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What got you HOOKED on makeup?

What started your love affair with makeup? Was it years of watching your mom put on her face when you were younger? Or maybe a particular product that started your obsession? Or even a makeup look that you wanted to emulate? 


I didn't really start wearing makeup until college and that was primarily because of my acne. My love affair with makeup began when my once perfect complexion started getting not-so-great. Recently my skin had gotten significantly worse (hormonal cystic acne) and I really credit makeup for giving me the confidence to go out and live as i should! Now I am obsessed with finding the best products and techniques to manage and hide my acne/scars. And thanks to all you wonderful beauties on here and a bunch of helpful makeup tutorials on youtube, I no longer have to hang my head low in shame Smiley Happy 


So how did you fall in love?

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Lovely question. My obsession with makeup happened when a Sephora opened up inside our local JCP. I was 16, never heard of Sephora looked inside and was just sooo amazed!! I started gradually becoming more and more interested and now I have to look at sephora online everyday! I'm very interested in becoming a makeup artist.  I went to cosmetology school to learn about it all and

I'm focusing more on makeup! 

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

That's a good question.  I really have no idea.  I'm the only girl and I have two older brothers = three dads.  I grew up in a large family with male cousins living with us.  Needless to say, I was a total tomboy.  My first bike was a hand-me-down spiderman banana seat bike with blue and red streamers on the handles.  Anyhow, my mom NEVER wore makeup and she's almost 70 and still had better skin than I do.  I love makeup probably from what I picked up from MTV (back when it only had music videos) but I'm obsessed with skin.  It's the biggest compliment when someone says I have nice skin.  And I am so envious when I ask someone "what do you use on your skin? it looks great!" and I get some answer like "oh, i use hand soap" (yes, that was really and answer I got once)...nice to be born with great skin for some but I spend LOTS of money for my skin. 

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

When I was 13, my mom sold Mary Kay. She taught me basics of makeup application and what colors look best for my complexion and hair and eye colors. However, I would still experiment with the colors and she forgot to teach me the part about not having bold eyes at the same time as bold lips. I've since toned down the makeup colors with the exception of a bold smoky eye for special occasions.

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

It all stemmed from my love of art as a child. I was constantly drawing pictures so I could color them and was an avid reader plus I loved looking at all the different types of illustration styles.


From there it carried into painting, mixed media, and design, even pouring into avenues of cooking, baking, photography, modeling, fashion design, hair styling, and finally make up.


Though I never wore a lot of make up as a child, when I was in high school I was very experimentive with color and never afraid of anything bold in terms of make up or style.


After that my ventures continued where I eventually started to work as a freelance make up artist on photo shoots and sets and even into cosmetics sales and retail where it wasn't just about application but also product knowledge.


Anyone who see's enough of my posts know I like to be as informative and thurough as possible, I'm very attention and detail oriented so I like that to translate into the assistance I can provide anyone who asks.


Though I no longer paint or draw like I used to, I let my design pieces, make up applications, and hair styles that I get to do be an extension of that. Smiley Happy

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Actually I didnt get hooke on makeup first.  I started the love affair with moisturizers   Face creams, hand creams...


First biggy was Clinque daily mosturizer and an Avon hand cream.


Dont get me wrong I played  with the eye shadows in my early teans and LOVED those little sample lipsticks my mom got with those Avon orders.  But I really didnt bother until I was in my late 30's.  


now in my, well older I dont like going out without at least BB cream and a gloss.


I still really dont know how to line my eyes or even if I should


BUT I love playing with it all.  

Still gush over skincare and aything for the lips


Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

What a great thread! I feel like I'm not even 100% sure what started my love with makeup. I've always been a girly girl in this sense, and I remember in grade school begging my mom to wear makeup. My mom and my sister both wore makeup but were never super into it..just wore it to add something to the face. My cousin is like me, more on the girly side and has always loved makeup but in my younger ages I never enjoyed her style (only now do I find it to match mine more). I had to be..probably 6th or 7th grade when I got some makeup items....and I'm talking back when BATH AND BODY WORKS had a makeup line and stark white eyeshadow was in. If I saw me then I wouldn't know me...


I enjoyed using makeup all through high school. My first expensive makeup purchase was the starter kits they first had for Bare Minerals. I was so guilty of having watched the infomercial 1,000 times and wanted to try it since my skin wasn't as good as it is now. I tried it and didn't enjoy it too much, so I stayed away from expensive brands after that. I remember probably around 18 or so I asked for a Sephora gift card for Christmas because I had heard about UDPP and wanted to try it out. That was my first purchase from Sephora and I never looked back! Even in college, I had one larger sized makeup bag completely full (no real pricey products) and everyone was like holy cow that's a ton of makeup...meanwhile my collection has grown INSANELY since but we won't go there. I was always the one doing everyone's makeup when we went out, loved experimenting with different colors...I'm not an artsy person and it is the only time I find myself really LOVING the art of something. I love determining what colors to mix and how to apply and what shapes to make. I think my interest in makeup grew immensely when I started watching YouTube gurus. I started watching videos to learn techniques and it is something to this day that I enjoy doing. It always makes me want to change my profession! 

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

OMG! In junior high my friends and I were also obsessed with the Bath & Body Works white and light blue eyeliner... I'm glad we wern't alone! Haha... I guess it really was "in style."

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

my first expensive purchase was the bare minerals starter kit as well! I remember watching those informercials all the time and they really did get to me. Im such a sucker for infomercials (except proactive for some reason..)


