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What is your quick morning routine?

Or your I-only-got-two-hours-of-sleep routine? Your "I'm one mascara smudge away from having a meltdown" routine?


I'm genuinely curious as to what others reach for when they've only got less than 20 minutes to make it out the door in time for work/class/other adulthood commitments at ungodly hours in the AM.

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

-Splash of water cleanse


-Eye cream

-heavy moisturizing cream

-becca backlight primer/tinted moisturizer/ burberry fresh glow. whatever type of thin/easy evening thing I have in my routine at the time but I really like the becca for this because of the bit of glow it gives

-dab of light colored shimmery eyeshadow gives a little life to my eyes

-EYEBROWS. Mine are stuck in the 90's and until they can figure out how to time travel, this is a must step.

-some kind of easy lip product that gives them life


My hair.. It's dry as my skin so luckily I can go a few days no wash if needed. When I start getting to the gross point, most of the time my obligations are informal enough to be able to wear a ballcap. Amika dry shampoo is perfect for me when I do need to revive it though. I tend to go for half up hairstyles if I need something more, since the oil tends to be worse at the top.



Re: What is your quick morning routine?

Shower, wet hair in a bun, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and a bright lipstick! 


I wouldn't even bother with getting my eyeliner even or keeping my mascara from smudging (which always happens when I rush). I feel like my large glasses prevent me from absolutely needing eye makeup, but I can't wear eye makeup much of the time due to allergies, anyway. 

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

I don't think I've ever been able to make it out the door in 20 minutes. You'd have to light a fire under my .... :0


If I only had 20 minutes Id start by taking care of the basics like showering, brushing my teeth and hair and getting dressed. Sunscreen is a must. I really like Dr. Jart's Every Sun Day UV Sun Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and Avene's Antirougeurs Day Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25. The latter helps calm redness around my cheeks and nose so its my go-to product in the wintertime.


If I have a few extra minutes to spare, Ill apply foundation and a coat of mascara and spritz some perfume. My cheeks tend to get red so that takes care of the need for blush and I always have an assortment of lipstick/gloss/liner in my purse so I'd take care of that later on.

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

OMG. This was so my life this morning! I usually use an essence, serum/oil, and an eye cream before moisturizing, but those are completely chucked when I'm in a rush lol. Here's how I get out the door as quick as I can:


1) Brush teeth

2) Cleanse Face - Origins Checks and Balances

3) Tone - Murad Essential-C Toner

4) Moisturize - Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (Gotta have that SPF!)


Oh...Deodorant of course lol...And then throw on whatever's clean and in closest proximity to my bedroom door, and I'm out! 








Re: What is your quick morning routine?



I have done the 20 minute jig more often than I can count.  When I am on the road, that is the norm.  My typical "get dressed" time is 30 minutes anyway, so this isn't that much of a stretch for me.


On a quick day I can do my face in 3 minutes.  On a slow day I do mostly the same things and take 10 minutes.


1.  Sheer Base - I use my fingers, and apply a sheer base.  

2. Undereye Concealer - still with fingers.  Dab a bit under eyes.

3. Blush - I like using something with a sheen so I can skip highlighter.  Becca Snapdragon is a staple.

4. Lipstick - I don't wear nude or neutral lipsticks.  So this helps in pulling a look together with very little effort.  When in doubt I wear a red, berry, or magenta. 

5. Eyebrow pencil - it takes me 10 seconds at the most.  This step is optional, but the quickest.


Other thoughts:



- I wear my hair down, so I just brush it properly.  No hairspray or product.  This is assuming it is not a hair wash day.  If I am having a busy schedule, I would choose to wash my hair at night anyway.

- I don't wear eye makeup.  Especially when I am sleep deprived or have something important - I never wear eye makeup.  Eye makeup to me is more a liability than an asset.  Mascara is especially  "no no" when I am sleep deprived.

- If I had barely any time, I would apply a base with my fingers, dab on lipstick, and smudge the same  lipstick on my cheeks.  I have done this tons of times.   


Re: What is your quick morning routine?

"I'm one mascara smudge away from having a meltdown" is my life right now. Since this is more accurate than I want it to be, I can tell you exactly what i did this morning. 


I washed my face and applied my skin care. Those steps are nonnegotiable. Then, I put POREfessional over my entire face, eyelids included. Couple swipes of mascara, an old dependable, one I know will always look good, Laura Geller GlamLASH, some blush, and powder. Bit of perfume, and some lipstick to make it look/smell like I tried. Coffee to feel human. Sarcasm to defend from those dreaded "morning people."

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

if i have less than 20 min from waking up then i just wont bother to make it to work lol. Showering alone is at least 10min on a non hair washing day. 

