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What is Your HG Brand?

So, ladies- on this Friday night, I'm just a little bit curious... what is the one (or two+) brand(s) that you completely adore, obsess over, and probably even stalk? 


For me, it is definitely Too Faced. Whenever Too Faced releases an item (or even with their old items that I stumble across), I immediately have a strong urge to purchase it... even if I don't need it. 


Benefit used to be that way too, for me, but I forgot about it when I found Too Faced. Although it seems like I'm straying back over to them too. Smiley Wink



So then- what is your favorite brand? 

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Nars and Tom Ford

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

I'll pretend that you made a typo and actually meant to type "what are your favorite brands," because you're asking me to choose just one, and that ain't fair. So these are the brands that I regularly stalk, as in check their mainpages and Sephora pages as a hobby: 


Bite Beauty
Estee Lauder
Josie Maran

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Oooooo, good question!


LOVE Urban Decay, especially the 24/7 liners. Use the liquid foundation and finishing powder, and have my first eye shadow palettes from UD en route to me now. Smiley Happy


LORAC has the incredible PRO palette, I love their blushes and luminizing powder. I always look to see what they have, snagged their fun 3D Liquid Lustre Set for eyes yesterday.


Stila is becoming a favorite, it started with their liquid liners, got a great shadow set called Masterpiece that I already love.


I like Tarte's corporate philosophies and their products so I am always eager to try their makeup.

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

I love urban decays liners too.I get excited everytime they come out this a new set 

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Me too, supergirl!  I snagged the new Ocho Loco 2 the day it came out.  Smiley Happy  I wish I had been into 24/7 liners when that huge anniversary set came out, drool drool.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

I almost got the  anniversary set but didn't, really regretting it.

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

E.L.F and simple skin care those are my faves that I probably stalk the most for skincare also St.Ives and nivea

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Dior and Caudalie

And I'm really into Ole Henriksen now - thanks to all of you BTers Smiley Happy

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Urban decay

Bare minerals



Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Urban Decay and Kat Von D. I've yet to be disappointed by what I've tried.

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

1. Wet n' Wild

2. Elf


i love them equally Smiley Wink

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

babababa.  Do you even know these brands?  You probably just googled the name Smiley Wink

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

I love Urban Decay, and I've never been disappointed by any of their products. That would have to be my holy grail brand, but Nars is rising up there for me as well. I've only tried a few Nars products, but they're all amazing and I'm itching to buy more!

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Dior has quickly become my favorite brand after trying a Dior product for the first time a month ago.  Its expensive, but the quality is amazing!

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Nars and Caudalie.


Nars can do no wrong. If I had to wear makeup from only one brand from the rest of my life, I can make do with Nars because they make a foundation that I love, their blushes are beautiful, eyeshadows are gorgeous, plus I love their eye primer, mascara, and eyeliner!


Caudalie is my favorite brand of skincare. I use their Vinoperfect Serum, followed by the Vinoperfect Day and Night Cream, along with the Premier Cru Eye cream. The cleanser is good and their cleansing water isn't bad (even though I love my Bioderma better) and I am in love with the Beauty Elixir!


If I had to use one brand of makeup and skincare for the rest of my life, it would be those two!

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Nars & Urban Decay - I love them both.  There isn't anything that I've ever bought from them that I didn't love. 

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Right now I am "stalking" the Marc Jacobs line. I have the nail polish in "fluorescent beige" and I love it. It applies great even though I needed three coats, so shiny, and experienced minor chipping after a week. Now I'm curious about his other products.


As far as favorite brands that I am always looking to try something from, I would say UD (especially the eyeshadow palletes) and PTR skincare.

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Guerlain Smiley Happy

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

Lately I'm stalking NARS after falling in love with their blushes (Gaiety is my everyday)... curious about their (newer?) skincare line.


I'm actually LOOKING for a new HG Brand.  Currently completing for second place, I'm starting to stalk three high end lines: Dior, YSL, and Givenchy (followed by Guerlain).  The old luxe grand-dames of beauty? lol  


I love YSL Babydoll mascara, nothing old fashioned about it!

Re: What is Your HG Brand?

I can't believe I left this out - but for FOUNDATION (as well as a few other products), BareMinerals has always been and still is my HG brand.


EVERYTHING else breaks me out, irritates, allergic, or feels like a mask to me.


I don't stalk or love their other products/lines (other than the Foundation).

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