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What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I was wondering, what beauty products that Sephora has stopped selling or cosmetic companies have stopped making do all of  you miss the most? Have you been able to find other beauty products to replace them? The products I miss like crazy are:


1. Benefit Cosmetics "Depuffing Action Eye Gel" In the morning, sometimes my eyes get a little puffy and tired-looking. This product was the most effective and fast-acting way to get rid of puffiness and make my eyes look brighter in one easy step. I'm so sad that it's gone! Smiley Sad


2. Tarte "Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain" This combo of pretty-colored long-lasting lip stain and plumping colored lip gloss is the prettiest lip color I've ever tried. It looks better in photos than anything else I know of. Sephora recently stopped carrying this. I'm glad it's still avaiable on Ulta, but I'd rather buy it from Sephora so I can get Sephora beauty points!


3. Bare Escentuals "Brilliant Gold Beauty Duo" This is such a fun little set that includes a top quality and heavenly soft brush as well as a case of highlighting powder that adds a beautiful golden shimmer to your complexion. It's more convenient and easier to use than any other complexion-brightening product I've ever tried. I love my "High Beam" and "Girl Meets Pearl," but this product is so much faster and easier to apply. I know it was a limited edition, but it's just such a great value that works so well, I really wish they'd bring it back. If they did, I'd buy one for myself, of course, but I would probably pick up a couple for gifts too.


What about all of you? What no longer available products do you miss the most? Have you found good replacements for them? By the way, if anyone knows of an effective replacement for any of the products I mentioned, I'd be most grateful to hear about it! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I forget what they were called but Victoria's Secret used to sell these really awesome colored mascaras.  There was a steel gray, dark forest green, bronze, golden-like, and a burgundy mascara that I loved.  None of the painting on flaky coloring either.  Guess I will have to suit with YSL's variety.


I loved the colors of Urban Decay's big fatty mascaras but the formulation wasn't that spectacular.  The indigo was a gorgeous color.  If it had the same formulation of YSL mascaras, it would have been awesome. 


I'll probably miss YSL's Creme De Blush (1 Velvety Peach).  It appears that color in particular is either hard to restock or going the way of discontinued.  Might also have to blame a certain YouTube beauty Guru for that one.  Although she has good taste for liking the shade for multiple looks.  It's a good color that works on quite a bit of different skin tones.


MUFE 944 Star Powder (white with a hint of turquoise in it).  Actually this one might not be discontinued, just not carried at Sephora anymore. 


If for some reason my Shu Uemura portable eye liner brush goes missing, I'll be very sad since is a great brush.  They stopped carrying it on the US site for some reason (it was always sold out when it was here in the states and had to be custom ordered).  Good application without it feeling rough on the eyelid.  Perfect size since I really do not like using long handles on my eye brushes.  Either that or I'll have to find international friends who would not mind the pestering for a new one. 


I would have said Lancome's Adaptive but since MUFE came around, I'll pass.

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

dior dior addict high shine

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Great question!


I have so many -- offhand, I can think of:


1. My specific shade of Chanel Vitalumière -- I have no idea why, but Chanel discontinued it.

2. Benefit Bad Gal -- the chubby pink pencil eyeliner.

3. Bourjois once made a foundation called Happy Light. I loved it! I was in my early 20s at the time, so perhaps I would not love it as much today...but it was gorgeous. On that note, I miss Bourjois (which pulled out of the US market) period.

4. Shades of Chanel blush that I love (and am careful not to lose!): Turbulent and Narcisse.

5. Shades of NARS blush (luckily, I have backups of some of them): Crazed, Outlaw, Sex.

6. The Body Shop made a face wash that I used to love -- it was aptly named "Pineapple Face Wash" and it came in a tub.


I am sure I will think of others! : )

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

The CoverGIrl TruBlend whipped foundation. It came in a little pot and had a mousse like consistency. They replaced it with a liquid foundation, which I use now. The whipped one was absolutely amazing. It looked gorgeous and natural. I like the liquid one, but it makes me look kind of shiny. I really miss the whipped one. I can't find it anywhere. OH well. :/

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Haven't been going to Sephora long enough to experience any of my faves from there discontinued, so the ones on my list are from other places.


CoverGirl Extension mascara. This made my lashes long and even still stayed on even after two hours of swim practice. I was not happy when they quit making it.


Aussie had a line of color enhancing shampoos when I was in high school. The colors were blonde, red, brown, and black. They gave hair a great looking tint. I used the brown to hide the orange shade Sun In had given me during the summer. I think they were around for only a year or two.