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

I think my main priorities when I'm like the walking dead are my complexion, brows, and lashes. Smiley Tongue


I'm out of it at the moment, but I like to use the Nars tinted moisturizer when I'm in a hurry. Same with the Benefit goof proof brow pencil, which I find a little quicker than using the ABH dipbrow. Then I just use whatever mascara I've got on the go at the time, and maybe a natural looking blush. That's it! Nothing crazy, but it's better than nothing. Smiley Tongue (I should also add this this all comes after washing my face and applying my usual skincare products).


What do you reach for @jominguez? Smiley Happy

EDIT: Sorry, asked that before seeing your post below!

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

You know, I keep wanting to try out the NARS tinted moisturizer but I always forget about it come sale time! Do you use the original or velvet @Asche?


re: the Goof proof brow pencil, do you know how it compares to the Brow Wiz?

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

@jominguez I've been using the original one (pure radiant, I think it's called?). I really like it! I forgot to re-purchase it during sale time as well, now I'm holding out for the April discount. Smiley Tongue


I used the Brow Wiz prior to trying the Goof Proof pencil, and I like the Brow Wiz a lot better. I've found the precision of the Goof Proof leaves a lot to be desired. Aside from that they are quite similar, they are both long lasting and have good shade ranges.I just really like the finer tip of the Brow Wiz because it makes filling in my brows a lot easier/cleaner. My only complaint with the Brow Wiz was that I went through the product so quickly. The Dipbrow is about the same price but lasts forever.

Re: What is your quick morning routine?

I'll start--I've been having crazy vivid dreams most nights the past few weeks, so I've pretty much been waking up exhausted since I've been spending my REM time flying through different dimensions (I guess).


Here's what I reach for when half of me is still in la la land:

  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence - I drank the kool aid, and I genuinely am scared for my skin to go back to the way it was before I started using this. My boyfriend gifted this to me for Christmas while my face was going through Puberty, Round II. It reset my skin the way not even Aczone, Tazorac, Clindamycin, Curology, doxycycline and spironolactone did. Yes, I budget for this. Although I hear kikomasamune high moist lotion is a pretty good dupe for this, and it's like $15 on Amazon.
  • Glossier priming moisturizer rich or La Roche Posay Double repair moisturizer or Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream - my skin has been so blah and not even the 3 L of water I drink a day has been helping. The glossier and the Dr. Jart have similar textures--they sink in without leaving that greasy feeling and the ceramides help my skin a ton esp when the NYC wind slaps me awake.
  • Vintner's Daughter serum - guys, I really wanted to hate this serum. I received it as a gift during Christmas and gawked at the price. This stuff costs half my student loan payment! While I was super thankful I also hoped and prayed to the dermal gods that it would smell bad or give me a rash, because I really am not too keen on the idea of having to repurchase this when I run out. Regardless, I don't know what this thing does, but it makes my skin look...healthy. Radiant. Like maybe I too have that baby glow, minus the acid reflux and the swollen ankles.
  • Biore SPF 50 - As someone who's gone through a skin cancer scare, it will be a cold day in hell before I stop using SPF.

I'm gonna continue my makeup picks in another post Smiley Happy

Re: What is your quick morning routine?



  • Tarte loose powder foundation or Rouge Bunny Rouge Flawless Face Powder or La Prairie powder foundation - Full disclosure--I bought the LP powder while it was on sale on Gilt with an extra 40% off coupon and it came out to be around $25. Otherwise, I would never spend $95 on it. But I reach for any of those three powder foundations, because I can't be fussed with liquid foundation and having to set it when I'm feeling dead on the inside. Luckily, any of these (Tarte, RBR, LP) don't show my dead-ness on the outside when I do use it, so that's why I use it. Tarte offers the best coverage, but I would say it's medium at best. I don't have much to cover anymore other than a bit of redness and some light scarring so I'm not really looking for coverage anyway.
  • ABH Dipbrow/Brow Wiz in Taupe & Brow Gel - Requires no brains at all, probably will keep using these products even in the afterlife
  • Sumita or Shiseido Eyelash Curler - the first one is great, but I have no idea where I can buy it anymore. I think I got it in a Glossybox some years back. The second one sometimes pinches my eyelids so it's on time out right now
  • I can't be fussed with mascara
  • Benefit Benetint original + Yu Be lip balm - Gives you that "alive and healthy" look
  • Blush: whatever is nearest and is also semi-sheer. Right now it's Burberry blush in cameo that I got a DS of in a Sephora beauty box.


And that's it! Took me longer to type this than it did to actually put all those products on my face. Right now I'm in my office, pretending that I'm writing a Really Important Memo. Smiley Happy

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