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Wayne Goss Brushes

Has anyone heard anything about his new brush line? They are available for pre-order on Beautylish starting today.

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

Has anyone tried the Brush 01 (Foundation)? I really want to try it, but I'd like to know some opinions on it if anyone else has tried or used??


Please PM me or comment underneath if you have any thoughts on this brush. Smiley Happy Or if you've tried any of the WG brushes if you liked them & will repurchase. Thank you, dolls Smiley Happy

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

i bought the whole set except for the holiday brush. i think brush 01 (the white one) is my least favorite. its a bit scratchy and i don't love it for applying liquid or cream foundation because the longer hairs are fine and soft and tend to clump together when they touch liquid/cream. after trial and error, i have found that it does a decent job applying contour powder because of the slanted shape and the size. i do like the eyeshadow brushes. i actually use the smallest one the most. i also like the short stiff one for applying eyebrow color. so far i have found the quality of the brushes to be very good. no shedding, retains shape after washing, no loose ferrules. hope that helps!

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

I was really excited about his brushes when they were supposed to be synthetic.


I don't like that they have the glossy black ferule because I want all my brushes to match. The foundation brush is a weird shape and I wonder about the reasoning to produce a line with so many blending brushes, too. Wayne Goss said in a video he would do tutorials showing what the brushes could do and I think he really should have posted at least one by now. Overall, I'm not interested.


Unless he tells us what fur/hair is in the brushes I wouldn't buy them, anyway. I stay away from the badger/weasel/squirrel brushes because I don't believe anyone eats them in sufficient proportions to provide a whole series of brushes.  Smiley Sad

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

I pre-ordered a set and can't wait to use them.  They are actually less expensive than Mac brushes and I don't like the quality of Mac 

Brushes (I've had a lot of shedding and the aren't as soft as I'd like).  I bought a few Tom Ford brushes but they are really pricey, but they are soft!! Hopefully Wayne's brushes will be great!

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

They look gorgeous! So expensive, though. Smiley Sad

Re: Wayne Goss Brushes

i went ahead and pre-ordered them! i have been hemorrhaging money on brushes and i really need to stop. however, i really love wayne goss and his advice has been spot on for me, so i'm guessing/hoping that his brushes will be great.

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