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Post in Beauty Confidential

What are you wearing today Pt2

Starting a new thread since the old one was taking too long to load. 

Please share your looks and products for what you are wearing today here 



Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Fingers are crossed 🤞 @Saradestin. It may be too much to wear to work but it looks so interesting like nothing else that I have.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Yes, I think it may be too much for work @Loretta55 , but maybe applying just a little bit... I think that just a little on the lids can look pretty and work office friendly. 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Gorgeous look!!! @Saradestin 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you beautiful @idanyd ! 😘🤗

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Um, that looks gorgeous in EVERY way that you've used it, @Saradestin!  Love how you used it as a multi-tasker.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you so much @CookieGirl1 gorgeous! 😘😘

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@Saradestin  This looks so perfect on you!!

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you @ather gorgeous!! 😘

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@Saradestin Stunning as always. 🙂

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you so much, sweet @QueenMarceline ! 🤗😘

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@Saradestin You're so very welcome ❤️

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2



@TeamBIC  generously gave me the option of any Haus Beauty Product to try for review and I received the HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint Copper Shimmer  this morning so decided to give it a go!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to try something new and exciting out.  I chose wrong 🫣 but oh boy I have a shopping list of other Haus Beauty products I want to try now.  How does this happen?  


Eyes- it went on smoothly and blended well with a bullet and flat brush.  The edges were a bit patchy but I was able to smooth the transition by blending a sheer concealer into them.  The color applied well and dried down very quickly -like in 10-12 seconds so I had to work fast.  These would make great eyeliners!!!!  

Cheeks-  I applied this first to the back of my hand  and smeared it out before using a damp beauty blender to apply it to my cheeks.  It dries down sooo fast on both my hand and my cheeks and I didn’t work quickly enough so I ended up using a lot of force with a dense foundation brush to get a more even-ish blend.  Once dried it does not budge<I’ll get back to that.  It was hard to tell what was pigment and what was me flushed from the friction of trying to get even blending going on. 

Lips- I lined my lips with MUFE artist pencil and applied the pigment over top.   When I dried down my lips looked like raisins unless I smiled.  It felt a bit dry on but that was the least of my concerns. 

The back of my hand - I used my hand as a palette.  When I was finished applying I went to wash my hands with basic hand soap.  Not one but came off.  Cool cool.  I grabbed some Farmacy Green Clean and rubbed for a minute.  Panic began to sink in.  I used it again for another minute.  Omg.  Again.  🫣. Oh no!!  I scratched the remaining pigment off the back of my hand after the third attempt.  My hand was bright red for a bit from the friction.

You can see the panic in the photo, before starting the process of trying to gently remove it from my face after the struggle to get it off my hand.  I used the farmacy green clean gently rubbing and rinsing for a good while.  Switched to face oils.., More than the normal one minute of circular motions.  It didn’t want to come off my lips so I decided to pull out the Fresh Lip Scrub I was gifted earlier this summer.  A few minutes of scrubbing and my lips were freed and raw.  I then did a DDG extra strength face peel.  Omg don’t do these after scrubbing your face three times in a row. -but also it worked and I was able to get the rest of the copper pigment off my cheeks by removing the top layer of skin. My eyes are still stained and my lips are angry.  My cheeks have since calmed down after a soothing green tea mask.  



Ha, the panic setting in.  Ugh the patchy cheeks are bothersome. 


Ouhh look at that shine! 


Oh my it didn’t wash off! 


What on earth?  Green Clean removes everything!





That DDG peel really revealed how much copper pigment held on.  
I’ll be skin barrier masking the next few days cause my skin is stripped.


On the bright side- if you are in need of makeup that absolutely WILL NOT BUDGE this is for you.  If you are a sweating performer absolutely I recommend! If you will be swimming and wanna look amazing when you get out of the water, this is for you;). Ha that’s all I’ve got, besides I really want to try the highlighter.  I am also considering how wonderful it would be to have a budge proof product like this for brows….

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencil Brow, Eye & Lip Liner 608 Limitless Brown 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@heartsmyface Copper looks great on you! Good to know about the staying power. Thanks for your feedback

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Thank you for the thorough review! Love your photos despite all the trouble you went through. I appreciate how helpful this was about the products used! @heartsmyface 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@heartsmyface the shade is gorgeous!! You look fabulous,,, do you think this product is a fail, or does it just need applied rather quickly?

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@lmaster  I’m waiting for reviews on the other shades cause pigments tend to all perform differently, but this copper shade is a no from me just cause its not the best blending wise and dried my lips out.  Plus I dont. Red this kind of makeup adherence in my life.  

i am willing to send it out to whoever wants to try it cause I’m done and not wanting to do the removal process again. 

Definitely move quickly and get that edge blending done right away.  I had ten to twelve seconds.  I’m  thinking a dense airbrush brush would work better than a beauty blender.  


Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@heartsmyface oh yikes!! That sounds like a major disaster 

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

Love your super-thorough review, @heartsmyface!  What a bummer that it caused some irritation for you, though, but that's good information to share.

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@CookieGirl1  Thanks.  I’m watching for other peoples experiences to determine if I should try a different shade.  

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@heartsmyface I've seen/watched enough reviews to know that your difficulty with removal is "normal" but I haven't heard anyone else comment about eye irritation (yet).

Re: What are you wearing today Pt2

@CookieGirl1  My irritation was caused by me trying to get it off and not the product itself.  I like to think I have hardy skin cause it takes a lot of punishment but it really doesn’t like being triple washed followed by a peel.  And I made the mistake of trying to get the staining off my lids with the peel pads.  Don’t do that.  

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