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Post in Beauty Confidential

What makes you feel beautiful?

Well, not the inner beauty/health/family thing, but when you are feeling down or want a change of mood/pace what's the first thing you grab to give yourself an instant boost to feel beautiful?


Personally it's perfume for me. I like a red lip as much as anyone else, but I then I'm paranoid about getting it on my teeth, smearing it when I eat etc etc. And perfume is just for me, it's quick and doesn't need to be removed like make up at end of the day. =)

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Heels and major league lips.


I'm currently rocking Dior Diablotine lips, but there's nothing like a red lip to make me feel bold and beautiful.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Some kind of outrageous (by my standards) statement piece.

Bold lip. Very high heels. Ridiculous colours or patterns. Just something out there.

When I'm in a great mood, I usually end up doing all of it at once Smiley Indifferent I wore mint stockings with 3.5" prairie boots and an emerald green dress yesterday, lmao... Great mood! Smiley Very Happy

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