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WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

For whoever didn't realize, its TRIPLE POINTS on your entire purchase if you buy a fragrace this week.

SO in honor of that,,,

I know we might have collections of samples, rollerballs, and fullsize, but there's always that one favorite...which is yours?

 Feel free to explain why u like it (gripes are welcome too!)



I'm Flowerbomb, hands down. I feel like it is versatile enough for me to wear at various occasions...however, I find that it wears off really quickly....I'm moving on to prada candy, but sephora doesn't have a rollerball yet.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

I love "Hot" by Ralph Lauren

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Mine is definetely Chloe.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

I honestly don't know anymore! I'm so fickle when it comes to fragrance.


I'm on my third bottle of Dot by Marc Jacobs, though, so that's got to be one of my favorites.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Although I am rotating between:

  • Dot by Marc Jacobs
  • Marchesa Parfum d'Etase
  • Cherry in the Air by Escada
  • Acqua di Gioia by Georgio Armani
  • Fig by Marc Jacobs
  • Mandarin and Ginger Lily by Trish McEvoy
  • Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel
  • Prada by Prada
  • Pear by Marc Jacobs
  • Princess by Vera Wang
  • And a bunch of old LUSH forum fragrances that I hoard (Snowcake!!!!)

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire.. I don't know why I love it so much, but it smells soooo good. 


Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Prada Candy *does* have a rollerball! Unfortunately, it's only sold as a part of a set (at Nordstrom)


That's my #2 perfume.. followed by (in no particular order) DKNY Be Delicious, Lavanila vanilla/passionfruit, and Pacifica's guava perfume.. the latter two being rollerballs for me.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Armani Code Pour Femme! My favorite, If i could only wear one for the rest of my life, thats what it would be. I think it smells soo good and i get soo many compliments on it. 

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Gucci Eau de Parfum II. I am currently on my third bottle, and it is a fragrance that I must have at all times. It fits all seasons, all situations, and all my moods as well. If I don't know which perfume I want to use on any particular day, going with this one is never a wrong move.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Im not much of a perfume wearer only because Im very sensitive to scents. But i have two that work for me and are my holy grail


Vera Wang Princess and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb


If you havent tested any... i would really recommend them!

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