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Variation on No buy

Inspired by the count if you dare thread & project 10 pan & the fact that i'm in DESPERATE need of a no-buy, my boyfriend thought of a new challenge! Since i've already counted how many of each type of product i have, now i'm going to decide how many of each i must use up before i can buy another.


i think this will be slightly easier to accomplish than a flat out no buy (at least for me!) Plus these are the categories where I just have more than necessary. 


So i will finish:

7 blush/bronzers

7 eyeliners

10 eyeshadows

10 lip glosses

2 lip sticks

1 primer

2 mascaras

i also don't need any makeup brushes or remover wipes.


So i can't purchase anything in those categories until I've accomplished this! (And i will update my 10 pan sometime to reflect this)


Hmm i wonder what we should call this challenge?


PS based on the way i've organized my makeup, i sometimes will say I can't buy any more of a certain product bc that drawer/case/container is full. do you guys do this/does it work? 

Re: Variation on No buy

This is a good idea!  Before I buy anything else, I am going to finish:


-2 blushes (Benefit Coralista and Tarte 12-hour clay in Blissful)

-1 of 2 face powders (Amazing Cosmetics pressed powder-love it! and Bare Escentuals hydrating mineral veil-okay..)

-1 of 2 concealers (Clinique Line smoothing concealer and MUFE lift concealer)

-1 of 2 eyeshadow palettes (Benefit her name was glowla-discontinued, and Kat von d Ludwig palette)

-1 of 2 eyeliner pencils (Sephora Kohl Waterproof in Keep Brown and Urban Decay Bourbon)

-2 of 3 liquid eyeliners (two Sephora brand long lasting-discontinued, and one Stila Stay all day waterproof eyeliner)

-2 tinted chapsticks (Fresh Rose lip treatment and Burts Bees)

-Tarte Lights Camera Splashes Waterproof mascara

-1 of 2 makeup removers (Sephora brand waterproof eye makeup remover and Clinique take the day off)


Wish me luck!





Re: Variation on No buy

Hi jwx200!


What a fantastic topic... it's like a "Don't Waste" project!


That is a great idea to use all your products before you buy any more.. If I did that I would never buy any makeup again though with the amount of items I have currently opened and in use.


3 blushes (shu, mac, tarte, and lancome)

2 bronzers (smashbox, dior)

5 or 6 mascaras (lancome, dior, hourglass, cover girl, urban decay,loreal)

and probably about 4 or 5 different foundations both liquid and powder..


I'm set for so long but I can't resist! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Variation on No buy

diana, im the same way! i get so excited by new colors and things - thats why i figured picking a # that wasn't using everything in each category was slightly more reasonable. so i can buy more of that category but have to finish a certain number first, plus i can still buy other things! So that seems way more manageable for me!


sephoramusthave, you are totally right! eeek so much stuff to use!

Re: Variation on No buy

That sounds like a great idea! Its too late to go into the bathroom right now and pick out my products so I'll do that sometime this week. You know what I think works a little better? To write out the complete name of all the products that you want to spend or own. Its a little time consuming if you have too much stuff, but sometimes when you see "5 blushes" you think "oh big deal, thats not that much, whats 5 more?" But if you write out the full name of those 5 blushes then it makes it seem like a lot more and it makes you realize how long blushes last, and how long it takes to use just one of them up completely.


Okay I can do this category on the top of my head. I wont buy any more blushes until I have completely spent the 3 that I have and they are


1. Benefit Coralista

2. TheBalm Down Boy

3. TheBalm Hot Mama


And this makes me realize that 3 blushes is a lot because it will take me awhile to spend them all. But when I see "3 blushes" it doesnt seem like a lot, when it really is. Get it? Adding pictures also makes you more aware of how much stuff you have. Smiley Very Happy I'll do the no buy with you because I want to have plenty to spend for the holiday kits!

Re: Variation on No buy

nice thread! ill join in once i sit down and pick out some products =)


@sephoramusthave... i agree about posting pictures! i <3 pictures! how do you like Down Boy? once i saw ur pic i fell in love!! i went to a beauty conference yesterday and they gave that blush out in their Goody Bag... but only for VIPs! Smiley Sad i have the Hot Mama blush but i find it to be REALLY shimmery~!

Re: Variation on No buy

I LOVE the TheBalm Down Boy blush. Its super pigmented, much more than any of the Benefit blushes. I cant buff it on freely, I have to apply it with my fingers so that I dont overdo it but its so beautiful and lasts all day. However, I dont have oily skin so I dont know what its lasting power is for people that have issues with that. I actually really want to collect *all* the TheBalm blushes because I've tried them all on and they are amazing. The quality is superb and you get a TON of product for a good price. Just one will last ages if used daily.

Re: Variation on No buy

sounds amazing, ill check it out at sephora today =) im going there to pick out a nice red lipstick for my aunts bday!


i dont think you'll be buying any more blushes if yuo've got two theBalm blushes in your no-buy... LOL!

