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What are you currently trying/testing?

Greetings everyone!  Hope everyone is having a positive summer so far.  As the title says, what are you currently trying or testing?  My response is down below. 


Even on a limited buying period, I was able to sneak in one Armani Eyes To Kill intense eye shadow.  Overall, it's fun to play with.  Personal preference is to pick up the product with a clean finger and apply.  Seems to work better that way first.  Then going in with a brush if needed.  It can be used underneath or on top of other eye shadows to create unique color effects.  This has been one of my go tos for lazy eye makeup or to amp up a look this summer.  The only downside:  price.  Although debatable since there seems to be a lot of packed product in the jar. 


Typically, tampering with my skincare usually ends up being disastrous.  However since I was borderline on free shipping (verge of the total being 50 anyway) from Shu Uemura, I decided to give the Ultime8 cleansing oil a try.  Helps there was a discount promotion too. 


So far not too bad.  I am also wondering if the ingredients are actually beneficial or just marketing hype.  Not sure if I would buy again (tend to like the performance and price of the A/I formula better).  If all else fails, I can use the Ultime8 for the body instead.  It's only been a day so far so maybe my mind will change from there. 

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Update:  Lesson learned.  Disappointing results.  I noticed last night how it accentuated redness and the first signs of congested skin.  Was not terribly moisturizing either. Think I'll stick to the white efficient and A/I formulas.  Maybe someone with more normal/combo skin might like the Ultime8 better.  Sensitive may want to precaution before using (or avoid).  Not recommended. 


Should have known better since the first ingredient is corn oil.  Kinda sad about it too since the delivery was faster than normal too.  Back it goes.  Smiley Tongue

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Great topic, 


I am so guilty of hoarding my samples away and being afraid to try new things! I don't like to play with skincare as sometimes it can take AGES to get my skin back to normal. Right now my Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer is out so I opened a bottle of Garnier Oil Free moisturizer. For being oil free it's awfully moisturizing, almost too greasy feeling so we'll see the results in a few days. Smiley Sad


I've also begun opening more palettes. I need to use them! Sometimes I don't have a single of the shadow I'm searching for and a palette is a great way to mix colors. My naked palette gives me the PERFECT brown shade when I mix Buck and Smog together. 


I also purchased a few NYX liners and crayon liners which I'm loving! I wore each one to a different baseball game and despite the cold and wind, not ONE ran into or smudged up my contacts. Amazing! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Makeup wise, I'm *really* into color sticks, pot rouges and cream blushes right now. I have Josie Maran Color Stick in Petal Pink, NARS Multiple in Riviera and Stila Convertible Color in Lillium and I love them all. I tend to wear very little makeup during the summer. On a simple day I typically just put on a moisturizing sunscreen (Mychelle or Lavanilla) and swipe a color stick on my lips and cheeks and I'm out the door feeling pretty. I already have my eye on collecting some more multiples and convertible colors, and I would really love to own a YSL cream blush and a Bobbi Brown pot rouge. Oh and I also saw a NARS cream blush on my last trip to Sephora. I think it was called Penney Lane, so pretty.


Skincare wise, I'm currently testing out FAB Ultra Repair Concentrate. I've been using it on my hands every night for a little over a week now. I love the texture, its like cake frosting. You only need a little and it melts into a oil when you rub it into hands. I wanted to try this on my face because I love the texture but there are no reviews from anyone that has used it on their face. People have used it on hands, feet and random dry spots on the body but no ones tried it on their face. I have normal, clean skin right now so I would never *ever* think about putting this on my face right now and risk breakouts (especially before my vacation) but this seems like such a great cream to use when my skin is dry. It nourishes my hands overnight. However, I dont care for the smell and I like Weleda Skin Food and Korres Guava Body Butter way better as a hand cream. I still might buy a full sized jar of this though, because I absolutely love the texture.

