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Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

In helping DoctorsMrs and others who have jumped on the No Buy for the rest of August wagon, I thought that rounding up a few regret purchases would be a good topic Smiley Happy



-Chantecaille Save the Sharks: Chantecaille makes some of the best eyeshadows and blushes, but this palette was an utter flop. The eyeshadows were extremely chalky and the blush color difficult to pick up, but the palette as a whole just clashed with my skintone.


-Sigma Paris palette: Wanting to support a couple of my favorite Youtube gurus who participated in the making of this palette, I bought this when it first came out. Let's just say Sigma should stick to brushes. The fall out is absolutely ridiculous and pigmentation is lacking!


-Buxom Pug cream shadow: This is an exact dupe of Chanel's Illusion D'ombre in Illusoire. The thing that makes it different is, well, the quality. This shadow not only popped out of the jar after just six months (and with proper storage) but has also a greasy film on top.


-NYX Butter Lip Glosses: Good grief! These were sticky, patchy, and just plain awful. On my lips, they pretty much just slip and slide. Am I the only one who finds these over-hyped??


-MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass: Having missed out on the lipstick, I thought it was a good idea to get the lip glass instead. Sticky like a Venus flytrap, MAC Lipglass has one of the worst lip gloss formulas. Not to mention, the color wasn't all that flattering.


Share away, BTers! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I got it as a 100 point perk. I gave it to my mom and she hated it also. I also noticed I did way more than 5..........

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Exfolikate was too harsh for me. I haven't tried the Origins one but I shall proceed with caution Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

It wasn't horrible, I just didn't see where it was amazing. I don't find myself reaching for it much as I worry I'll break out. It does make your face smooth though. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I cant think of 5 right now, but off the top of my head I'm kind of debating taking back the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer I just got...


I bought it since there was so many good reviews for oily skin...but so far I'm not face is just as oily as it was :/


I'm gonna give it another day or two, but no warm fuzzies so far Smiley Sad

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Oh no, it sucks HG Mineral Veil didn't work! Hopefully you'll find a better primer (and when you do, let me know! Smiley Happy)

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Oh! Lipglass from MAC is another good one...the stickiest stuff in the world! felt like I had elmer's glue on my lips!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

The tarte lash enhancer; it stung my eyes

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Hmmm wonder what Tarte is putting wrongly in the lash enhancers!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Buxom glosses - ok ok, they weren't exactly a flop. They moisturizes and I like the minty tingling feeling. However, they only look good for 5min before they seep into lines and they kind of peels on me sometimes. o.O.....I can kind of manage with the sheer ones, but I think I might prefer Clinique over Buxom.


ExfoliKate - it's feels like acid on my face. I know that's kind of what it is, but I don't want to feel like I'm trying to disfigure myself. It does work, but I think I'd rather stick to Philosophy dual phase etc.


Opaque neutral nail polish - I'm ok with sheer or shimmery neutrals, but opaque neutrals just don't work on me. I tried. I really tried. I got a peach and a nude pink during the Sephora OPI sale and tried and tried past the return date. Nope.


Travel size brushes - first of all, they don't work as well as full size. Second of all, really? am I really so tight on luggage space that my brushes just HAVE to be 3in shorter? I don't think 3 sqr in of space make much of a difference. I'm taking full size when traveling.


Burt's Bee lip balms - they feel waxy and make my lips itchy. Everybody raves about them and it was during a time when I was desperate for anything to heal my dry, cracked, flaky lips so I brought every single type (3 or 4) they have and they all feel the same, doesn't work. So now I've got a handful of lip balms that I will never use. =(

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Beautytester you crack me up.

3 inches shorter hahaha.  Good point.  It's not like you can pack an extra pair of shoes now.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

I'm definitely a minority in saying that I'm not too big of a fan of the tingling Buxom lipglosses. That's especially true during the wintertime and it's below zero; the last thing I need is minty lips. Their full bodied lipglosses, on the other hand, are quite nice!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Travel size brushes are the worst!!  I don't have any in my collection for a reason.  If I'm going to spend money on great brushes I want the whole handle!  

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

-MAC Lipglass: I remember hating this in high school, and it was so bad that I can close my eyes and feel the sticky awful texture!  How have they not reformulated it yet?  GAH lol.


-Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover: It got my liner off, but for mascara?  Heck no.  It did nothing but frustrate me and I lost a few precious lashes over it.  Garbage.


-Marula Pure Oil: Ugh.  Breakouts.  Maybe works for some but I still have yet to find a single facial oil that doesn't break me out.  Which...why am I surprised? 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Aside from the awful lipglasses,  MAC needs to stop putting out less than stellar collections every 2-3 days! Smiley Happy

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

love the sarcasm - sarc it up!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

1 - bare minerals mineral foundation - the color i was matched to is too yellow, it doesn't look good on my skin and it doesn;t give me any coverage.  And it feels heavy on my skin, which is completely the opposite of what it is supposed to feel like.


2 - Bare minerals loose powder eyeshadows - The colors are ok but the little containers are sooo annoying!  they take up space are are just so messy!


3 - buxom lip glosses - They are the best lip glosses i have ever tried and they are very moisturizing.  When I first came across them I went a little crazy and bought a BUNCH of mini ones, but i;m just not a lip gloss or lipstick person so now they just sit in my makeup drawers and take up space!


4 - Mac mineralized eye shadow - i bought 4 from a collection and only one ended up having decent color payoff.  So i basically wasted $60.   I stay away from Mac from now on!


5 - suave dry shampoo - This was the first ever dry shampoo i bought but it didnt work at all and had a terrible smell.  it only cost $2 but I still regret buying it!



Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

LOL, the worst Buxom lip glosses are the ones with the chunky glitter in them!

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Thanks for making me feel better about the Paris palette Poshified.

I debated and debated that one and finally decided I could not justify the purchase. Thanks for reinforcing my decision!


In regards to regrets - 

1. Lorac - don't know the name palette. (It has four brown eyeshadow in a black and gold case and it came with a shadow primer)

I don't regret because of the quality. In fact, it has superb quality. It is just such a boring palette, and I have dupes of everything in it someplace else. It is also bulky and just has not conformed as I have changed my beauty style.


2. Naked 2 palette. Yup, I said it. It is nice, but I should have just saved my money for a replacement Naked 1. I reach for the Naked 1 at least 5 times to every 1 time I reach for Naked 2.


3. Nars Orgasm. Wow, I am punching in the gut now. Yes, it is too light for my skin. I really wanted to like it, but for $29, I need to love it.


4. Stila lipgloww - well, I didn't buy it, but what a horrid formula.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

No problem! Smiley Happy I wouldn't have paid more than drugstore price for the Paris palette honestly! I didn't like Orgasm at first, but it slowly grew on me.

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

Every "Back Up" I ever purchased ~ I always lose interest after I finish the first bottle of perfume, nail polish, or palette of eyeshadow. 

Re: Tuesday Top 5: Regret Purchases

By the time I do end up finishing my first product, something better has already come out in the market. And then I wonder why my back-up pile is getting bigger.