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What are you wearing today Pt2

Starting a new thread since the old one was taking too long to load. 

Please share your looks and products for what you are wearing today here 



Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@cianni I would love to know ehat has worked for you. Any tips that you would pass along?

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@Mellmars1185 definitely!! I have thinner/fine hair, so not sure if the products I suggest will work for other hair types, but some tips I think can be applied more generally are:

  • I do skin cycling with my skincare, and applied that theory to haircare as well. I have a pretty regular routine of hair masks, detox shampoos, hair oils and shampoo/conditioner combinations. I don’t always wash my hair on the same days, but I keep the same order
  • similar to the above, I have min two products per category that I mix up every once in a while so my hair/scalp doesn’t get too used to a product and it doesn’t work as well 
  • I wait till my hair is half dry before I detangle it, and then I blow dry the rest. I find my hair was breaking off and getting more damaged when I brushed it fully wet. The blow dry helps with volume, especially at the roots 
  • I use way less than the recommended amount of product. I find my hair is weighed down if I use what is suggested and it makes it hard for me to layer hair products 
  • I make sure to tie my hair in satin scrunchies and loose braids to go to sleep in
  • honestly, vitamins! I started taking a lot of vitamins in the last year and a half, and have noticed the improvement in texture and shine in my hair, which makes all my products work even better!


I’d be happy to recommend specific products if you’re interested as well!


Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@cianni You look absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful look, also love to see someone else using Le Monde Gourmand. Their fragrances are so nice, I have yet to try the Creme Brulee but I absolutely adore the Pistachio Brulee and that sounds like it's definitely in the same scent family. 👀 Very very tempted to try it.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@QueenMarceline crème brûlée is definitely more sheer than I expected, but it layers SO beautifully with other gourmands. It’s one of those “your skin but better, can’t quite place where that sweetness is coming from” scent. Have you tried ones other than pistachio brûlée? I keep seeing LMG pop up at winners, but they’re all in lockboxes so they’d be blind buys 👀 I feel like we have similar tastes in gourmands haha

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@cianni Uh... looooook... I may have or may have not.... already ordered it earlier 👀😬




Pistachio Brulee is the only one I've tried, since they are blind buys. However I've had my eye on a few scents off the top of my head Miel Bebe and Lait de CoCo. 



OOPS... 🤣

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 10.36.20 PM.png


Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@QueenMarceline Eeee let me know how you like it! I’ve seen miel bebe at my local winners, perhaps a trip tomorrow is in order and ill report back 😉

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@cianni Ooooh, yes!!! Please report back! 🤗

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Could you be anymore gorgeous @cianni? Love the fresh faced look 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@AznAngelLiz thank you! 😘❤️

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Your soooo gorgeous @cianni. 🌈💕

Your skin looks amazing, what a flawless base.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@CynthieLu Thank you! Once I learned how to use the blurring balm properly, it’s made such a difference in my base routine! At first I didn’t think it was doing anything, but it was definitely a user problem

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Ooh can you describe to me how you use the balm @cianni ?

Do you use them universal balm or is yours one of the colored ones? Lol I want to compare notes 🖋📜


I had the same issue, trying to find the best way to use it for my skin type was challenging. 😉

For me, The universal makes a great base for my eyebrows or around my nose or forehead where I'm oily. The rest of my skin is very dry so I don't use much there. I also found for me less is more. I don't need much at all to get good coverage.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@CynthieLu I use the translucent one! It started with a mini/DS which didn’t come with an applicator, so I first started scooping it with my fingers and it just was not the move. I’ve since started using silicone applicators (they’re super old Sephora Collection and were designed to apply glitter actually!). I like these because they’re bendy and don’t dig into the product, it’s more of a light scrape.


I also give myself a LOT of time between skin prep and using the balm. When I don’t, I find it really fights with my moisturizer and sits on top weirdly or pills. If I’m in a rush, I’ll just spritz my face with a facial mist and let it dry instead of applying more moisturizer, otherwise I’ll have to use a different base product.


i also feel like it looks best actually applied on the face with warm fingers. So I’ll scrape it with my silicone applicator, apply it to the parts of my face where I could use it most, then warm my hands up (usually run them under warm water for a sec or with my blow dryer if it’s out). It just melts into my skin so much better and has a more smoothing, seamless look! I am notorious for having cold hands, but the product just doesn’t sink in right unless they’re warm.


hope this is a little helpful!!

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Soooo helpful, thank you @cianni 🙏

Ooh yes same issue here. It can easily miss behave or pill up. If I use less and give it time to settle it does work much better. I really like it thou! 

I like the idea of using a silicone scraper, that sounds much better. And being more patient between my skincare steps. Isn't rushing just problematic in general, lol. 🤗

Thank you for those feedback thou, greatly appreciated. 💞

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@cianni @Very pretty look 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@SportyGirly125 thank you!💕

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2






Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Wow! Outstanding @lmaster!! Pure Holidays on your face! 😍😍😍😍

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Awwww lovely @Saradestin thank you 🤗

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@lmaster Beautiful look! The addition of jewels really take this look to the next level. Your curls are stunning. I have to ask how you style your hair.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you so much sweet @Mellmars1185 💓😘  this is day 3 hair I believe, or day 2. But this time when I washed it, I used 


 as my leave in and my curl cream then just added a little L'Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Strengthening Hair Oil 1.7 oz / 50 ml and my final step was actually using AG extreme hold hair spray.
Then at night I put my hair in a bun and take out the next day and usually that's it