Biore Blemish Bombs. This stuff made even the biggest whiteheads shrink overnight. I was so mad when they stopped making it. Haven't found anything like it since.


Dream Angels Wish. This was my signature scent until Victoria's Secret discontinued it. I now wear Harajuku Lovers Baby.


Vanilla Soft Musk. I wore this in my early 20's until Avon quit carrying it.


The Healing Garden line of foot care products. I loved the foot lotion and foot spray. Even after wearing sneakers all day my feet still smelled minty when I took the shoes off. Fortunately Burt's Bees and The Body Shop are still allowing my feet to stay minty.



Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I miss Frederic Fekkai Lavender shampoo and conditioner for sensitive types. Ohh the smell of this duo on my hair was heavenly! They stopped selling this a while back but it still haunts me. If anyone knows of something similar, please let me know.

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I LOVE Dream Angels "Wish" too! It was by far my favorite of all the Dream Angels scents and I miss it like crazy! Smiley Sad

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Giorgio Armani's Gio...I loved this perfume so much!

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I miss the Decleor Aromessence skincare line, the Dior Gloss Show lipcolors and the Ralph Lauren Wild fragrance.


Smiley Sad


Bring them back! *begs, pleads, whines, shakes fists*


Also, Benefit Georgia got discontinued before I ever got to try it was one of those things that I've been looking at online for awhile but havent gotten to actually trying it in store to see if it looks good on me....and then poof, gone.

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for all your feedback on all the discontinued products that you miss, I would be happy to forward this information.Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Seriously missing Stila Illuminating Concealer in Fair!!!!!!  Still haven't found a suitable replacement... Smiley Sad


I also really miss Benefits Geargia Peach, one of their blush-in-a-box things.  The color worked well with my skin.  I did find it in a gift set over Christmas though, wondering if it is discontinued or just not sold at Sephora.  Many years ago Benefit also had a comic strip inspired acne care line.  Although I am very pleased with their skin care improvements, I miss BooBoo Zap and the similar concealing/treating pencil.

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

@bearsmom - I'll be sure to pass along your request to bring those back. In the meantime, check out the following products on your next in store visit:


Givenchy Mister Light Instant Corrective Pen in Mister Milk

The most comparable to Stila and also had an added SPF for sun protection. Smiley Wink


Soap & Glory Dr. Spot Invisible Spot Fighting Gel

The ingredients in this spot gel and formulation is similar to the BooBoo Zap.  The only difference is the application. 


Last, but definitely not least is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blissful. This blush, like Benefits Georgia Peach has no shimmer and stays put throughout the day.


I recommend asking for some samples to take home so you know if it works well with your skin and complexion. I hope this helps!





Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I miss the Crest Mint slicks lipglosses - so smooth and tasted so good!  Also, Germaine Monteil lipsticks.  I was not into this brand when it was around but had purchased some lipsticks at a chi chi yad sale (unused) and they have this wonderful texture and color payoff.  I finally found the perfect coral but, alas, will not be able to replace it. 

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I just wanted to let you know, Tiffany, that I have been using Givenchy Mister Light since a month after this post.  I love it!!!  I also like the Tarte blush in Blissful and use it from time to time.  I never tried the Soap and Glory, but I did notice BooBoo Zap is back.  Smiley Happy  Thank you!!!

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I was so disappointed as well that Benefit discontinued the Georgia powder. I have never been able to find a dupe for it. Smiley Sad

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Sephora's bubble bath & body butters.




Lush's candy fluff and karma powders.

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Tarte Trueblood palette. I didnt try it, but when I wanted to buy it, it was long gone Smiley Sad

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

I really miss the Shu Uemura products, that seem to be no longer carried anywhere in the US, including Sephora.

Also, while I was in Scotland, I tried some of the new Soap and Glory makeup products and really enjoyed them, and I am wondering if Sephora will ever carry them?

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

@lizzytotoro:  Shu Uemura can still be purchased at their official US site (should show up in search results if you look up shu uemura usa).  The selection is not nearly as good as their other global locations.  However the infamous eyelash curler is available to purchase. 


Around Spring/Summer 2010, L'Oreal decided to pull all physical retail locations of Shu Uemura out of the US.  Canada on the other hand has a few retail counters at select Holt Renfrew department stores. 


I miss the physical department stores.  All of their associates and MUAs I experienced were always well trained and friendly.  If I had better awareness of the brand, I probably would have tried their products years ago.  And as many people have mentioned on BT at various times, apparently the awareness of the online website is also lacking in attention. 

Re: What discontinued Products Do You Miss the Most?

Shu Emura Eyelash Curler :***(

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