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Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

Welcome to the second year of the challenge!

Everyone is welcome to join at anytime. <3

Post your used samples daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want. Feel free to suggest any sub- challenge ideas.

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RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

The only foil sample I tried this month that was new for me was the Coola Mineral BB Cream. I loved it and I’m purchasing it. Loved that it was not TOO matte. Looked totally reasonable on my dry skin. It’s just slightly tinted so it worked well with my very pale complexion. Looked like regular ole me but better on the no makeup days. No breakouts or irritation for my sensitive, rosacea skin. Unscented, which is fabulous for me. Did not seem to cling to any spots of texture. I love that it’s reef safe and cruelty free. I will let you know how it goes when the full size is empty, over on the Empties 2019 board. I love it when I find a new favorite from a foil sample!

Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I love the Farmacy Cleansing Balm as well and the little sample packets are perfect for travel. <333

Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

@christyrc I love the FARMACY - Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm!

It is one of my favorite items!


Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

A little progress since the end of March:


Black X indicates I already finished and discussed the product. Red X is newly completed and Orange Check is using but not finished.



Foils skincare 2019.07.PNG


LANCôME - Visionnaire Eye Cream Advanced Multi-Correcting Eye Balm

I was able to get 8 uses out of the sample. The texture/consistency of this eye cream was amazing. There is a fragrance component in the eye cream. The smell isn't overwhelming but I try to avoid fragrance in most products and particularly in skincare. I wouldn't pay this price for an eye cream with fragrance.

TARTE - Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment

I was able to get 26 uses out of the sample - amazing! I love that you only need a small amount of eye cream and can truly test it. The smell reminded me of champagne. It also lived up to its brightening claims. I think I'm looking more for help with fine lines than brightening so this isn't the product for me. But I could see someone else loving it.

CAUDALIE - Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

I talked more about it in my empties but the gist is YUCK! The smell was overwhelming and the consistency made the product resemble cottage cheese. Definitely not for me.


Foils makeup 2019.07.PNG


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

I wrote more about this in an Empties post a few months ago. I only used the lightest shade. It was a decent concealer and was more skin tone matching for me. It helped cover redness but I wasn't wowed. I'm hoping to use the darker colors to possibly contour/bronze. There's a lot more to use than those foils so it could be overkill trying to use it.

Question for anyone: belif aqua bomb vs. drunk elephant protini - would either be better for summer vs. winter? I have deluxe samples of both and want to incorporate them in but if one or the other works better at different times of the year I'd like to take it into account. Though winter isn't much in Florida. I guess it does get less unbearably hot. Smiley Wink Thanks!

RE: Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

@ShortErica Hi, it’s me again! ☺️ my two cents on your question. Personally I would pick Aqua Bomb for summer and Protini for winter. One weird thing I’ve noticed this summer with Protini: on hot days, I get beads of sweat on top of the moisturizer. It feels like it’s so thick that it’s not workingwell with H2O if that makes any sense. I never had that happen with the Belif moisturizers. Maybe TMI, but definitely a consideration in hot weather.

Re: RE: Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

Thanks @christyrc - I appreciate it. Even though they are only deluxe samples, I want to give them the best shot to prove their worth. 😃

RE: Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

Whoa, @ShortErica that does not sound right on the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. No wonder you didn’t like it! The consistency should not be like cottage cheese! I wonder if it was a bad sample? Yuck is right!

Re: RE: Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I’ll tag you in my empties post where I have a picture.

RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

Two foils for the week! I’ve been using the DE Protini exclusively for about one month, so I was thrilled for the opportunity to compare it to La La. I can definitely see that LaLa would be great for my driest winter skin. I love that, like Protini, LaLa is unscented and works great under my foundation. It’s much creamier and thicker than the Protini. I will gladly purchase for winter. I LIKED the Wander Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. They were fun, but I did not think they did anything for my dry under eye area and lines. Hard to tell, though, from one use.

Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

Good to know the protini is lighter. I'm curious about the protini vs. belif aqua bomb in case you've tried both @christyrc. Thanks!

