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Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

In helping DoctorsMrs and others who have jumped on the No Buy for the rest of August wagon, I thought that rounding up a few regret purchases would be a good topic Smiley Happy



-Chantecaille Save the Sharks: Chantecaille makes some of the best eyeshadows and blushes, but this palette was an utter flop. The eyeshadows were extremely chalky and the blush color difficult to pick up, but the palette as a whole just clashed with my skintone.


-Sigma Paris palette: Wanting to support a couple of my favorite Youtube gurus who participated in the making of this palette, I bought this when it first came out. Let's just say Sigma should stick to brushes. The fall out is absolutely ridiculous and pigmentation is lacking!


-Buxom Pug cream shadow: This is an exact dupe of Chanel's Illusion D'ombre in Illusoire. The thing that makes it different is, well, the quality. This shadow not only popped out of the jar after just six months (and with proper storage) but has also a greasy film on top.


-NYX Butter Lip Glosses: Good grief! These were sticky, patchy, and just plain awful. On my lips, they pretty much just slip and slide. Am I the only one who finds these over-hyped??


-MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass: Having missed out on the lipstick, I thought it was a good idea to get the lip glass instead. Sticky like a Venus flytrap, MAC Lipglass has one of the worst lip gloss formulas. Not to mention, the color wasn't all that flattering.


Share away, BTers! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Ah, where to begin...


1) Benefit Lemon Aid-  It looked like I smeared yellow crayon under my eyes. Didn't blend in at all and gave a weird yellow reverse raccoon look. 


2) Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist- Made my hair look like it was wet or greasy even when I used just a little bit. Not for fine hair at all.


3) Ditto with Ojon Hair repair- Was very hard to wash out and left my hair limp.


4) Philosophy Purity Made Simple- Everyone raves about this cleanser- it gave me a rash!


5) All MAC Lipglasses- Another favorite of a lot of people, my hair gets stuck in them and they last about 3 minutes. 

Great post!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I saw one Youtuber use Lemonaid in a tutorial without showing what it was that she used (until I saw in the description box), and let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight! lol. I'm pretty much Back to MAC-ing that lipglass next time I'm at the store. I can only force myself (to a certain extent) to use up products I dislike.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I agree 100% on the Benefit Lemonaid. Worst product

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I didn't like the purity cleanser, i felt like it didn't do anything for me. I had the bottle for well over a year and then saw in jacyln hills video that she uses it to clean her brushes as well. Tried it and now i have a way to finish the bottle Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

That is one expensive brush cleaner! haha

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Seconded on Philosophy Purity. I just don't really get it? haha

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I have a few regrets makeup wise of products that didn't work for me.


1. Dior Show Mascara- clumpy, dry, flakey, sent me to the eye doctor.  I got a clump of mascara stuck behind my eyeball, ended up not being able to wear makeup for two weeks after and had to use painful eye drops for it to heal.  Never again Dior.


2. Marc Jacobs Blush- Just bought this over this past weekend and I'm already planning on returning it.  It is a beautiful color and looks so pretty in the little compact but that's about it.  I layered this blush on so heavy and you couldn't even tell I had blush on.  Not worth the #30 at all.


3. NYX Matte Cream Lip Gloss- Eww this made my lips look so nasty.  I'm allergic to a lot of lips products so I wanted to give this a try to see how it worked for me.  Well it wasn't even pretty once applied.  It was so cakey and not natural looking.  In the trash it went.


4. Ole Hendricksen Serum- Not for me.  Made my skin breakout around my hairline, smells like cough syrup.  Works great for my mom though!


5. UD Naked Palette- Bought this before Naked 2 came out.  Warm toned eyeshadows look hideous on me.  Again ended up giving this away and my sister ended up loving it.  I think there are too many similar colors in this palette and the Naked 2 palette.  I'm just over the whole Naked line. 


6. Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner- Not worth the price.  The Sephora brand liquid liner blows the Kat Von D liner away!  Kat Von D liner is thick, cakey, and flaked off all over my face. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Dior mascaras don''t work on me, even with the waterproof formula. That's awful the mascara caused so you much trouble! I swatched the MJ blushes in store and didn't find the texture too impressive, compared to other less expensive blushes like MAC even. I got a NYX Matte cream lip gloss too and it made my lips look so wrinkly!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases


Great Idea Poshified Smiley Happy

I don't have a picture because I disliked these five items so much that I disposed of all of them except the palette, which I gave away. 


1. Smashbox O-Plump:  This is supposed to plump your lips (which it did to a very minor extent) and turn your lips "a shade of pink unique to your lips alone".  Yeah, it was UNIQUE but not in a good way.


2. Clinique Nail Polish:  No. Just No.  The colors are gorgeous so of course I bought 5 right off the bat. This is the thickest nail polish formula that I have ever come across and once you've opened the bottle it thickens even more to the point of being stringy.  It does not dry.  I used the accompanying base/top coat as well, did my nails mid afternoon, went to bed no less than 10 hours later, and still woke up with smush marks from my blankets. It also bubbles.


3. UD Naked 2 Palette: It's just all too gray for my complexion. Not for me.


4. Tarte Multipleye Lash Enhancing Primer: Tarte is supposed to be good for sensitive types. This stuff made my eye lids swell shut and necessitated a trip to the eye doctor.


5. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino:  The original Light Blue is one of my favorite fragrances so I bought this one without trying it first.  I hated it.  You will rarely see me use the word hate.  It literally burned my nasal passages.  I threw this in the trash rather than giving it away.  I couldn't risk having to smell it on someone else. It was that bad.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I agree on the UD Naked 2. I like some of the shades in the palette, but it is overall too grey/cool toned for me. Wish I had gotten the original Naked palette instead.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

The original one does work much better for me than Naked 2, but trust me, you can live without either Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I have enough eye shadow to last me through the apocalypse Smiley Very Happy Have yet to ever hit pan on any of my eye shadows so you are definitely right- I can live without!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I wish eyeshadows would use themselves up sometimes! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

@poshified-  I'm clumsy and occasionally drop my shadows on the floor and presto!  Smashed to bits, time for a new one! Or if it's something I'm trying to use up (mistakenly), it's Hip Hooray! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

It's like "Oh darn, I just shattered one eyeshadow. That's a good enough reason to go out and purchase a new eye palette!" LOL

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Watch Urban Decay come out with Naked3... and it'll be a mixture of shades from 1 and 2! haha

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

they will probably incorporate some naked basic shades as well, can't forget the mattes

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Yeah and it will be sold out everywhere and we'll all be on waitlists trying to get it and then when we finally do we'll be all "eh" 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

ahahaha I so see this coming true!!



Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Yup, just wait, and then we can say we knew it first, but then we'll buy it anyway.

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