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Post in Beauty Confidential

What are you wearing today?

What makeup is everyone wearing today?


Today I am wearing:


1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

2. Benefit Coralista blush

3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm

5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP


and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50


So c'mon now...confess!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Aw, thank you! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

That shadow looks so pretty on you!

Re: What are you wearing today?


More of a natural face today Smiley Happy


-Dior Airflash CC Primer

-Bobbi Brown Skin finish Foundation

-MAC Prolongwear concealer and Mac Prep and Prime under eye brightener

-Dior Skin Forever pressed Powder

-Guerlain Meteorites in 02

-Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

-Nars Satellite of Love highlight

-Benefit Brow Zings in light

-Laura Mercier gel eyeliner in Espresso

-Dior Extase Mascara

-and for the lips- Bare Minerals Moxie in Lead the Way


Re: What are you wearing today?

I <3 your hair! How do you style it like that?

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thank you! It is naturally curly. That being said, I use Wen to wash it (it keeps them more defined) Use Unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner, Unite Argan oil, and Moroccan oil styling cream. And then I honestly let it air dry. Unless I'm in a hurry, then I will use a diffuser and blow dry it a little.


I usually hate having curly hair, but just let it be because I am trying to continue growing it out!

Re: What are you wearing today?

You're welcome Smiley Very Happy Thanks for the tips! I've been meaning to get a diffuser.

Re: What are you wearing today?


Tarte eye primer


(TF chocolate bar palette on the eyes)

Champagne truffle on the lids

Cherry cordial in the crease

Amaretto up above the crease

Marzipan on the browbone


Tarte emphasEYEs liner

MJ highliner on the tightline

Stila angelfish on the waterline

TF Better than sex mascara

Anastasia dipbrow darkbrown



Re: What are you wearing today?

Absolutely gorgeous! And perfect eyebrows!  I'm jealous!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thanks! Posting eye shots has seriously made me much more meticulous in my application. I see things to improve and change. And I am actually applying more product and Iike it. I always thought I wore enough but it wasn't showing up well in photos, so this is helping me.  Like how I noticed I forgot my brow gel. Oops. Haha. 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Love your eye makeup! I've been wanting that TF chocolate bar palette SOOOO badly---and now seeing it on you makes me want it even more!

Re: What are you wearing today?




















Did a fairly "basic look" today, but did manage to get the black winged liner in and some pink lips.  So what if I wear full face makeup to work….at night….at a hospital Smiley Happy  


What I'm wearing:
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

Temptu airbrush foundation (rare for me to actually use this)

Nars liquid Laguna luminizer

Too Faced blush - the bright pink one in the few of my favorite things palette. 

Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil. 

The white and the pink eyeshadow from Too Faced few of my favorite things palette

Stila liquide liner

Hourglass Ambient lighting palette.  

Nars Schiap lipstick with a neutral bare minerals pink one over it to tone it down some

Re: What are you wearing today?

That lipstick looks so flattering on you! Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

I ♥ Schiap!! It's one of my favorites Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

You look like Skyler White!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation No. 001

Burberry Fresh Glow Nude Radiance 01

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner, Black

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Densifieur

Burberry Eyeshadow Singles in Almond and Mulberry

Burberry Eyeshadow palette in Midnight Sun

Burberry blush in Earthy and Peony

Burberry Lip Mist in Nude Peach


Smiley Happy



Re: What are you wearing today?

Two questions on the Dainty Doll - I can't find it for sale anywhere, where do you buy yours? Is there a Sephora-carried foundation you would say matches the shade? (I hesitated on buying this line a few years back when I first heard about it because I didn't want to put out the money to have it shipped from the UK to have yet another non-matching foundation. Now my most recent best-match has been discontinued and I'm hunting again. Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

@ladymeag: I got mine from a swap partner in the UK about a year ago, but there also used to be a reputable seller on eBay. There's no Sephora equivalent or any other store equivalent (other than the discontinued Armani Face Fabric in No. 8). I would be happy to post comparison swatches, if you're interested. Smiley Happy


ETA: It seems the line is discontinued -- ugh! Smiley Sad. The site is active, but you can't add anything to your cart. You can still find the foundation on eBay, but it's $36 now, and it used to be about $15.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Discontinued is the story of my pale life. Sephora discontinued my closest state-side match (KVD Light 42,) aaaaages ago MAC discontinued NC5 and NC10, and there have been many more heartbreaks besides. It seems like every line discontinues or drops or reformulates pale, neutral shades. If you find something, keep me posted? (I did a recent swatch project of stateside-available foundations. Nothing's working so far - but I've got all of the swatches up at least to point folks to when they ask. Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

Yesterday I was given the Sephora + Pantone Universe Elemental Earth palette, so of course I had to play with it today. Final verdict: Pretty but not terribly pigmented (though that might be because I forgot to use a primer.) 


Colors used were Gingersnap, Sea Fog, and Iron. 


Please ignore my third day hair and the 2 moles on my nose which I despise.1391182796969.jpg1391182878369.jpg

Re: What are you wearing today?

You look gorgeous! A couple of moles are nothing to be ashamed of. They're part of what make you unique!

Re: What are you wearing today?

So pretty. Your skin is gorgeous, and I love the lip color.

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