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What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

For all the skincare items out on the market, there are many price points that go from a couple of dollars to a few hundred. 


For me, my splurge item would have to be my Lancome alcohol-free toner. It smells so refreshing and feels the same when applied. I save on masks, using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask. 


In theory, the most expensive things work the best but that's not always true. What do you all have to say?

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

I will splurge on skincare, BB creams/foundation, and primers, although if I can get free minis or great deals on any high-end product I will be happy to try it. I always am perusing the sale section of the Sephora website, and try to keep my eye out of great promotions and gift-with-purchase deals. I also like to shop in sets, as you can often get more bang for your buck.



My best discovery to date, though, is probably that I can redeem my Discover cash back bonus for Sephora e-certificates. It makes me feel so much better about my beauty splurges. The first time I did this I redeemed $80 of cash back bonus for a $100 gift certificate and got Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume, the Sephora Collection Set for Summer that was out at the time, some kind of deluxe sample gift with purchase, plus my 3 free samples. The entire thing only cost me $14 of my own money and shipped to me for free!

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

Hi thatbluebox,

I like to splurge on skincare as well. I used to be more of lip splurger but I figure skincare is always the best investment! Serums and moisturizersSmiley Happy


<3 Melissa

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

The only skincare item I don't spurlge on is face wash.  It's on your face for such a short time that any special ingredients just get washed down the drain right away.  As long as you're using the right kind for your skin type (creamy vs foaming) it's not worth spending extra money on.  (I should mention I have a Clarisonic.  That probably makes a difference too.)


I definitely spurgle on cosmetics!  The difference in quality is absurd.  I read great reviews recently on Revlon's new quad shadows so I bought one.   I used it once and wondered what products people were using that made it seem good in comparison.

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

Ahh interesting! I also just started thinking facewash is something I could save on. Could you expand more on the creamy vs foaming cleansers? 


Thxx Smiley Happy

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

Great thread!


Overall, beauty is my biggest splurge item.  I'm a clearance rack/outlet shopper for shoes and clothes- and always buy the store brand for food items.


I splurge on my Shiseido skincare, nail polish.


I save by rarely buying blush or highlighters!




Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

I go through phases.  The BEST body scrub I have ever used, and the only bath product I've ever repurchased (I have purchased a new tub every month for the past 6 months, unheard of for me!) is only $13 a tub for a giant 16 oz. size.  It's all natural and organic too, and I love it.  I've completely stopped exploring any other bath product.  Suave conditioner is excellent for shaving and cheap too.  Better than any shave cream or lotion I've ever tried. 


I typically always splurge on perfume (Bond No. 9 being the high end of what I have purchased), though recently I've been discovering the joy of Lavanila (Passion Fruit is absolutely me right now) and considering I have been switching between four bottles of perfume each over $100 over the past two years (my precious Bond No. 9 is now almost $200, something I won't be replacing anytime soon!), the $42 for a 1 oz. is a good saver for me. 

I used to splurge on Josie Maran argan oil ($28 an ounce), but now I prefer an unrefined, more pure argan oil for less than $10 an ounce.  The unrefined argan oil I've found actually moisturizes BETTER with less (!) than its more expensive counterpart.  I also used to splurge on mascara, but after having a bad run of some pricey brands, I went back to a drugstore brand and haven't bothered to look for anything else. 

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

Love this topic!


For me, splurging on facial skin care is essential as I'm...errrr...not getting any younger! Smiley Happy I can't rationalize the super pricey lines, but when it comes to eye cream, serums and BB creams I splurge!


My hairdresser helps me get great hair products for a great price, so I don't totally splurge there.


Really, the only thing I don't feel the need to splurge on is my blush. I have used the Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush for several years. At around $5 you just can't beat it and it lasts me a very long time.


I did try the Josie Maran Argan Mini Color Stick since it was $14 and also because I'd never tried a cream blush, but went back to the Rimmel. The color stick is great on lips as well, so no loss. Smiley Happy

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

Why can I never reply to people's comments?  I see other people doing it!


Thatbluebox - Regarding your question about creamy vs foaming cleansers...


Gel and foaming cleansers tend to be best for oilier skin types as they are more stripping of the skin's natural oils and are typically formulated for that skin problem.  Whereas if you have dry skin you'll want to go with creamy or milky cleansers which typically are formulated for dry skin do not strip away natural oils.


Super gentle cleansers (like Cetaphil) and cleansing oils are typically good for all skin types.



Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

What browser are you using? I know plenty of folks were having issues/noticing differences depending on what browser they were on.


At the bottom left, below someone's comment/post, if you hover around the area a "Reply to....." box in red should pop up, once you hit that you can respond directly in line or below that comment back to someone.

Re: What do you splurge on, what do you save on?

I know that a majority of the time I don't see the "See Post" button on replies anymore on Chrome >.>

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