Re: Variation on No buy

Actually the 2 TheBalm blushes that I have are actually in one of my TheBalm kits ( TheBalm Balmbini palette) so they arent full size. But they are still GOOD sizes and will last me ages anyway. Smiley Very Happy I also have another Hot Mama blush ( not full size) in my TheBalm Big Mama palette.

Re: Variation on No buy

omg, you have two Hot Mamas! do you find it super shimmery? its hiding in my organizer because the last time i used it, i felt it was waaaay too shimmery Smiley Sad

Re: Variation on No buy

Actually I've only touched it once so I cant really tell you....Smiley Sad  From what I remember, I loved it and it looked beautiful. I like it a heck of a lot better than NARS Super Orgasm I'll tell you that. 


I've been really into my Benefit Coralista lately...

Re: Variation on No buy

yeah, i've only tried it a handful of times... which is a shame since its quite costly! ill try it out this weekend =)


i do like using Orgasm if i'm heading out to the club or going out at night, so maybe i can switch it up w/ Hot Mama. I just dont want to show up to work with crazy cheeks using the Hot Mama LOL. i'll play with it though!


i received Coralista as a 100pt perk and haven't really gotten into it! as much as i want to... i just want to finish up my E.l.f. blush because a) its in my project 10 pan and 2) its the perfect SUBTLE blush that i love to wear every day =)


here's a question completely off topic... i believe you mentioned all those Origins products? im thinking of purchasing the Night-a-mins for my online order to get the VIB Chloe Set. what do you think about me using that product all over my face right after i apply my Retinol Clarifying Lotion? do you think that'd be alright... i dont think my face would be opposed to having one extra layer of vitamins on top of the clarifying lotion. the clarifying lotion is very absorbing, so my face shouldnt feel overloaded w/ products...

Re: Variation on No buy

I love Origins ( minus their terrible organic face lotion >_<) but I have not tried their night a mins cream. Is the "clarifying lotion" just a toner? Whatever it is, it should be okay to use on top of it. janamae on the boards uses this exact cream so ask her what she thinks of it. Smiley Happy

Re: Variation on No buy

Okay, thanks! The Clarifying Lotion is an actual lotion... I'm sure the two will work fine together. Smiley Happy

Re: Variation on No buy

katie723---I'm scared of the ELF company lol. Because they are so cheap, I fear that the ingredients they are using are 1000X more toxic than anything from Sephora.Smiley Indifferent


I saw a few giant ELF palettes in Marshalls and Big Lots but they look like junk to me. 

Re: Variation on No buy

aww, i've tried a handful of their products and have seen nothing but great results! i am afraid to try their foundations or concealers just because i really dont want to risk breaking out!! i havent looked into their ingredients, but now im afraid to LOL. but some of their brushes are fantastic (stippling brush and blush brush from their studio line)... the Tickle Pink blush is wonderful and really pigmented! Their eye shadow primer has the same consistency as UDPP and i think it has great performance. liquid eye liner and gel liners were ehhh & i have not tried their eye shadows.


ahhhh! im so glad i didnt make up my 'variation on no buy' list the other day... because... (u guys are guna be so mad at me, just like my bf!!) ...i totally went against my October No Buy today at the outlet mall today!! i'll list my haul under Recent Hauls or the No Buy thread Smiley Sad 


in the next few days, ill generate a list for this thread!!

Re: Variation on No buy

alright @jxw200 you have forced me to sit in front of my makeup organization and examine my makeup madness!!


Lip Balms - I have 14 open lip balms because I've been so obsessed with them!! Before I buy a new one, I need to finish THREE of the chapsticks (2 Neutrogena and 1 Burt's Bees) and my Jouer Lip Enhancement sample.


Lip glosses - I must finish FIVE lip glosses before I add more to my collection. It's hard to choose which ones because not many of them are close to being finished, lol!


1) Sephora Pink Ballerina & 2) Rusted Rose lip gloss (it must be discontinued because I cant find it).

3) Clinique's Lip Gloss in Bamboo Pink bamboopink.jpg

4) NYX Lip Gloss in Beige.

5) UD Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Midnight Cowboy midnight.jpg




Blushes - I just added 4 blushes to my collection yesterday! I'll have to finish TWO blushes before I can buy another one.


1) E.l.f. Tickled Pink Blush



2. Benefit's Dandelion




Mascaras - I have 6 opened and 3 unopened mascaras right now. I have to finish ALL my volumizing mascaras before I can buy another volumizing one. I say that because I'd be left with lengthening / not so good mascaras, but I prefer dramatic lashes!


Volumizing: Buxom, L'oreal Million Lashes, this one my cousin gave me from the Philippines and a Lancome Hypnose Drama sample.


Eye Liners - I don't have too many, but I usually buy another Stila Liquid Eye Liner Pen once I run out, but instead I need to finish my Bobbi Brown gel liner and UD 24/7 Pencil in Zero.


