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Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

Hey everyone! A while back we started a weekly makeup rotation where we shop our stash and rotate our weekly makeup instead of using the same products daily and give some forgotten items a chance.


Basically you can list or pic (or both) the items you've fished out to use for the week. For me personally the rest of my stash is available for use but these picked items get attention. Others limit it to just the picked items. Your choice! The goal is to go through our makeup and leave no product unloved!


Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

I really need to start rotating my makeup. I have a tendency to do the same look daily. Recently I have started using more of my eyeshadows, usually I'm a liner only kind of girl.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

Janine if I don't force myself to rotate my makeup I'll also do the same looks or get bored (as if, my eyeshadow stash is crazy also!  Let us know what you're using!

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

I'd love to participate, but I'll just be rooting you all on.  I tend to organize my makeup by "looks"- and there are certain looks I have to use in certain situations, no matter what.


Sadly, my eyeshadows are the most neglected since I shifted to creams and sticks. Maybe one of these weekends I'll put contacts in again.

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

This thread was so awesome, and the made things easier during the school semester.  I've been experimenting quite often lately, so I may have trouble trying to pick out and stick with a rotation lol.  I will think about it, though.

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

I do miss this thread Smiley Very Happy Of course there are things that I don't want to rotate every week like black liner, mascara and foundation/setting powder/eye primer either because I don't have very many of each or don't want to open new one until I'm done with what I'm using at the moment.


5.31 weekly rotation:


1. origins youthtopia foundation, light

2. rimmel stay matte powder, buff beige

3. cargo blush, catalina

4. benefit hoola bronzer

5. thebalm maryloumanizer highlighter

6. buxom lip cream, white Russian

7. cover girl clump crusher mascara

8. merle norman pro pen eyeliner, sharp black

9. benefit creaseless cream shadow, birthday suit

10. urban decay book of shadows palette original

11. thebalm overshadow, no money no honey

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

Yea I keep my "basics" on my makeup counter because no use running around looking for those!

Re: Weekly Makeup Rotation v2.0

My rotation for the week:



  • Sugarpill Loose Shadow Junebug, unnamed sample, Lime Crime Cupcake Theif (samples)
  • Too Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection
  • MUFE Awua Cream 12
  • MAC Gel Blush in Just a Pinch
  • NARS Multiple in Portofino
  • Tarte cheek stain in The Perfect Pink
  • Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer
  • Benefit Stay Don't Stray
  • Smashbox Jet Set Liner in Teal
  • MAC Mega Metals Shadow in Sex-Pectations
  • LORAC Eyeshadow in Cocoa
  • MAC Cream Colour Base in Tickle Me Pink
  • NARS Shadow Duo in Mediteranee
  • Bare Minerals Prime Time in Racing Green
  • Bare Minerals Shadow in Glisten
  • MAC ProLongwear Lipcreme in Til Tomorrow
  • Samples: Fit Me, Buxom Lipgloss, Bare Minerals Lip Gloss, and Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye gel

I keep trying to upload a pic and get an error.  Will try again later.


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