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WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

For whoever didn't realize, its TRIPLE POINTS on your entire purchase if you buy a fragrace this week.

SO in honor of that,,,

I know we might have collections of samples, rollerballs, and fullsize, but there's always that one favorite...which is yours?

 Feel free to explain why u like it (gripes are welcome too!)



I'm Flowerbomb, hands down. I feel like it is versatile enough for me to wear at various occasions...however, I find that it wears off really quickly....I'm moving on to prada candy, but sephora doesn't have a rollerball yet.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Hanae Mori is beauuuutiful! I got a sample with an order once and am so glad I tried it! I managed to grab another sample with my last order!

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Same here! It came with a small bag of sephora samples in an online order- I sprayed it on my wrist and basically had my nose glued to my wrist smelling it all day, haha!

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Yesssss!!!! It's definitely captivating and makes you go back to sniff and whiff to see how it changes/develops!

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

It really depends for me. I like to switch it up every so often, mostly due to weather. Right now I'm smelling like Victoria Secret Bombshell in Italian Iris. My summer fragrance. I love Escada's Perfume (Cherries in the Air, and Rockin Rio), Coach Poppy, Juicy Couture(Viva la Juicy), Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia, and Chanel Chance(green one). I have a ton of samples to go through that are still sitting in storage.

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Though I'm more apt to change my fragrance by mood, a staple of mine has been Issey Miyake's Florale. Since it launched I've run through about 3 bottles. The only other fragrance I've made it a point to repurchase is Givenchy's Ange Ou Demon Le Secret.


The IMF scent was a huge departure for me in terms of what I normally wore, which were more gourmand, sweet fragrances with base notes of vanilla or amber. This was much lighter, airy, and feminine due to the white woods and use of rose. Normally rose fragrances rub me the wrong way because they end up smelling too artificial due to a perfume trying to make it too heavy, but IMF does a great job at balancing. It allows you to still get right off the bat the scent is distinctly rose, but allows it to trail and linger naturally rather than be in over abundance. It also happens to be the scent I was wearing regularly when my b/f and I started dating and he instantly loved it. So now I also pair my love for the fragrance to the memory of us! Smiley Happy

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

I'm not sure i can say, i have so many that i alternate daily. i was sad when my Kenzo d'ete was discontinued so now im trying to finish up the bottle. i have finished 2 small bottles of RL romance, on my 3rd- i think its a 2.5oz size.   Otherwise ive been loving Gucci gorgeous gardenia. 

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Stella McCartney, L.I.L.Y.  Lilies are my favorite flowers, and this perfume is just absolutely stunning.  It's floral without smelling "old" or overly powdery, it's light and fresh without being too summery or young, and it's got a musk that isn't overwhelming or heavy.  It's also not cloying or sickly sweet.  I don't know a TON about perfume, but whenever I smell this, I really am reminded of a fresh picked lily on a spring day, covered in dewdrops!

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

swfupload_9082195027073962914.jpgHonestly, I don't think I have one. I tend to fall in love with a new scent all the time---although I do usually gravitate towards the more tropical/sweet scents and they are quite similar. The only bottle that I have repurchased more than once is Hilary Duff with love, its just so sweet and warm and totally me. I think I went through 3 bottles and buy it whenever I see it in store no matter how many fragrances I have at home (I usually find it on sale at tjmaxx for such a nice price that not buying it would be criminal because I used to only be able to find it at kohls and its full price there).


Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

I love the Disney Jasmine one!  It's just so subtle, gorgeous, and doesn't give me a headache by the end of the day Smiley Very Happy

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

@banachoox3- The green one by Chanel is Eau Frachise  and it does smell really good. I may have to add that one back into the rotation for summer. I never can pick just one I don't even know why I trySmiley Tongue

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

LOVE this post, I have a hard time deciding on just one.. My scent for YEARS was Chanel Chance but lately I have been in love with my Fendi Fan di Fendi toilette as well as the Escada Cherry in the Air:


Fendi - Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette





Escada - Cherry In The Air

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

I used to have 2 signature fragrances made from the Sak's fragrance counter; one was similar to the Gueralin Lily of The Valley for Summer (my all time favorite flower/scent) and a spicier one for Winter. My Sak's doesn't have a fragrance bar anymore, and I don't have a similar alternative near me now so I'm stuck buying brand fragrances.

In the Summer I love Fresh fragrances. I use the Sugar Acai age delay body lotion, the deodorant & then a sprits of the Lychee perfume. They blend nicely together without being over powering. 

I also started to wear Miss Dior more. It's not the same as Cherie, but it smells good on me. I'm milking my Dior Bronze Sweet Summer perfume! It's more like eye candy now with less than 1/8 of the bottle left Smiley Sad 

In the winter I like to alternate between Spicebomb, Burberry Brit & Vera Wang Princess. 


Re: WHat is your holy grail fragrance?

Chanel No. 5, definitely. I am so picky about fragrances and I could not find anything I really liked for the longest time. Then one day I was in Macy's a spritzed on the iconic perfume since it was used by the lovely and idolized Marilyn Monroe, and I fell in love! The smell is so lovely, I have never smelled anything like it before and it is easy to say I am obsessed. I only wish it wasn't so expensive! To be honest, I've never bought a bottle, I just ask for free samples every time I make it out to Macy's and use them sparingly!

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