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Post in Beauty Confidential

What makes you feel beautiful?

Well, not the inner beauty/health/family thing, but when you are feeling down or want a change of mood/pace what's the first thing you grab to give yourself an instant boost to feel beautiful?


Personally it's perfume for me. I like a red lip as much as anyone else, but I then I'm paranoid about getting it on my teeth, smearing it when I eat etc etc. And perfume is just for me, it's quick and doesn't need to be removed like make up at end of the day. =)

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

@sephoramusthave I'm the same height but feel like I'm towering over people when I wear even 2 inch heels! I need to just embrace it and go for it!  I have a beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzmans my bf gave me for Christmas but the 4 inch heel psychs me out LOL. I do feel good in heels though so why not? Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Can you give me some advice for walking in high heels? lol.

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

If we are talking about walking in heels, honestly the most important thing is to find shoes that fit (does not pinch, have sturdy heels, and good padding. Do not buy it in hope that the faults will disappear after you break in the shoes). As for actual walking tips:

1. Walk on soft areas, go for carpet and if your shoes don't get dirty easily or have a thin heel, go for grass.

2. Sit frequently. self-explanatory.

3. Shift your weight, rotate/flex your ankle to keep the circulation going so it doesn't feel stiff


Aside from that....well, a stiff drink and change shoes. =X

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Also, Kimmi, if you're not used to heels, wedges are a great place to start or even a lower platform because there's a bit more stability and your weight is more evenly distributed. Actual stilletos or heels that essentially just keep you on your toes can come later after you get the hang of it!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

LOL "Mr. Happy"!!!!!  First time i've heard that one....

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

*dawl* He looks so sweet and innocent...that lil liar! haha

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

LOL! Happy my butt! Smiley Tongue

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

oh my gosh lylysa! I used to love those "Mr. ____" books when I was little!  Haven't thought of them in years.  Wow, good memories..... Smiley Happy


Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

I think I still have a collection of books and matching tapes somewhere.....ohhhh what fun!

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