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Variation on No buy

Inspired by the count if you dare thread & project 10 pan & the fact that i'm in DESPERATE need of a no-buy, my boyfriend thought of a new challenge! Since i've already counted how many of each type of product i have, now i'm going to decide how many of each i must use up before i can buy another.


i think this will be slightly easier to accomplish than a flat out no buy (at least for me!) Plus these are the categories where I just have more than necessary. 


So i will finish:

7 blush/bronzers

7 eyeliners

10 eyeshadows

10 lip glosses

2 lip sticks

1 primer

2 mascaras

i also don't need any makeup brushes or remover wipes.


So i can't purchase anything in those categories until I've accomplished this! (And i will update my 10 pan sometime to reflect this)


Hmm i wonder what we should call this challenge?


PS based on the way i've organized my makeup, i sometimes will say I can't buy any more of a certain product bc that drawer/case/container is full. do you guys do this/does it work? 

Re: Variation on No buy

That sounds like a great idea! Its too late to go into the bathroom right now and pick out my products so I'll do that sometime this week. You know what I think works a little better? To write out the complete name of all the products that you want to spend or own. Its a little time consuming if you have too much stuff, but sometimes when you see "5 blushes" you think "oh big deal, thats not that much, whats 5 more?" But if you write out the full name of those 5 blushes then it makes it seem like a lot more and it makes you realize how long blushes last, and how long it takes to use just one of them up completely.


Okay I can do this category on the top of my head. I wont buy any more blushes until I have completely spent the 3 that I have and they are


1. Benefit Coralista

2. TheBalm Down Boy

3. TheBalm Hot Mama


And this makes me realize that 3 blushes is a lot because it will take me awhile to spend them all. But when I see "3 blushes" it doesnt seem like a lot, when it really is. Get it? Adding pictures also makes you more aware of how much stuff you have. Smiley Very Happy I'll do the no buy with you because I want to have plenty to spend for the holiday kits!

Re: Variation on No buy

nice thread! ill join in once i sit down and pick out some products =)


@sephoramusthave... i agree about posting pictures! i <3 pictures! how do you like Down Boy? once i saw ur pic i fell in love!! i went to a beauty conference yesterday and they gave that blush out in their Goody Bag... but only for VIPs! Smiley Sad i have the Hot Mama blush but i find it to be REALLY shimmery~!

Re: Variation on No buy

I LOVE the TheBalm Down Boy blush. Its super pigmented, much more than any of the Benefit blushes. I cant buff it on freely, I have to apply it with my fingers so that I dont overdo it but its so beautiful and lasts all day. However, I dont have oily skin so I dont know what its lasting power is for people that have issues with that. I actually really want to collect *all* the TheBalm blushes because I've tried them all on and they are amazing. The quality is superb and you get a TON of product for a good price. Just one will last ages if used daily.


Re: Variation on No buy

sounds amazing, ill check it out at sephora today =) im going there to pick out a nice red lipstick for my aunts bday!


i dont think you'll be buying any more blushes if yuo've got two theBalm blushes in your no-buy... LOL!

Re: Variation on No buy

Actually the 2 TheBalm blushes that I have are actually in one of my TheBalm kits ( TheBalm Balmbini palette) so they arent full size. But they are still GOOD sizes and will last me ages anyway. Smiley Very Happy I also have another Hot Mama blush ( not full size) in my TheBalm Big Mama palette.

Re: Variation on No buy

omg, you have two Hot Mamas! do you find it super shimmery? its hiding in my organizer because the last time i used it, i felt it was waaaay too shimmery Smiley Sad

Re: Variation on No buy

Actually I've only touched it once so I cant really tell you....Smiley Sad  From what I remember, I loved it and it looked beautiful. I like it a heck of a lot better than NARS Super Orgasm I'll tell you that. 


I've been really into my Benefit Coralista lately...

Re: Variation on No buy

yeah, i've only tried it a handful of times... which is a shame since its quite costly! ill try it out this weekend =)


i do like using Orgasm if i'm heading out to the club or going out at night, so maybe i can switch it up w/ Hot Mama. I just dont want to show up to work with crazy cheeks using the Hot Mama LOL. i'll play with it though!


i received Coralista as a 100pt perk and haven't really gotten into it! as much as i want to... i just want to finish up my E.l.f. blush because a) its in my project 10 pan and 2) its the perfect SUBTLE blush that i love to wear every day =)


here's a question completely off topic... i believe you mentioned all those Origins products? im thinking of purchasing the Night-a-mins for my online order to get the VIB Chloe Set. what do you think about me using that product all over my face right after i apply my Retinol Clarifying Lotion? do you think that'd be alright... i dont think my face would be opposed to having one extra layer of vitamins on top of the clarifying lotion. the clarifying lotion is very absorbing, so my face shouldnt feel overloaded w/ products...

Re: Variation on No buy

I love Origins ( minus their terrible organic face lotion >_<) but I have not tried their night a mins cream. Is the "clarifying lotion" just a toner? Whatever it is, it should be okay to use on top of it. janamae on the boards uses this exact cream so ask her what she thinks of it. Smiley Happy

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