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Post in Beauty Confidential

Urban Decay Oz palettes?

Anyone have any idea as to when Sephora will put them up online? 


Re: Urban Decay Oz palettes?

Temptalia says it will be coming soon to Sephora.  If you want to purchase the OZ palettes today Urbandecay has them online at their website.

Re: Urban Decay Oz palettes?

I can't wait!! They both look amazing! Which one do you want? Im leaning towards Glinda. 

Re: Urban Decay Oz palettes?

These look amazing! I have loved the Wizzard of Oz since I was a little kid. According to my mom, I used to ask to watch it multiple times a day everyday when I was around 3 yrs old. I got over my obsession a long time ago but the movie still holds a special place in my heart! Smiley Happy  Can't wait for these! I want both for the collectors aspect of it, but will probably just get Glinda as those colors are more appealing to me! 

Re: Urban Decay Oz palettes?

Hi Jellybeing we should have this VERY soon (a few days!)  so please check back often! 


I can't wait to purchase one as well, the pastels and shimmers of the Glinda palette may be a bit too light and chalky for my skin tone so I'm leaning more towards the Theodora palette. The red lip gloss pencil looks SO pretty! Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Urban Decay Oz palettes?

I am so glad I saw this post becuase I might have missed them. Things sell out so fast online and these are awesome sets! I could always buy in store since Its so close but I love the samples and perks you get online. 

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