Eye Shadows - omg. I don't even know where to start. I guess I should finish up at least THREE eye shadows before I buy a new shadow or palette. I have more than I need. I'm no where near finishing up ANY, not even my most-used shadows because they are just SO pigmented. Any three will do.


Nail Polishes - I have so many variations of pink, its ridiculous! I must finish TWO pinks before I can buy another polish (I don't think i've ever finished a nail polish?!)!



1) Butter London in Primrose Hill Picnic (front left corner)

2) Pink nail polish from Forever 21 with the animal print top.


Hair Products -


Hair Masks - This was a recent obsession. I have the Macadamia Nut Oil, Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Mask, No. 4 Reconstructing Masque and Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Mask right now. I need to finish them ALL before I buy a new one. I have not tried the Carol's Daughter or No. 4 yet, but the other two are WONDERFUL!


Heat Protectant Sprays  - I currently use Aussie's spray (don't rly like it) and It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product, but recently bought 2 Tresemme sprays (my FAVE) because I had a coupon (that sounds silly). I need to finish them ALL before I can buy another spray!


Shampoo and Conditioner - I bought a new John Frieda Shampoo and Cond't, which I just started using. I bought Tresemme Shampoo and Cond't as back ups, lol. And I have the Carol's Daughter Monoi Shampoo and Cond't. I also have a deluxe sample of the Blow shampoo, which I'm trying to finish up. I need to finish ALL of these before I buy new ones/back ups. LOL!!




geeeeez, no more unnecessary BACK UPS or else i'm going to end up with 4 heat protectant sprays or 3 sets of new shampoo and conditioners! or a million chapsticks and lip glosses. WHAT A REALITY CHECK!!!!


this was a great thread to participate in right before my november beauty no-buy =)


i also want to mention that, with this project, i dont mean that RIGHT AFTER i finish the listed products, i can go run to the store and buy more... i mean, that i need to finish those products before i can allow myself to be okay with getting another product, if needed (or wanted? lol!).

Re: Variation on No buy

Here's an update just to clarify where I'm at. I did buy makeup during Black Friday *slaps the back of my own hand*, but nooo moreeeeee! I can already hear my boyfriend and brothers laughing and saying YEAH RIGHT!


But, seriously... No. More. I'm not sure why I can't say that without laughing! =X


Lip Balms - Finish 3 chapsticks and lip enhancer sample. oh dear. I got 3 samples of the Jack Black lip balm from Sephora and thats all I've been using lately. And I got a full sized lip balm in my Eco Emi box, too! Looks like I won't be buying lip balms for a longgggggg time...


Lip Glosses - Finish 5 lip glosses. I don't think those 5 will be the ones I listed previously.It will most likely be: 2 Sephora Mini glosses, 2 Too Faced Mini glosses and an UD mini gloss.


Blushes - Finish 2 blushes. This one is hard because I stopped using dandelion since it comes off too white on my face and doesn't show up as a blush. Here is my progress with my e.l.f. blush, yay go me! =)




 Mascaras - Finish L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, Buxom Lash, Lancome Hypnose Drama sample and Etude House Voluminious Mascara. Ick, I hate the Etude House one and the Lancome sample (it was a bad sample) but I will wear those on the weekends to get some use out of them. The Buxom Lash only has a few more days to go!


Eye Liner - Finish Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner, Urban Decay 24/7 and Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. That'll last me throughout the next year. No joke.


Eye Shadow - Finish any three eye shadows.


Nail Polishes - Finish two pink polishes before purchasing another pink. I just received a new Zoya pink nail polish in my Birchbox! This will take forever!


Hair Products -


Hair Mask - Finish all masks.  No where near finishing any, haha!


Heat Protectant Sprays - Finish all sprays. I'm almost out of my Aussie Heat Protectant (hate it) and It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. I gave away one of my Tresseme Heat Protectant and kept one for myself.


Shampoo and Conditioners - Finish all products. I'm using all my John Frieda and Tresseme products right now, so that leaves my Carol's Daughter products as backups.




I'm hoping to finish most of these before the IMATS LA Convention in June 2012. Looking at this list, I don't think I can purchase any blushes or eye shadows at the makeup convention Smiley Sad



Re: Variation on No buy

that's such a great list! you could always swap or give away dandelion? that counts towards one of them doesn't it? lol


i need to go through all my stuff and decide about which specific products i want to finish! (and also update myself on the number of each type of product i have!)


I think you showed some restraint on shopping, so good for you - you don't have to be perfect, right? Smiley Wink


Re: Variation on No buy

hahaha jxw200, you are my enabler! Smiley Wink


you're right, i could give my dandelion to someone... i wonder if my mom would like it! thanks!!


we'll see how things are by the time IMATS comes around! Smiley Happy


let us know what your list is when you've completed it!

Re: Variation on No buy

I took this photo for my blog, but i think i need to share it with you!


this is why I say AHHHH when i want to buy a new bronzer, lol. and this doesn't include blushes & highlighters. AHHHH!

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