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Post in Beauty Confidential

What are you wearing today?

What makeup is everyone wearing today?


Today I am wearing:


1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

2. Benefit Coralista blush

3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm

5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP


and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50


So c'mon now...confess!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thank you, Lari, I got the idea from a Chanel 14? s/s model. Now I want all the glitter! I think you'll like Vice 3 a lot, the colors are true to color, the green is .. so .. i've never had a green like this Smiley Very Happy Love it!! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Extreme Awesomeness yet again!  And I love Crayola!

Re: What are you wearing today?

OMG! I'm in Inida for work but had a spare 5 mins, so decided to check in - so glad I did now: 2 looks, both so wonderfully different that they almost make you look like two different people. Loving what you've done with the Monarch challenge - it would be very rock chick, but you've softened it up by doing arty eyeliner and a shimmer wash: It makes you look like a model waiting backstage ready to glide along the catwalk Smiley Happy The Vice 3 look is whimsically ethereal; incredibly special; it's another look worthy of any catwalk!

Re: What are you wearing today?

I took a trip back to my bright, bold roots today! Smiley Happy





Guerlain LdP 01 Beige Pale

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW20

Diffused and Ethereal Light

MUG Spell Bound blush

Hourglass Dim Infusion Blush



ABH Dipbrow

TF <3s Sephora Palette

UD Electric Palette

UD 24/7 Liner in Sabbath

KVD Tattoo Liner

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara



Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude No. 4

NARS Super Orgasm gloss

Re: What are you wearing today?

Oh Blue! That is so pretty, Lari.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thank you so much, SocialQuota! And now that I'm no longer struggling with Chrysalis I'm finding eye makeup really fun and therapeutic to apply again. Smiley Happy Really enjoyed layering different shades of blue on my eyes, with a cool gold at the inner corner.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Now that I have the Vice palette, I really understand you. I was fighting with a couple of the colors in my BM palettes, so getting a deck where they are performing all very well is super thrilling.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Wowsy, that is one set of fantastic eyes. Beautiful blues. Wish I could cut and paste them on me. 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thank you so, so much, Girly! I had fun today!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Bold is where it's at Smiley Wink My preferred looks on you! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Pretty! You gotta use that palette more often! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

really nice look Lari!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Love the blues!  I totally missed <3ing this yesterday...

Re: What are you wearing today?

The variously beautifully blended blue eyeshadows make you eyes look even more amazing than usual! Overall this is such a stunning look Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?


Bridesmaid makeup for my best friend's wedding that was last weekend! It took place in a small castle in the hills in New Zealand; I actually just got back from there this Wednesday. Gorgeous location! I can post pictures in off-topic if anyone is interested in seeing Smiley Happy I'm wearing most of the usual stuff, but tried Lorac Pro liquid liner here for the first time and love it. On my lips is Buxom's Havana, something I was going to trade away but decided will be great for fall. I was breaking out like crazy at this time and felt gross but felt good once I put my makeup on!



Finally got a NARS Audacious lipstick (in Charlotte), and ohmygod, now I know why everyone loves them so much! They are so creamy, pigmented and moisturizing. Long-lasting too, even after a burrito:



It needed a very minor touch-up, but I didn't bother with that. I am in love and need more of these. I want Audrey, and maybe Vivien and Vera. Thankfully, they are permanent! Not so thankful about the price though

Re: What are you wearing today?

The second and third pic are Smiley Surprised they are what brought me to this thread 

Havana is so gorgeous on you! Part of me really wants a NARS Audacious lipstick, but they are $32, and I can't will myself to spend that much on a lipstick😀

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thanks, Cupcake! I know, it is dangerous once you start spending more on cosmetics, it becomes an addiction Smiley Very Happy if you do end up buying one though, I know you won't regret it! Smiley Wink

Re: What are you wearing today?

Your eyebrows are looking good girl!! Smiley Very Happy Good thing you didnt get rid of that Buxom lipstick. Looks good on you. And I wouldn't mind some New Zealand pictures! Hope you had an amazing time! 

Re: What are you wearing today?




First I used Urban Decays anti-aging eye primer

Then I put mac eyeshadows colors soft brown, saddle, and brown script in the crease, sketch on the lid, and makeup geeks utopia pigment for a glimmer on the lids. To finish off the look I used Lancomes artliner in black and Benefits they're real mascara

Re: What are you wearing today?

It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Re: What are you wearing today?

So pretty and sparkly!!

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