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Post in Beauty Confidential

What are you wearing today?

What makeup is everyone wearing today?


Today I am wearing:


1. Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

2. Benefit Coralista blush

3. TheBalm Mary-Loumanizer

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm

5. Dior Addict Lipstick in 454

6. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP


and under all this I am wearing Neutrogena Pure and Free Liquid Sunblock SPF 50


So c'mon now...confess!

Re: What are you wearing today?

I mean really, .. . .they think your a man? Point blank - That is just crazy! is there any way you can block them?  I think you are a beautiful young woman and don ' t let it get you down.

Re: What are you wearing today?

I can't block them, but I do have to approve comments before they're displayed, so everything they write I mark as spam. Which at least no one else will see those before I can take them down. But they're using different email addresses to comment with, so I can't pinpoint who it is or anything. Thanks!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Don't let some internet jerk bring you down. There are some people that just thrive on bringing everyone else down. You are beautiful inside and out, and I would hate to see you stop posting makeup looks!

Re: What are you wearing today?

I'd like to chime in as well! I've been enjoying all of your looks, they are beautiful! You are beautiful! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Just wanted to chime in my support.  I don't understand trolling.  What is gained by it?  That person should be pitied for having so much anger inside them.  *Hugs to you* 

Re: What are you wearing today?

I guess you could call me mean, but unless I mean something, I don't say it to make anyone feel better. I happen to think you are GORGEOUS and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing yours and msStacey's makeup on here. They are obviously a troll who is jealous of how awesome you are. I can understand why you are crushed, but there is always gonna be that one a** who is just that!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thank you Chels, that means the world to me. Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

Ewww!!! Ignore that person! They do NOT know what they are talking about!! I agree with the others...jealous! Its just someone who is miserable with their own life so they enjoy making others as unhappy as they are. Happy people do not go out of their way to hurt others. You are beautiful and keep doing what youre doing! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

The heart I gave you for that post is because We love you! And you really shouldnt care what anyone has to say! because YOU know you dont look like no man and you know that there are so many people that love the looks you create! We will all stumble upon the haters of course! but we just keep on moving on and dust the haters off! I went threw that crap too! during high school, couple of girls would say i looked like a dude and what not! But i really didnt care! Cause they were the ones single and no one dating them, while im the one with a handsome man and baby on the way (preggers in 11th grade) .. So im like all you bishes can talk all you want cause i really dont give a %#$@ lol. But bre! you are beautiful! and Im sure your boyfriend thinks you are to die for! Dont think about what that person said. Atleast you have the balls (not literally balls) to make a blog and post your pictures! im sure that person dont have a blog or anything!, and just jealous of your beautiful face :* . Cheer up and keep your head up! cause you have more lovers than haters i promise you that <3 Muah

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thanks Stacey! They've now spammed my blog. Comment after comment asking if I'm trans or telling me I look like a man. At this point, I'm not even hurt, I'm just angry and a bit bewildered that someone feels the need to take that much time out of their day to try and troll me. Their life must be so full and rich. 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Wow. What a jealous jerk. Seriously. 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Well, Since its your page, im sure you can remove all those comments! They are just tryna be trolls! ignore them! remove them comments if you can. and you will be fine!! Smiley Happy

Re: What are you wearing today?

Noooo!  Brenna, definitely a troll/jealous person.  You are gorgeous!!

Re: What are you wearing today?

That is terrible.  I happen to think you're beautiful.  You have a talent for makeup application too.  Ignore him.  People who put others down to make themselves feel better or start drama on the Internet probably are real life trolls who are jealous they could never get a woman who looks like you.  Sorry.  HUG!!!

Re: What are you wearing today?

Thanks ladies. I know I should just develop a thick skin if I'm going to be blogging, but it still hurt a lot. And I don't mean to bring down the thread, but this is my happy place, so if anything could cheer me up, it's BT!

Re: What are you wearing today?




Guerlain LdP 01 Beige Pale

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer NW20

Diffused and Ethereal Light

TF Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

NARS Exhibit A Blush

Chanel Camelia de Plumes



ABH Dipbrow

UD Smoked Palette (nice way to spend only $16 on a full palette!)

UD Electric Palette (just Freak)

UD 24/7 Liner in Perversion

KVD Tattoo Liner

TARTE Lights, Camera, Lashes



YSL Opera Rose

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey


EDITED to add - Say 'Hello!' to my growing little man! :-) From Wednesday, when he was about 3 pounds 5 ounces big!


Re: What are you wearing today?

Your hair color with your eye color is absolutely stunning! and the makeup just adds to the beauty Smiley Happy

Congrats on your son--I have two boys and it's so much fun being a mommy to boys!

Re: What are you wearing today?

The smoked palette looks like fun! As does the nugget! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Pretty! Love your smoky looks! And glad your pregnancy is going well! 

Re: What are you wearing today?

Congratulations on your son, So wonderful! And also, you look incredible with a smokey eye, one of my favorite looks on you.

Re: What are you wearing today?

As beautiful as ever! So happy for you that your little guy is doing well. Pregnancy looks so good on you!