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Post in Beauty Confidential

What makes you feel beautiful?

Well, not the inner beauty/health/family thing, but when you are feeling down or want a change of mood/pace what's the first thing you grab to give yourself an instant boost to feel beautiful?


Personally it's perfume for me. I like a red lip as much as anyone else, but I then I'm paranoid about getting it on my teeth, smearing it when I eat etc etc. And perfume is just for me, it's quick and doesn't need to be removed like make up at end of the day. =)

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

It is the inner stuff for me really, my husband, the way I feel after acupuncture or yoga (and massage...just had an amazing Lomi Mohala massage at the Four Seasons Maui with cocoa butter that was outstanding, definitely felt the "opening up" with the sound of the waves and soothing massage).


Of couse the cosmetic stuff too, my friend makes an amazing face oil that keeps me looking young (I adore getting carded considering I'm turning 31 in a few months), moisturizing the body with coconut oil, going out dancing, putting on a cute outfit (heels and a skirt/ dress help), getting a haircut (and color). Being positive and loving, eating foods that promote health.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

All this mentioning of cocoa butter and coconut oil is making me want to visit Hawaii! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Went to Maui for the first time (my husband won a trip on the radio) and it was amazing. Can't wait to go back! I wish we had warm ocean water in the Bay Area!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Sweeeeeet prize!!!!

I went to Honolulu a few years back for my cousin's wedding. His brother's wife is from there so she took us out to the local places for some of the best food. I miss the ramen there, unlike anything here in the states and I got to try so many varietys of mochi (ice cream wrapped in rice flour/paste). I had only ever tried vanilla, red bea, green tea, mango, and chocolate, but this place (Bubbies) had mint chocolate chip (my fave!), raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, and all sorts!


I would love to make another trip out there one day. After going once, I can say it's definitely a place EVERYONE needs to visit!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Wait.. mint chocolate chip mochi? PINEAPPLE mochi?? I've sadly never gone to HI. Maybe I'll plan a trip there for my bday! I'm just deciding where I'd like to go while I have a few months to figure it out!  

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Yessssss, it was sooo good! Bubbies also had all these different desserts like ice cream and cakes!


I believe they ship to the US with dry ice, but obviously it's a bit pricey! My family went nuts and ordered them by the plate loads so we could all try it!


It would be a beautiful bday destination, Diana!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Aaaahhh Hawaii sounds like the perfect destination! Next time we plan a BIG vacation will def consider!


@beautytester - I love Trader Joes, I am very fortunate to have 3 of them pretty close to where I live, but don't shop there nearly enough!  Thank you for reminding that i should go there after work tomorrow. Hmmmmm -  now what to put on that shopping list.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

*taking notes about Hawaii*


Oh man, all those talks of Hawaii and Trader Joes made me crave exotic food. Had rasberry jam+goat cheese with bread for dinner, good enough.


Trader Joes is expensive, but they've got good variety of nuts and desserts (speaking of which, I need to do something with the almond flour I brought half a year ago....).


Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

I am from Hawaii but now live in Seattle,  all my family is back there Smiley Sad . Definitely agree with mama's fish house, also check out Sansei if you like sushi. It's on Maui both in Kihei and Kapalua. And also in waikiki on Oahu. Oh and for mochi on Oahu there's this AMAZING little place called Fujiya ahhhh I miss it (also try their flat waifer things. They are like flat fortune cookies but different flavors). Sigh.. little over 5 months until I'm back for a month!!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Ooooo, I bet you can't wait for that visit, ContentlyKayKay!

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