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What are you currently trying/testing?

Greetings everyone!  Hope everyone is having a positive summer so far.  As the title says, what are you currently trying or testing?  My response is down below. 


Even on a limited buying period, I was able to sneak in one Armani Eyes To Kill intense eye shadow.  Overall, it's fun to play with.  Personal preference is to pick up the product with a clean finger and apply.  Seems to work better that way first.  Then going in with a brush if needed.  It can be used underneath or on top of other eye shadows to create unique color effects.  This has been one of my go tos for lazy eye makeup or to amp up a look this summer.  The only downside:  price.  Although debatable since there seems to be a lot of packed product in the jar. 


Typically, tampering with my skincare usually ends up being disastrous.  However since I was borderline on free shipping (verge of the total being 50 anyway) from Shu Uemura, I decided to give the Ultime8 cleansing oil a try.  Helps there was a discount promotion too. 


So far not too bad.  I am also wondering if the ingredients are actually beneficial or just marketing hype.  Not sure if I would buy again (tend to like the performance and price of the A/I formula better).  If all else fails, I can use the Ultime8 for the body instead.  It's only been a day so far so maybe my mind will change from there. 


Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I just bought some items last night.I bought the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette. I'll be sure to post about it when it comes in the mail. 

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I've been testing bb creams. My newest ones are the Rimmel and the Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox.

Dr. Jart+ - Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm

So far, so good. These are the best ones I have found for oily skin.

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I'm currently testing some skincare products and was wondering how long is generally a good time to give skincare to see if it works or not? I'm just finishing day 4 of the Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders 7 day trial Sephora gave VIB/Rouge in store, as well as on day 2 of a sample container of Dream Cream from Lush. I HATE both of them. The Ole Henriksen leaves my face feeling greasy for 4 hours after I apply it and the Dream Cream is greasy all day (plus it smells disgusting). However, the gross feeling (and smell) would be worth it if I saw some improvement. On my face, I've got fine and deep lines, some uneven skin tone and some redness in my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose, occasional acne and large-ish pores. On my arms (where I'm using the Dream Cream), I've got KP. I haven't seen any improvement yet in either. I've told myself I should use up both samples, but if there's no hope after a certain point I certainly don't want to keep using them. 


That being said, any recommendations that might sink in a little better? I've used pretty cheap moisturizers up until this point (Aveeno and Jergens are on my nightstand at the moment) but I never had problems with them leaving me greasy like this more expensive stuff does. 

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