And I remember when I first learned the whole white eyeliner/shadow trick, I went waaay overboard...I probably looked like frosty the snowman lol.

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

My mother loved makeup and had a large collection, which she would let me play with as a child. She never had issues when I wanted to wear makeup out as a young teen, although in hindsight I looked terrible as no 12 year old knows how to apply makeup.


Since she has died I've gotten even more in to makeup for two reasons: It makes me feel more connected to my mother, and It makes me feel happier about the day if I look pretty.

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Firstly, I am sorry for your loss, but must tell you how inspiring it is to hear that something that some people find so shallow as makeup, makes you feel more connected to your mother Smiley Happy It is such a beautiful and positive difference to hear someone find something so beautiful in makeup! Smiley Happy I swear this blog is the only place I go where I find other people who value makeup as highly as I do! Smiley Happy

Secondly, I agree with you 100% in the fact that when I am wearing makeup, I feel better about the day Smiley Happy It makes me feel classier and more of a lady haha Smiley Happy

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Very well said broadwaybarbie.

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Thank you very much beautylovingirl 

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Good question. I didnt get into makeup until I was 18 or 19. I had great skin and never really wore more than lipbalm back then. My mom is a makeup fanatic, she wore makeup for as long as I can remember. The very first time I walked into a Sephora I was so lost and confused, I didnt know what any of that stuff was and how to use it. My mom bought me my very first item from Sephora (UD Ammo palette....I'm on my second one right now) and from then on I've been trying/testing/researching high end brands. I've been on BT for awhile (2 yrs?) and those that have known me from the beginning know how much my stash grew since the first time I logged in here. I remember someone posted a Q once on counting makeup products...and I started out with a handful of necessities I think (lipstick, powder foundation, shadow) and didnt even know what blush/bronzer/highlighter was for. I ready beauty magazines (marie claire, instyle, glamour), temptalia, musings of a muse, and I watch Tanya Burr and pixiwoo on youtube. Now I have a 8 drawer makeup organizer full of makeup. And I love it. Smiley Very Happy My mom has been wearing makeup *much* longer than I have, but I seem to be the expert because I'm the one looking up techniques and stuff online, and I'm the one buying/testing stuff pretty frequently so she actually comes to ME for advice. You know you're pretty good when your 45 year old mom asks her 24 year old daughter for advise.


*pats herself on back*

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

you go girl sephoramusthave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

My mom never wears makeup so I love shopping for her! I've got her hooked on bobbi brown's gel liners and I know she's loving it! She's now asking for higher quality makeup brushes and I cant wait to get some for her Smiley Happy

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

Well no one in my family really wore or still wear makeup (my sister wears only a little and I got her started on it).


It started with a lipgloss from Claire's a frosty pinky-lavender (a color I never wear now!) that smelled yummy.

Once I got into junior high (grade 7-9) I noticed so many girls seemed to have perfect skin, something I did not have (no acne yet, but pretty uneven skin), then I discovered that for many of them it was just makeup! Around that time I started watching "What Not to Wear" and I loved watching how Carmindy could really transform and enhance a person's features.


I'll admit that through junior high and high school it was more about a confidence thing (although I definitely did my best not to overdo it, since nobody else in my family wore makeup), though I did love rocking a super bright or sparkly lipgloss every now and then. Mostly I stuck to neutral shadows, little or no blush, mascara, and lipgloss.


Now I tend to play around and have fun with makeup more, but I'll always be more of a bold lip rather than bold eye person!

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

I started when I got into college. My family never used makeup. I got interested in eyeliner and then found beauty gurus on youtube and then the whole makeup world. I love it. 

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

No one in the family really wears make up. Back in high school, I started playing with make up at home because everyone else did but I don't want to be ignorant and look stupid, so I read lots of articles and subscribed to Seventeen.


I don't really care if/when I had pimples and I started wearing make up in public in college whenever I feel bored. I wasn't really into the skincare/make up stuff until last year of college when I had to stop being timid and put myself out there, which was the same time I discovered fashion/style blogs, and my appearance reflected that. My friend said I became more edgy (more daring fashion-wise, experimented with make up that makes me look cute/sexy/beautiful rather than colorful experiment from random bursts of creativity).


Now I've turned my focus more to skincare with mostly minimal make up (but go all out for parties/important occasions). I'm very skeptical and critical of everything, especially since skincare/beauty items usually have exaggerated claims and are not held at the same standard as food (hello, lip products?!?! Even if you are careful, you'd probably still ingest some of it). I like how it can be subtle to enhance your beauty or bold and artistic like a costume to make you into a different person. I love waterpainting to destress but it's a bit messy and I don't necessarily have the material, make up is basically art for your face, so I like searching for outrageous or purely artistic make up looks and try to emulate them. Then Sephora started BeautyTalk, and now I'm a gonner.

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

my love affair with makeup came in a similar way as that of juicyglosspaige! I used to be a competitive dancer and I of course had to wear makeup when I was younger and would need to compete or perform at recitals. But I didn't really love makeup until I began to do theater. Makeup is such a unique way for me to transform myself in a show, and I have learned that I can transform my true self with everyday makeup as well. I love being able to express different moods and personas with cosmetics! <3 

p.s. I LOVE this post Smiley Happy super fun topic Smiley Happy

Re: What got you HOOKED on makeup?

I started to love makeup after having to wear it for dance performances. I was amazed by how different I could look with just a bit of color here and there. I started to experiment and found a much less costumey way of making myself feel pretty every day!

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