Primer

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

Hmmm. Well, my price points can fluctuate - for example, when I was working at a skincare/bodycare boutique, I was more open to buying more expensive items because I got a 40% discount. When I left, those prices started to seem a bit less acceptable! Because it was a luxury brand boutique, I also started to be more accepting of "higher" price points than I was prior to working there, but I still have limits! I have a good stash from there still, so I do not need to buy certain categories for another year or so, so I am not sure what my price point will be when I have to replace. I suspect some will be lower ($28 for cleanser still seems a bit high). Some estimates:


Cleanser - more than $20 starts to seem extreme, unless huge or results are miraculous

Exfoliator/Scrub - more than $30 seems extreme, unless huge or miraculous, and I would prefer to spend less

Toner - $10-20 (there is one I like for $28, but that is high to me, so I am currently using a few drugstore ones)

Serum - $40-70 (depending on results, I may be willing to go higher)

Moisturizer - $40-75, depending on ingredients and function

Eye Cream - $40 upper limit, depends on ingredients and function

Face Sunscreen - $10 for "straight" sunscreen, though I have paid more for skincare type shields, ~$40 at most

Mask - $40-50, I have spent more and less (I love getting GlamGlow at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and not paying full price), but more has to have amazing results and ingredients


Face Primer - $30, though that Hourglass one is tempting (good thing I have several Smashbox tubes to use up)

Eye Primer - $20-25 for a single tube (I have enough now for two years, thanks Ulta beauty steals)

Foundation - $55 is my limit, that is what I paid for Hourglass's Immaculate (prefer $25-40 range)

Concealer - depends on size, willing to pay $20-30

Powder - $30ish, though the Hourglass Ambient Powders continue to tempt me

Brow Products - anywhere from $5-40, with the upper end being for a kit/palette (blond brows make me willing to spend, I currently have drugstore brow pencils, Gimme Brow, Bulletproof Brows, Brow Envy, and my Stila brow marker finally ran out, despite all the products I have, I am considering another one)

Eyeshadow - $20 upper limit for singles ($25 would have to contain unicorn tears and make my eyes physically bigger), $55 upper limit for a palette (I made an exception for the Narsissist Dual Intensity, but used the 15% code)

Eyeliner - $20 individual limit (I tend to buy when on sale though), $50-55 for a big set (UD likes my money)

Mascara - $10, I only buy full size at the drugstore (or during a 50% Ulta sale), otherwise I am a Lash Stash girl

Blush - $25-30 (I tend to buy on sale, I have a hard time paying a lot for blush for some reason)

Lipliner - $20ish upper limit (I do not use this super often, so I am fine with the three UD liners I got at Nordstrom Rack for 50% off when they (UD) changed their colors, I probably would not need more for another year or two at the rate I am using them)

Lipstick - $20-25 upper limit, and even that seems high (I love the look of high end lipstick, but have a hard time taking that plunge, especially since I have so many to go through)

Nail Polish - $10ish, I feel like OPI and others are good enough that there is no point in spending more, especially since almost everything can be duped (I have two Illamasqua that I bought because dupes did not exist, and it still hurts that I paid $17 or $18 a bottle, darn you bird egg polish for being so cute!)

Makeup Brushes - $40 upper limit for a single, I have a hard time justifying spending a ton on a single brush


Body Wash - I try not to spend more than $2-3 on drugstore wash with coupons/sales, I have a ton left over from my boutique days, so I do not really need to restock for a couple years

Body Lotion - ditto on above

Body Scrub - ditto on above, though I have splurged on the Dermadoctor KP scrub, since I have KP on my upper arms and legs

Hand Cream - $28, but only on L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, to which I have an almost unhealthy attachment Smiley Wink (I tend to get eczema/rash on my hands, especially in the winter, and this is one of a very few things that treats/prevents it)

Lip Balm - I love the freebie Fresh balms, but I tend to buy drugstore ones for $1 or less when possible


Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling Products - I am non-prestige name brand, I usually aim to pay $1-5 a bottle with coupons and sales (I am not great with my hair, and I have never felt like an expensive wash would make that much of a difference, especially since my hair is normal/oily, and most seem aimed at dry/damaged hair)


I am on a no buy for most things because I have so many products to use up and I do not need more things to sit around! I am trying to keep to one more purchase before the sale in November (something I need and am specifically planning), but I do love pretty things. I am also trying to be more consistent in using my products on a regular basis, rather than waiting for special occasions. Yes, going to the grocery store DOES deserve some makeup!

Re: What price points do you associate with different beauty products?

I've been thinking about this thread lately as my beauty-related spending has gone way down over the last 12-18 months. I'm curious if anyone else's answers have changed substantially as well?



I used to compulsively believe that prices were direct indications of quality, and as someone who values quality over quantity, I honestly had no intention of testing that theory. But at some point, something changed. I can say it was at least in part due to the discovery of Colourpop and Pixi - both of which currently play large roles in my daily routine. Then there was this reality check:


I know 18 months isn't a lot of time in many BTers beauty lives, but curious to know if anyone has experienced anything similar?

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