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Vita Liberata promo

I just placed an order and decided to use the promo for the Vita Liberata tanning mousse and glove.  Has anyone else tried this tanning product?  I'm kind of obsessed with self tanners right now.


Also,  how do you figure out what each sample is worth based on how much the full size product is?  I realize this may be a dumb question, and I think I know it, but I want to make sure my math is correct.  Thanks gals.



Re: Vita Liberata promo

I asked about this very same thing yesterday but no one had a reply so I just deleted it because I didn't want a dead thread just lying around. But anyway not sure on the how much the sample would.Smiley Happy Just wanted to give you a good tip on another self tanner I love Xen Tan's Moracan Tan it's super easy to use and last a long time.


Re: Vita Liberata promo

Aww, u know what???  I wouldn't worry about a "dead thread".  I try not to re-ask the same question, but sometimes its easier than digging through a million older threads and fun to get new answers from ppl that weren't on here at that point in time.  BT is always getting new ppl and sometimes I like to revive a question to see what the new concensus is.  And since BT doesn't belong to me, I don't want to judge whats dead or repetitive since thats the mods job.  I try to not make any new ppl feel like they can't ask a question...Ive also had questions with no response to it, but I just leave it to disappear into the crowd. ;-)


Ohh and thank you for the new suggestion!  Im in love with self tanners right now.

Re: Vita Liberata promo

Lol, yay math! If the full size is $X for Yoz, and the sample is Z oz, then:


(X/Y)*Z = $ value of the sample.


=). Sometimes you can see the sample size when add to cart, or when clicking on it and enlarging the image, or find a picture/image of it in email on google and look at fine print on the bottom.

Re: Vita Liberata promo

Thanks beauty tester, I am going to try it and see if I was correct...or I will try it when my brain is ready.  work all day makes my brain not work until Ive had time to regroup in the evening.

Re: Vita Liberata promo

Full size 4.22 oz @ $54

Sample size .84 oz = $10.75



Yay to me and my math skils!!!  I mean beautytesters math skills ;-)

Re: Vita Liberata promo

You got it! lol. =D

Re: Vita Liberata promo

It was worth a promo code then...I would've selected it regardless, and I never really base what code Im going to use on this formula, but someone had recently done the same to another product and it made me think about it.  I just try and either chose a promo I really want a sample of, or if there isn't one I'm dying for, I chose whatever seems the most interesting, or a VIB code.


Thats why I really love VIB codes, the sample is usually bigger that a BI promo...with the exception of VIBEMERALD--an empty bag!

Re: Vita Liberata promo

I feel like I hit the jackpot with the Origins Plantscription eye cream for VIB code, but other than that there isn't much difference between VIB and really good BI code. I wish vibemerald was the bag + one pantone emerald mini/deluxe sample item. =/


Lol! glad to know I'm not the only one who has dead thread sometimes. I try not to get butthurt, and sometimes I get more/better response when posting it again, or when someone else posted (the hair thread =X). I also find the BeautyTalk search toolbar a bit clumsy at times, Google actually is better sometimes when I'm trying to find things on BT. =)

Re: Vita Liberata promo

@makeupobesessed- Well that's just your opinion but to me there's no sense in having a dead thread. I never said BT belonged to be but I'm an active contributor so I think I have the right to express my opinion and dead threads or duplicate threads are not necessary. And it's not about new people asking  a question they can ask anything but they still can take the time to research when the option is there.

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