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Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

In helping DoctorsMrs and others who have jumped on the No Buy for the rest of August wagon, I thought that rounding up a few regret purchases would be a good topic Smiley Happy



-Chantecaille Save the Sharks: Chantecaille makes some of the best eyeshadows and blushes, but this palette was an utter flop. The eyeshadows were extremely chalky and the blush color difficult to pick up, but the palette as a whole just clashed with my skintone.


-Sigma Paris palette: Wanting to support a couple of my favorite Youtube gurus who participated in the making of this palette, I bought this when it first came out. Let's just say Sigma should stick to brushes. The fall out is absolutely ridiculous and pigmentation is lacking!


-Buxom Pug cream shadow: This is an exact dupe of Chanel's Illusion D'ombre in Illusoire. The thing that makes it different is, well, the quality. This shadow not only popped out of the jar after just six months (and with proper storage) but has also a greasy film on top.


-NYX Butter Lip Glosses: Good grief! These were sticky, patchy, and just plain awful. On my lips, they pretty much just slip and slide. Am I the only one who finds these over-hyped??


-MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass: Having missed out on the lipstick, I thought it was a good idea to get the lip glass instead. Sticky like a Venus flytrap, MAC Lipglass has one of the worst lip gloss formulas. Not to mention, the color wasn't all that flattering.


Share away, BTers! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

actually green told me about using it as a blush so i'll be trying that tomorrow, but i stated i didnt like it as a lipstick, it really is pretty drying, my lips usually look fine but it sank into the lines. hopefully it works out with the cheeks, if it doesn't its one of those products i can't return cause ig ot it from nordstrom and i threw away the ticket. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

pretty sure nordstrom has a 'no questions asked' return policy (no receipt required).


i've had my eye on brumes. i suppose underworld is more grey than blue ? i dunno. i'm over caffeinated sorry i'm not letting this go haha. regrets make me sad and i want to make it work for you ! 



Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

i just read that says brumes, hahahahhahahaha. SAM_1968.JPG

so there's underworld, and the way it hits my  light there's a bluish hint which i kind of dont like, maybe i overdid it that day, I don't like overdoing dark colors with shimmers because sometimes the color looks off and definitely not the way I want it to. both swatches without primer

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

that definitely does not look like underworld. at all. lol i'll get a swatch, hold on. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

yeah it's brumes. i was just showing you what i may get myself haha. 

i think you should try to exchange if you're unhappy. that's all i'm sayin'

you're a valued loyal customer and will be treated like one--and if you're not treated as one, then you'll have a good case to make.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Maybe I should exchange it? I did see a duo online that I really liked and then luckily the swatch was there and it was BEAUTIFUL. Like a light peach with specs of gold and then the steel grey, the type of grey i wanted when I bought underworld. s1263557-main-hero-300.jpg


Oh my dear, Tzarine. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

yeah, try to exchange it, but go in knowing it may not work out. if it doesn't, i'll start the "help me make this not a regret" suggestion thread Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

i called ju st to make sure, cause I dont wanna make an unncessary trip and they told me as long as i show them my insider card so they can look it up i can do it. and i hope that shade is in stock

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

yay !! that's fantastic. when i exchanged my tatcha that is what the girl said to me too. i hope some people see this because i think a lot of BTers are nervous about exchanges. this is the way it should be.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I HATE these products:


1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - too thick.. sits on skin.. and makes my skin worse AND I have eczema which this product is supposed to help but definitely doesn't.


2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate - even thicker and equally as bad.


3. Dr Dennis Gross All-In-One Cleanser With Toner - this product does NOTHING.. doesn't work with Clarisonic.. no lather.. and doesn't clean skin.


4. Lorac Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss - tried it once and that was enough.. sticky and awful.. probably the worst lipgloss ever.


5. Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer - orangey and applies uneven.. doesn't blend well (I have a super old one.. not sure if the newer packaging one is different).


6. Illamasqua Hydra Veil - sticky.. makes foundation look uneven.. I'm going to go back and try this one and attempt to finish it.. ugh.


7. Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder Shine Control - makes makeup instantly cakey looking.. hate.


8. Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals  (from the drugstore) - just awful.


9. St. Ives Apricot Scrub (from the drugstore) - abrasive and skin damaging.


10. Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer - very drying.. does not help my lipstick.. makes lipstick cling to dry spots.


11. Dior Diorskin Nude Creme-Gel Compact - majorly cakey and thick.


12. MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation - I loved it at first (which was back when it first released)... now I'm trying to make it work and there's barely any coverage and uneven.. I don't know if the product went bad or what but it's a no-go for me.


13. Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner in "Queen Quartz" - barely shows up (I should look for the receipt and try to return because this is recent).

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I have the same MAC foundation, it really has like zero coverage and it kind of makes my skin look worse. Smiley Sad

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I am determined to use it up... and I have a full bottle lol. The only way to make it decent is to pack on MAC Studio Fix after. I think their liquid foundations go bad fast unfortunately. :/

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Purity Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash - I like a thicker exfoliator and I dont really like the smell.


Jordana Twist and Shine in Tera Crave - I heard great things and I loved the color when swatched, but within 30 minutes of applying it changes from a terracotta color to a bright pink color.  I dont really wear pinks.


FAB Pads - dont really do anything for me and the smell is terrible!


In general all drugstore lipsticks


Nyx Butter Lip Balms - I tried two colors and they both go on very patchy and arent really all that moisturizing.


Be a Bombshell lip crayon - It was in an Ipsy bag, so I didnt actually "pick" it, but mine crystallized after I wore it once (only a couple of months old).  I didnt get to find out if I liked the color or formula, but in general I havent heard good things about them.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

You're not the first person to say that about NYX on here! I am so tempted by youtube videos to try the lipgloss and high voltage lipstick. I have been burned by getting drawn into overhyped youtube beauty products though. Maybe I should avoid NYX. Two lipsticks and two glosses have been sitting in my cart on for 2 weeks..  :/

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Well, I agree that the NYX butter lip balms aren't good but a lot of their other lip products are especially the lip creams.  I love those.  They last me all day, apply smoothly, and are very pigmented. When Ulta has a sale on NYX I'd say give them a chance because most of their products are actually really good.  

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Hmm maybe I will try the lip cream then! I have had my eye on Antwerp. I am waiting til they go back on BOGO 1/2 off.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Definitely that'd be the time to get it.  Don't forget those $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon that Ulta always has Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I do really like their eyeshadows.... Im afraid to try any more of their lip products though

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

UD Pulp Fiction palette. I was at a Rouge event that had complimentary champagne and I had 2 glasses and suddenly decided the 90s needed to come back. What was I thinking?! Then, failing to return it right away and then it went on sale. Alas!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

This made me laugh so hard. Smiley Very Happy I can sympathize, I find myself longing for a MAC Spice lipliner (probably because I never got one in the 90s), but I cannot decide if it would actually be a good purchase, or if it would just indulge my inner high schooler, who did not feel nearly as cool as I now realize I was, primarily because of how uncool I am now.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

OMG, you just nailed pretty much exactly my thought process looking at that palette and remembering longing to be as cool as Mrs. Mia Wallace/Uma Thurman. *high five*


(I, too, occasionally still wish I had a MAC Spice liner - I never had one back then, either. Uncool Grrls Unite!)

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