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Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

In helping DoctorsMrs and others who have jumped on the No Buy for the rest of August wagon, I thought that rounding up a few regret purchases would be a good topic Smiley Happy


-Chantecaille Save the Sharks: Chantecaille makes some of the best eyeshadows and blushes, but this palette was an utter flop. The eyeshadows were extremely chalky and the blush color difficult to pick up, but the palette as a whole just clashed with my skintone.


-Sigma Paris palette: Wanting to support a couple of my favorite Youtube gurus who participated in the making of this palette, I bought this when it first came out. Let's just say Sigma should stick to brushes. The fall out is absolutely ridiculous and pigmentation is lacking!


-Buxom Pug cream shadow: This is an exact dupe of Chanel's Illusion D'ombre in Illusoire. The thing that makes it different is, well, the quality. This shadow not only popped out of the jar after just six months (and with proper storage) but has also a greasy film on top.


-NYX Butter Lip Glosses: Good grief! These were sticky, patchy, and just plain awful. On my lips, they pretty much just slip and slide. Am I the only one who finds these over-hyped??


-MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass: Having missed out on the lipstick, I thought it was a good idea to get the lip glass instead. Sticky like a Venus flytrap, MAC Lipglass has one of the worst lip gloss formulas. Not to mention, the color wasn't all that flattering.


Share away, BTers! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

This is why god invented ebay... Smiley Happy


Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

1.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturer. I mean it.  I have oily skin and this feels heavy..and it melts off unless I powder like a geisha..oh! and it doesn't make me glow.  That being said, I think it would be a GREAT product for someone with combination, or dry, skin.. but its not for me. 


2. Covergirl Eyeliner.  Its smears as I breathe.


3. Burts Bees Glycolic Toner.  Its not a bad just did nothing for me.


4.  Clearasil Night Cream.  Does nothing for me, and feels heavy.  Actually, it may have clogged my pores a few times. 


5. Make Up Forever HD.  My skin ate that up within 2 hours of putting it on.  Primer or no primer.


6. Speaking of primers..the WORST purchase I've ever made is probably Benefit Porefessional.  I feel like there's a layer of space.. and then the regardless of what I wore over it (MUF HD, Dior Forever Foundation) it wouldn't last 3 hours because it would just melt off.  I hate it.. and hate's a strong word.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Have you tried the oil free version of the LM Tinted Moisturizer or is what you used?  I sword off the original version b/c of the oiliness factor but haven't tried the oil-free one.  I just stick to my BB creams.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Yeah, I have the oil free version. I've actually been super squeezing whats left out of my Dior Nude BB creme to use as a primer to the LMTM, and that's helped. As soon as I run out though... I'm going back to the Dior one. I haven't tried the 15 Hr stick super glue but Benefit kind of scared me off with their primer.  And their what's up highlighter is a little too sparkly for my taste. So I guess I'll just avoid the brand. I I'll try your porefessional trick to see if it works.. I still have quite a bit left in the tube I originally bought. thanks!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I didn't think it could get worse than Porefessional... then Benefit puts out the 15 Hr stick super glue. I mean, primer. I use the Porefessional to smooth out pores over foundations in an attempt to use up the few deluxe sizes I have laying around, and that's definitely better than using it as a primer.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I use the LMTM and I have dry skin, and I like it, so I'm going to agree with your assessment.  It does have a "glow" to it, if you layer it on, though, and can look cakey.  If one layer doesn't provide enough coverage, go elsewhere.


I'm not a fan of the Benefit Porefessional, either.  I have two large samples of it, and I hate throwing stuff away, so I'm using them for my "I don't have to look good today" days, and trying to finish them up that way.  Bleh.  

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

1. Benefit Bad Gal mascara- I could easily have found something better at the drugstore for way less money.


2. Benefit creaseless creme eyeshadow in birthday suit-

did not last and creased


3. Benefit sugarbomb-

hated the color, too shimmery, and didn't like the texture


and i agree with benefit lemon aid- never again



Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

@MakeupLvr17 - I see a trend in your list! I also find that I regret a lot of Benefit product purchases, especially the mascaras. But the packaging is always so cute. What's a girl to do?!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

That's how I used to get suckered in. Every time! lol

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I've never tried anything from Benefit that I wanted to use a second time.


Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Can I also add Bella Bamba to the list? It made me look like I had  shiny greasy cheeks?

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases


Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

oh man I was in love with the cheerful watermelon pink of Bella Bamba for the longest time...but recently swatched it again and it was full of SPARKLES!  Not for me, unfortunately.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

People thought Orgasm was bad with shimmers. Clearly they haven't seen Bella Bamba! haha

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I had that same realization!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I see a trend... (benefit). I think most of their items (for me anyway) are just packaging. There are better quality items in Sephora. This is just my opinion, I know some people love Benefit but I only like a few items.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I can't wait to use up my Creaseless cream shadow in B-day suit! It was a holy grail at one point but now, Maybelline Color Tattoos have replaced it!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Love the color tattoos!  In early August I bought three. I like that a lot of them can be worn in a one shadow look and still feel pulled together AND they stay all day.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I love the Color Tattoo shadows, too. And they really are waterproof. It was great today to grab one, add mascara, and go. No brushes to clean or anything. I just hate how heavy they are. It really limits what I can take on vacation. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

My regrets would be Trish McEvoy eyeshadows and blushes.  I got sucked in and bought too much because the form factor was so perfect for travel, I mean no one does customizable travel palettes better than Trish!  


Unfortunately the makeup itself isn't really up to par.  The eyeshadows do have nice smooth textures but not pigmented enough (for $16 a pop for a small pan I'd expect decent pigmentation!), nor do they work well wet.  Same with the face powder, I can't tell it's on at all.  The blushes were definitely NOT worth $20 (again for a small pan) and the texture is actually slightly grainy.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I just got a shade from her as a GWP; they sure are small shadows!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I regret every drugstore face makeup product I have ever bought.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I got a good LOL because I agree 100%!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I totally agree too! It seems like every face product, whether it is foundation, concealer or powder makes me either break out or makes me too oily. However, lip products are another story.. Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

1) Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara- had an allergic reaction from this, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid with buying this mascara. Within five minutes of wearing this I had a rash and swollen eyes. This was the only new thing on my face that night so I know this was it. Returned to get my $10 back

2) Wet n Wild megavolume mascara- totally dried up or something when I got it. Trashed, because I felt it wasn't worth going back to the store for a $2 refund

3) Almay Blemish Control Foundation- it made me break out even more than usual. Used halfway before I got fed up and trashed it.

4) ELF night 5 pc set- learned that ELF eyeshadows aren't pigmented at all. I thought there could be wax or something covering the top but even after rubbing I could barely get any color on my near vampire white skin. Not good. I still keep them in the hopes that I can still get color from these, but I haven't had any luck so far.

5) Revlon waterproof mascara (forgot certain type): not waterproof. I had raccoon eyes after crying over something while wearing this. Total garbage.


honorable mentions:

1) Too Faced Sweet Indulgence palette: most of the eyeshadows don't seem all that pigmented to me- I have to layer them a lot to get color on my eyelids even with primer

2) UD Mariposa palette: I don't hate it at all; I just never ever use it so it's kinda a waste in that way

3) this Revlon colorstay neutral matte quad: no pigment whatsoever


I think this means I need to splurge on more department store/Sephora stuff when I do buy makeup. I've had even more messes with drugstore makeup than this list shows.


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