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I'm currently testing the new UD Smokey Eye palette, it's a bit of a stretch for me but so far I have been having fun with it, especially the grey colors. I've been using maltipoo's grey look and it is really perfect for that. Nice that it comes with a liner pencil rather than a brush as I have a ton of brushes. The zipper palette is so cute and it has so far stayed nice and tidy. The case is plastic so it wipes off easily, as opposed to NAKED 1, which is a pain to keep clean. (I don't know why UD doesn't just change the case on that one to plastic or metal and stop with the velvet.). I'm still debating whether it is good for travel, the size is nice, but I'm not sure if the case is up to being bounced around in my suitcase. 


I've been trialing some samples lately, the Algenist serum sample I got is just so-so, I'm not going to get the full size. Other than that, I'm probably going to wait until fall to try new skincare as my skin is oily enough, I don't want to provoke it!

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I played around with my new polishes some, today.  I tried out the Zoya polish in Zuza on my toes with broken shell nail art pieces, and I love it!  The Zoya Opal fleck polish is nice, too, but the sun wasn't out when I took the picture to capture the effect. 



Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Great Topic:


Right now I'm testing the following:


Too Faced La Créme Lipsticks

I purchased this in Naughty Nude and Spice Spice Baby.

My impressions: These have good pigmentation, shine (satin, semi gloss), and hydration. The staying power is good as well. I've been layering these over lip pencil and I really don't need to reapply throughout the day.

I am picking up more colors for sure.


Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

My impressions: I've only used this a few times. I stopped after each morning waking up with breakouts. I can't confirm it's this product, but after a few times I'm not sure I'm willing to continue to try.

I'm also not thrilled about the scent. I know the name says wild rose, but it has such a strong rose water scent that it's off putting. Especially before bed. This may go back. I never had issues with the Clinique even better dark spot erase.

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Despite my not delving into skincare, I have decided to test sunscreens for the body (not the face).  I still have a few deluxe samples from the sun safety kit this year and the first contestant out of those is the Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion.  Working out much better than the last SPF I tried.  Very lightweight formula.  The only draw back is the presence of oxybenzone (which wreaks havoc on my face).


Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

Next on the SPFs is the Supergoop!  Face & Body Sunscreen.  (Jumbo sized version here: )


Likes:  Adequate protection.  Broad spectrum.


Dislikes:  Texture, bad smell.  There's sunscreen smell and then there is, "This clashes with my body chemistry in a bad way."  I was trying to figure out where this pre-chewed gum/body odor smell was coming from.  Yuck.  It might be due to Xylitol (why is a sweetener in sunscreen??) since a shiseido one was similar stink but not as nasty smelling.  Which means not very dog friendly if they happen to kiss applied areas.  Smiley Tongue


Result:  Pitched in the trashcan.  Also assuming Sephora might be phasing out of the product (since the regular size of the product seems not to be listed anymore) or it got reformulated/repackaged due to the new FDA SPF rules.   



Next on the list is the Origins VitaZing SPF 15  Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen


Likes- Easy to apply, decent moisturizer, more natural ingredients


Dislikes - No indicator of broad spectrum. 


Result:  Still testing it.  This one might be used more as a moisturizer than for SPF.  It's not bad so far for that purpose but may not hold up for drier winters on really dry skin. 


Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I have been playing with bronzers. I never used bronzers before this summer when I received the Nars bronzer in Laguna and have been in love with ever since. I use it sometimes as a blush alone. Sometimes I use it to enhance my blush, and other times I use it all over my face to perk up my color. Beautiful and life changing! I just bought the Tokidoki Bronzer in Inferno from the store because it's on sale. It's a great color and looks fabulous on!

Re: What are you currently trying/testing?

I have been trying Wen and I am super impressed. My hair is so finicky, but with all the hype I had to try it once we got it in. My hair feels smooth, silky and has more body.  Also, I've always had to wash my hair everyday because the next day my ends would be dry and my crown would be oily.  Talk about worst of both worlds! Now my feel feels just as great the next day, so I've cut down on washing it. Now the absolute BEST thing is when I went to get my hair cut, my stylist put her hands in my hair and said "Your hair is thicker. What are you doing?". Ok.....SOLD!

WEN® by Chaz Dean - Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

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