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Post in Beauty Confidential

What are you wearing today?

What makeup is everyone wearing today?


Today I am wearing:


1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

2. Benefit Coralista blush

3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm

5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP


and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50


So c'mon now...confess!

Re: What are you wearing today?

I like the green color from the Estee Lauder palette.  Which Lancome palette is that?

Re: What are you wearing today?

Isn't it a shame that we get all dolled up for an evening of watching TV or something, and that's when it all comes out looking fabulous! I have never put on winged liner in daylight hours that looked as good as when I was messing around with it in the evening! Smiley Very Happy


You look wonderful in all pics, by the way! Excuse my little rant. 



EDIT: This was supposed to go under almostyou's post about four pages ahead! Since Sephora updated I'm having all kinds of trouble with my browsers! Sorry to confuse!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Haha it's so true. 

Re: What are you wearing today?

It's because we have all the time in the world in the evening Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

I love wearing makeup, but hate how long it takes me to apply it.  If it will not be viewed for longer than it takes to apply it, I will not even bother putting it on.  If I ever did apply makeup for fun at home, I would be bummed if it looked better than when I go out.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Today I was definitely in a creative mood. I loved how my eyebrows turned out, but I accidentally used a shimmery crease shade instead of a matte and it made my shadows a bit muddy. Smiley Sad








- Smashbox Blemish Control Primer

- ABH Brow Wiz in Soft Brown

- ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

- Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Concealer in Fair

- Bare Minerals Muse (Highlight)

- ModelCo Bronzer (Contour)

- Marsk Mineral Blush in Cantaloupe

- Urban Decay Naked Skin Loose Finishing Powder in Light

- Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion

- Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

- Younique Pigments

- Inglorious Cosmetics Gel Liner in Black

- I Frankensteined these falsies together using a bunch of singles and stacking different ones, lol.

- Blinc Mascara (Looooove this stuff)

- City Color Cosmetics Lip Balm (Unsure of the color, the label is gone)



Re: What are you wearing today?

This is a great look.  The lid color is stunning, and I agree that your eyebrows look amazing.

Re: What are you wearing today?

I don't think the muddiness is as bad as you say! I especially love the little pop of shimmery rust in the middle of your lid. Beautiful, beautiful shade. And that's an amazing job Frankensteining those lashes together, because they look seamless!


Also, your brows really do look flawless. I guess the brow wiz + dip brow combo really works for you? Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thanks Lari! I'm digging the Younique pigments, they show up really well! I was pretty pleased with the lashes too. It was five or six different pairs that I had cut up and glued on in random spots to look full, but I really need to order some more! Oh, I love the brow wiz/dipbrow combo. I do the brow wiz for the inner parts, the dipbrow for the middle, and the brow wiz for the end. I think it looks better than just one or the other, on me at least. 


Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

One of my girl friends suggested I do something fairy-ish, sparkly and light and all things good, so this is what I came up with. I had tons of fun!




Dr. Brandt Pores No More
Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Shell 
Vincent Longo Perfect Canvas Concealer in Fair 
Ofra 3D Roman Mosaic Bronzer 
yourMinerals Highlight in Rose Sparkle 
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Fearless 
Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow 
ABH Brow Wiz in Soft Brown 
ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown 
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk 
Younique Pigments on Eyes: 
- Curious (Shimmery White)
- Playful (Silver)
- Feisty (Ice Blue)
- Awestruck (Dark Blue)
Inglot Cosmetics Eyeliner Gel in Black 
Sephora Smart Liner in Black 
Blinc Mascara
Red Cherry Eyelashes #41 
Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Marshmallow 
Younique Pigment on Lips: 
- Feisty (Ice Blue) 
Philosophy Lip Gloss in Bubbly

Re: What are you wearing today?

 you look like a galaxy space warrior, so cool! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

space warrior, agreed.

Re: What are you wearing today?

That is the best compliment I think I've ever gotten!!!

Re: What are you wearing today?

I stayed home today because of period pains T-T. This was pretty much how I felt:




Re: What are you wearing today?

So adorable!

<3 Melissa

Re: What are you wearing today?

I bet you looked fabulous though.  

Re: What are you wearing today?

Oh yeah. Totally Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

Yesterdays look inspired today's. 

I used Mac's old gold pigment, humid eyeshadow, and a darker green (can't remember the name.






Re: What are you wearing today?

Wow that eyeshadow is lovely!  And the wing!  So jealous of your skills.

Re: What are you wearing today?

Wow wow wow those eye colors!!!

Re: What are you wearing today?

love this. you look glowy and the eyeliner is ace. this lip color with the bright green is perfect and fresh.

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