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Post in Beauty Confidential

What makes you feel beautiful?

Well, not the inner beauty/health/family thing, but when you are feeling down or want a change of mood/pace what's the first thing you grab to give yourself an instant boost to feel beautiful?


Personally it's perfume for me. I like a red lip as much as anyone else, but I then I'm paranoid about getting it on my teeth, smearing it when I eat etc etc. And perfume is just for me, it's quick and doesn't need to be removed like make up at end of the day. =)

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

It's not like I'm counting the 160 days until my flight takes off Smiley Wink 


Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Ah yeah a colleague of mine just recommended Sansei, will have to check it out! I want to stay at the Inn at Mama's next time just to be close to the food (plus it's not that expensive for Maui).

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Oh Hawaii is SO worth it! I tend to subconsciously rebel against/scoff at popular things, thinking it's all hype, but Hawaii is everything that everyone described as (the weather, the scenery, the food, the music/fragrance in the air...). It's pretty much THE definition of vacation.


Aw man, now I want mochi, gotta stock up next time I'm at Trader Joes. Aloha~~~~

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

If you go to Maui, you MUST go to Mama's Fish House! Best food in Maui, if not the planet! If we were there longer we would have done the Road to Hana, but we didn't want to be stuck in the car since we weren't there that long. The service at the Four Seasons Wailea was impeccable, loved Wailea Beach (beautiful beach, warm water, did the free Outrigger Canoe excursion which was so much fun, plus the massage in the oceanside hale, the Serenity Pool)...Lahaina Grill in Lahaina was great (though Lahaina seems to be a tourist trap). Next time we'll spend more time in Pa'ia (where Mama's is, cool hippie town), and Kanapaali...Maui Brewing Co (both tour and brewpub) in Lahaina was also awesome.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Makeup wise, I think I may have to go with a neutral shadow and mascara, which is what I'm wearing today lol.  Simple shadow with mascara seems to make my eyes pop more.  My lashes are already long, but I love how they look when they're a bit darker from the mascara.


As for clothing, I would have to say shorts.  Not the super short Daisy Duke shorts that are the length of underwear.  Actually, I think Daisy's are a bit longer than some of the shorts I've seen people wear lol.  With nice shorts, I look more evened out, if that makes sense, compared to jeans.  As I told my mom, I'm blessed with a butt/hips and nothing else lol

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Nice! I got chubby thighs, so no short shorts for me. Yeah, I don't get the "fashion statement" where the shorts are so short you can see the fabric of the pocket peeking out under the shorts...but then again I also don't get jeggings as jeans, so, I'm just a bit prudish.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

You said "jeggings" first thought???



Smiley Tongue

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?



I see no evil. I see nothing. I saw nothing. Nothing. 

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

i know, right???? you think she's so sweet and nice, and then she pulls THIS on us!!!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

LOL! He did a "tear away" pants reveal of this too! I give him all the credit in the world to sport those! He makes me want to work out my legs!

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