RE: Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I have tried both , @ShortErica here are my thoughts: I used Belif the true cream cream for a few years. I loved it and thought it was just right for my dry, but sensitive and acne prone, rosacea skin. Compared to the true cream, aqua bomb is heavier and thicker, like a winter weight moisturizer. But, I think Protini is a little heavier and thicker than Aqua Bomb. Thankfully, the ingredients are gentle enough that I don’t break out. LaLa is heavier than Protini. LaL> Protini > Aqua Bomb > True Cream (as far as thickness and hydration). BTW the reason I changed from True Cream to Protini is my skin is getting drier as I get older 😲

Re: RE: Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

This is really insightful @christyrc. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the info!

Re: RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

@christyrc Two great products! I use the eye mask when I am on the plane and find it keeps my under eyes so hydrated!



Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

July Week 1 (last week) with my Fun With Foils challenge for the month. Not too bad. No loves only likes/just ok. Just ok is La Mer. Playa, I did get 2 uses out of these & so far it hasn't wowed me but didnt do anything negative either. Boscia- I like that it warms, it cleans pretty well too. I'll try to keep my posts on Sundays.

Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019


I started a 5 foils in 5 days challenge on this thread:

It would align with this use your foils thread quite well!  A challenge to all those with foils! 

Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019


I agree! The more the merrier, and I like your challenge idea. <3

RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I’ve been working on these DS for MONTHS. Loved them all. The Glow Recipe Avocado Melt sleep Mask was super Moisturizing and had a fresh, pleasant scent. Did not break me out. I seek out the Moisturizing masks more frequently in winter and will definitely purchase in time for winter. I’ve been loving the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb for about 2 years. It’s also super Moisturizing. I appreciate that it does not irritate my sensitive skin and eyes. Lightly scented. This was the second time I’ve tried the Ole Henrickson Banana Bright Eye Cream. This time I loved it. Also non-irritating to my sensitive eyes. Definite banana scent (but not an annoying banana scent, IMO). Somehow, this product firms my under eye skin just enough to make a difference.

Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019


I've been working through my FS and some DS samples and haven't been going through as many foils. These were from May.


I can see why there's a following for the SHISEIDO - Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream - it's thick, rich, creamy and very moisturizing, but it might be a little too thick for my preference, though I wonder if it might be the product from the foil as I have experienced on occasion that the product from foil samples have a different consistency than the FS product.

BELIF - Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser
- I'm fond of a few products from belif, but my preference has always been for the moisturizing bomb over the aqua bomb so I wasn't sure if this cleanser would be better geared for someone with oily or combo (leaning oily) skin as opposed to mine, but I was really happy with this cleanser. I see a full size in my future.

Another product that took me by surprise was the Shiseido Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Wet Force - I reached for this on a morning when I was really rushed to get out the door and when I had a full day of meetings. I was nervous about how it would hold up since I'd never tried it before but wow! This was a surprise hit! It stayed put, was not and did not turn greasy at all and there was no need for touch ups. Couldn't put this one on my list fast enough.

Another new sample was the Keeko Natural / Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Sachet (not sure which flavor this is). I don't know if I feel one way or the other about this one. It seems like these types of products require more than just the uses in a sample sachet to see any effect, so I can't really speak to results. In terms of taste and ease of use, it was fine; definitely convenient for travel with these being in sachets.

RE: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I finished six this week! Most are repeats. The Living Proof In Shower Styler I loved and have been working on since Deluxe Sample December. For a long time, I thought, “this is silly. Why would I use a product on my hair on days I air dry and don’t need product in my hair?” Then I realized, this is controlling my fly aways perfectly and helping my hair pass for having a ‘do. It’s a keeper. It takes little effort and helps me look put together on days I am NOT put together. I did not love the Sephora Mud Mask. While it did minimize my pores, it really dried my face out and made it feel tight and dehydrated.

Re: Use Your Foil Samples Challenge 2019

I'm going to join in on the challenge a little late. I have a question though... I've had some of my samples for some are 2 + years old. At what point would you just toss them? Thanks Smiley Happy

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  • I think I liked the FAB radiance pads, I didn't see an adverse reaction when using them, but I also didn't dig into the ingredients. Love Beste, I've gone through multiple full sized bottles and was glad to have these back ups on hand when I ran out. Protini is nice but it wasn't as moisturizing as I need. Fell in love with the Tatacha primer, enjoyed the Melt Into Moisture Matcha hair mask, and the KVD super brow worked well but I wouldn't purchase because I prefer beow pencils.
  • Mostly skincare. The GlamGlow should probably be posted in the Empties thread instead of here since it's a mini and not a foil or DS. Oops.