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Post in Beauty Confidential

What makes you feel beautiful?

Well, not the inner beauty/health/family thing, but when you are feeling down or want a change of mood/pace what's the first thing you grab to give yourself an instant boost to feel beautiful?


Personally it's perfume for me. I like a red lip as much as anyone else, but I then I'm paranoid about getting it on my teeth, smearing it when I eat etc etc. And perfume is just for me, it's quick and doesn't need to be removed like make up at end of the day. =)

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

I'll have to go with blush! Its just makes me feel all happy. Especially when you own a ton of it, you can change how you feel. I love flirty pinks but I also love my pop of peachy color. 



Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

For me its sexy undies...even if im wearing a simple outfit on, it somehow makes me feel more confident and beautiful. Smoky eyes and nude lips if I really need a boost and I have time : )

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

A Bright Lipstick! I don't always wear a bold lip but when i do it makes me feel so confident!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

LOL, these days, a full coverage foundation!  No but really, when I have the time to do it, a full face of makeup really transforms my face!  It's like magic, even if the makeup is subtle.  Also just a nice long hot shower helps a lot.


Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

This is a fun topic! I have to agree with both viviene23 and Drragon but lately my pick of choice? NEW HAIR EXTENSIONS! My hair is a bit mid length and very fine (finer due to medications I'm taking now) so I'm missing having a long head of lush, shiny locks and my extensions instantly make me feel dolled up and "pretty again" as silly as it may sound. Smiley Happy


That and pink lipgloss always help!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

I'm with Diana on this! I've always dabbled around with hair extensions from time to time, but I have taken my hooked level to new heights since October/November. Best of all I only have to pay for the hair, my sister applies them for me once a month.


What I love about extensions is that bad hair days are rare and you can style them until your heart's content.


I was planning on giving my natural hair a 'break' a few weeks ago, but tragedy came down hard. I was playing around with some faux bangs that I won through a contest ages ago. I snapped them in and decided to give them a little trim. I thought I had brushed all of my natural hair back, but in the heat of the cutting moment I accidently cut them. So now I have these haggard mini bangs. Needless to say I'll probably be weaving it up for the next few months still until they grow back Smiley Sad.



Whimsically yours,

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

For me it would be a good push up bra.  Not the kind that adds a cup (or 2), but one that just makes me look fierce in my favorite tops/dresses.   And a great mascara - one that makes my lashes full and so long that they touch the tips of my eyebrows!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Yessss! A good bra and help with posture so much too! Just knowing that your clothes fit properly and you don't have to tub and adjust every chance you get is comforting!

Re: What makes you feel beautiful?

Uggghhhh nothing is worse than having to pull and tug! 

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